40 weeks pregnant belly

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I delievered 6 whole days after this. I just cannot believe I was ever this huge. It makes me giggle. My son was 8 lbs 5 oz at birth and I gained 40 lbs through my pregnancy. Yiiiikes.


L Green says:

preetygirl96.. you can deliver anytime after 38 weeks, so 38 to 41 weeks is
gametime, my daughter was suppose to be here 4/20/09 but she still hasnt
decided to show up and im 40 weeks and 2 days so far & I’m still waiting
for her to arrive

Pheorach says:

Ah, what a blessing ^_^

cpshorty99 says:

you are a very beautiful young lady. Congrats on your new baby boy. I hope
everything is going well for you and him.

Houstof says:

some crazy assholes in youtube talking shit like that in this video… come
on… have some respect you maniacs ‘-‘

preetygirl96 says:

arent you supposed to have a baby at 40 weeks

lovinnotes says:

Beautiful girl, beautiful abdomen.

Janga Dai says:

What a cute belly you had! (And your shirt is CUTE! I want one like that
now..) Congrats on your new addition!

ilovenbcnews says:

very sexy woman you’ve got there :) i’m sure pregnant or not lol … but
pregnant women can be among the sexist

teairaeaton says:

I knew it was a boy! I like that maternity top too! I wish I had found one
like that. They have some good stuff at Destination Maternity but…. I
like your top!

hardworkmom says:

aw you two are so cute! adorable belly! btw I would so get on here and
delete some comments!!

Luke Ashworth says:

I would love to see her naked while that stage of pregnancy

Deanna Breezy says:

wow anyday now

alexander süss says:

wow SEXY

itburnsus says:

So jack-asses like you have something to comment on.

JohnnyReborn665 says:

I hope you’ll have a beautifull baby boy. And a strong son. Best of

Renege777 says:


leadfoot driver says:

show me the belly



acdcbonfire16 says:

0:21 “Im Giant at least” you aint giant , hell your cute and such a cute
belly you got. congrats!

Cynthia Nesbit says:

@jannabanna Took the words right out of my mouth! I love that shirt!

38dude38 says:

im not im 13 years old and a guy

webkinzfreak011 says:

my birthday whenn you shot the video!!!

keithsmove says:

mmmmm yummy tummy….

12valvepower1 says:

young and pregnant forever yesssssssssssssssssss

dragwithafag says:

im horny

cpshorty99 says:

congrats on your pregnancy.

WinzStyle says:

congraturation :) you are so beautiful!!

12valvepower1 says:

for me to mount mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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