39 week baby moving in my tummy

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765lbsquat says:

thats a alien baby it pozessed try to cut u up

Jessica Sellers says:


MsDayo1 says:

omgosshh dat must hurrttt arrrrr

luvat1stsite100 says:

I remember that feeling 6 yrs ago..it was the one thing I enjoyed about
being preggo.

alanaharisburg says:

lol cute but dissterbinh

Ann Reid says:

Awww, I remember those days. I would play with my daughter. I would gently
nudge her, then she’d start moving.

prince james joe jackson says:

dafuq :O

rainbowdust919 says:

I’m not going to stay abstinent for my whole life, and getting sterilized
as a young, childfree woman is a very hard task. I definitely would abort,
and see no problem with it. Just because I can’t handle things living in
me, that doesn’t mean that I can’t rear a child. The two things aren’t even
related. It isn’t a lack of nurturing or maturity, it’s OCD. I’m actually
very mature and nurturing. I just can’t psychologically handle pregnancy. I
want to adopt older and/or special needs kids.

Sherada Allen says:

omg it looks like the baby is standing up at one point shit

Brian McCarty says:

“mom, can I come out now?”

salmonelas123 says:

😀 ..

1andonlyTophBeiFong says:

He must have just realized he’s claustrophobic.

definty says:

LOL at mommy waking him up for the camera, and msot the people saying err
are probaly teenagers of people who havent had kids before

Mattthewinner says:

Wow! Look at the video suggestions!

Brian McCarty says:

“mama! Lemme outta here!”

zomgdrhax says:

why would you tape this? better question: why am i watching this???

rjbs1713 says:

What If they were able to cry , that would be kinda cool and strange

Smoke Kush says:


Allee Jay says:

And that’s what we women go through to bring you men’s children into the
world. be thankful

SSdrina1 says:

Dude she is fuckin huge. Glad I never got that big and my baby weighed 7 lb
13 oz and was 21 1/2 inches lo!

Caitlin B says:

Awww- he’s a mover. :) So amazing.

Ashlee Marchant says:

this just scared the horses outta me -_-

theshadow013 says:

Ah god. I think if I ever get pregnant theyre going to have to sedate me
for 9 months… frickin parasite in there O_O

mssagittarius17 says:

i just found out im pregnant, i cannot wait to feel and see my baby move
around inside me <3

divaprincess3 says:

Aww, I remember when my mom was pregnant! Now, I have a 2 year old, baby
brother, and he’s very healthy. His name is Micah. I was so happy when I
found out that I was having a baby brother, because he’s my first brother
that I ever had. I do miss being the youngest, but it was worth it. :)

Janelle Stewart says:

Does that hurt!? Oh my goodness! XD

jamgooden says:

ahhh! lol i wonder if my stomach will do that at 39 weeks?? im 33 right

Heather Smith says:

That is freaking awesome! I’m PREGOO too& 16 I got 8 1/2 weeks to go!(: woo!

spiralrose says:

SS, she’s big but obviously all baby :-)

lilchikavinnedge says:

Omg !!!

fahmo03 says:


TheTylerGrl says:

That is slightly terrifying. However, adorable. Congrats!

Aish Bee says:

Am I gonna be that big?! I’m 30 weeks and I thought my baby’s movement was
pretty strong/active. Nothing compared…

Trillidotia says:

Thats cool. I loved feeling my baby move. I had to fight nervousness when
he didn’t!

missteacher13 says:

Babies move all the time! and the caption says he was born the next day.
It’s normal for them to move that much.

ajna light says:

my baby started moving just like your baby!!! im 39 weeks LOL!!!

mrspendergraft1 says:

Omg…… Im 31 wks pg, n when i see vids like this n it looks all sweet n
nice, i think to myself ” when my bby moves like that it hurts like HELL”
Am i crazy? Am i the only woman in the world who thinks its an awefull
feeling? :(

melissa delgado says:

O M G !!!!!!! O M G!!!! W T H

☼YouBetterWerkItYooooooo☼ says:

heeelllll naaawwwww!!!!!

Florencia Aurelien says:

@ banana22sananaB . I hope u got rape and all ur familly along with ur
mother. I hope that after that u will b bleeding from the asshole and
eating ur own vomit after that happened. Ok sweet heart. It is a beauty of
life that u will never understand.

livelifee1 says:

im 34 weeks my baby doesnt move out so big or far yet because hes not as
big but him moving is deffly the best feeling eve and i cnt ait till i see
him move like yours did CONGRATS

Sharmin Pereira-Candia says:

i hope i can see that kind of movement

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