5 weeks pregnant, symptoms and belly shot!

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Hi ladies! so this is my 5 week update and belly shot thank you so much for all my new subscribers and all my old ones that have followed me through this massive journey.
I will be doing weekly updates and of course videos in between
we are going for the 8 week scan which i will try to film and show you all on christmas eve fingers crossed everything will be ok and we will see a heart beat
thank you again everyone love Corrine & Matt

15 months ttcing! finally got our BFP at 10 DPO!!!


Jennifer Fontan says:

Congrats again! I’m 7 weeks and 5 days, and just started getting sick about
a week ago. I hope you don’t have to get morning sickness! 

Amber Bird says:

Your so right it will happen when you least expect it !!! I gave up on ever
having a lil one and the next month I got my positive and now I am 5 weeks
away from welcoming Baby Boy #4 . You were talking about what you couldn’t
stand smelling and I couldn’t stand the smell of my husband :( but now that
has passed I was so scared it wouldn’t !!! Anyways I am so Happy for u and
your family :)

HollyHannah says:

I just love your updates!! Absolutely love seeing you glow, and so happy!
I’m around the same time as you, and I booked a private scan for my
birthday! Which is the 11th. But I have a NHS one on Friday to confirm the
dates as I only miscarried just over 6 weeks ago. (I know it’s a new
pregnancy because I got negatives a few days after). May have to reschedule
the private one if it’s too early on. So excited for you!xxx

MelanieTTC says:

I love your stars!! Glad that your symptoms are picking up!

babyhopes barbee says:

Adorable bump!! <3 Glad you’re symptoms are progressing along with the
baby! :)

Muffin2285 says:

Oh my gosh those little kittens are adorable!!! Such a beautiful colour

Aprilandfamily says:

Loved watching this! I’m 10 weeks today and we have had such similar
symptoms!! Good luck my love xx

Kelly Rowley says:

aww soo exciting are u going to first view imaginv we went there for early
scans theyre so friendly x

jesica cullom says:

YAYY !! Can’t wait to see your stars stretch lol 

Aprilandfamily says:

Oooooh and I love your cat!

Nicole Schiavone says:

Congrats !!! Xoxo adorable lil belly!

Donella Ogilvie-Lees says:

twins i reckon :-) xx

Corrine & Matt says:

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