37 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot

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Rwooden25 says:

That same pain happened to me last friday! Talk about painful…

CherryTrish xo says:

Aww.. Your so close!

Adrienne2321 says:

ur so organized. when i had my daughter’s i was a mess.

danielleloveslou624 says:

good luck with finals and your baby boy!

Anya Palmer says:

did u get engaged!!!???

CAPACHiNOLove says:

Aweee look how big you got!! Soo cute!! DON’T SCRATCH your stomach! Get Bio
oil. It made my existing stretch marks go away and prevent new ones from
coming. Im excited for you!!!

sistahgirl100 says:

she def goes over the fact that she moved and thats one of the reasons her
feet and hands were so swollen… Did you watch the video??

Victoria Nicole says:

I could’ve sworn I’ve seen you in a grocery store in Grand Prairie. And by
the way your really pretty and congrats!

Tanesha Timberlake says:

That sounds like food poisoning I had that same problem.

passionate4shoes says:

Dont worry if everything is not together with my second child we left the
hospital right after she was born and bought a bassinet. Everything will
come together

Kayy ♥♥ says:

When you due I remember when I was pregnant with both of my bby girl’s & my
fiance won’t more..

csurratt08 says:

Aww congrats!!

Anissa Gonzalez says:

Aww! I bet you can’t wait until he arrives.

pichis090490 says:

love ur eyebrows. So pretty!

misshottgirl1 says:

Omg time flies. He’s almost here. Your belly is so pointy, i did hear boys
are pointy and girls full the entire belly, i know mines did. You got tons
of great stuff, my daughter has the same bassinet..

Ana J says:

Best wishes to you and baby during delivery. I’m 32 weeks along expecting
my first. God bless.

beautifulllove88 says:


TheMissrich93 says:

I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to see him! Congrats

Jasmin Harris says:

Come on lil man we r all waiting for u! Congrats, love ur vlogs, im also
expecting a little girl in july and seeing this makes me so anxious and

SelBel24 says:

Awe U look so cute xx

Keke Mebane says:

awwww good luck with school and congrats on the baby boy…the baby might
come before the due date so be ready! lol

beautifulllove88 says:

So excited for you, can’t to see baby

brittneenichole says:

Yay! So excited for you!

keisha king says:

I’m over here crying cus I’m so happy for you, tears of joy

vlevy01 says:

Congratulations!!! And kudos to you finishing all your school stuff.

Aysha Janae says:

is that an engagement ring? (:

Candee333 says:

Awwww. Kudos to you for working and going to school with a baby on the way!
God bless

lemontree0216 says:

Aww I’m so excited. I’ve been following you for so long. I can’t wait to
see baby Christian. I’m 28 weeks with my lil prince. So I know how excited
you are. Good luck with everything and God bless

Kenyada Harper says:

It’s so exciting to see all his little stuff! I’m 14weeks and we’re hoping
for a little boy as well. Congrats again :)

msevans8733 says:

Good luck with everything boyd are the best congrats… Did you move yet??

MissCarter78 says:

I can’t wait to see little Christian!!!!!!!!!! You look so cute with no
makeup on. I really do commend u on keeping up with school/work/moving all
at the same time during ur pregnancy. Go girl!!!!!

Ashababy O says:

Girly you are getting diapers!! You got a ton of stuff. Looks like Deja
voo!!! Counting down!!! Yay!!!!

Kaymyia Dunner says:

I know you can’t wait until baby Christian arrives! :) I know I couldn’t
wait until my Joshua arrived. I ended up having him when I was 39 weeks.
Labor and delivery didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I didn’t have
my epidural until i was about 6 1/2 centimeters dilated. While I was going
to school & working while I was pregnant too so I understand where you are
coming from! And I’m still doing school and work since he’s here. I wish
you the best!!! 😀

hairdiva2013 says:

Nooooo girl, the scratching of the tummy causes stretch marks, but girl you
still look fab!

Shonna Smith-Williams says:

Aaww, too cute

Dalesha Warren says:

awww im 37 weeks pregnant today. im waiting on my little boy to get here :)
im due may 29th. nice video girl.. Im a junior in college so I know how
hard it is to try to finish up your work and finish things for the baby…
good luck:)

Kaymyia Dunner says:

Oh, and for your stretch marks Bio Oil works wonders! I’ve already seen
mine starting to disappear. I started using it during the end of my second
trimester and I am still using it.

Missy Naps says:

Awww congrats we both have the same diaper bag lol… We both haven’t been
making videos also lol.. And we’re due a day apart lol… My excuse was I
was waiting for you to make a video lol. Maybe ill get my 37 week video out
tomorrow lol….

Pretty LaceFace says:

Almost time!!!! ♥ Good luck & congrats!!!!

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