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I have this funny feeling he might show up early…hmmm…




PO Box 436
GPO P. Pinang
10750 Malaysia



The sun is always shining over here, so stay awhile!


Shot with a Canon 600D
Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
I will not attempt to contact with the artists who created the audio file(s)
This is not a sponsored video, all opinions are my own and I purchased all products with my own money…much to my husband’s dismay 😉


april brennan says:

Your belly is so cute and i think its little… you literally dont look
like u have put on any weight! Love all ur pregnancy vlogs x

ErinandBaby says:

Still looking great! <3 I was super nauseous last week. Ugh! It’s no fun.

Lisa MarieTTC says:

You look fabulous still! I was laughing at the noise from esme!!! She
sounded like she was having such a good time! LOVE IT. And I can’t wait to
have that noise in my house! xo

Dmgsalon2 says:

A waddling obese penguin!…..sooo funny!!!! Sounds like time is drawing
near!!!! You/your bump look GREAT!! :)

lovehopefaith89 says:

a waddling obese penguin!!! That’s hilarious and exactly how i feel!!!!!
You look great!

amy laura says:

RIbena is the best!! 

MermaidAtlantica says:

My Son freaking LIVES on Strawberry Ribena. If you can get your hands on
that at all try it out, its so good! When I was a kid they used to have
apricot Ribena but they stopped making it =[ Blackcurrant is probably my
least favourite flavour but its good to put it in water to get the extra
dose of vitamin C for you. 

Carlos Vigil says:

Do a video about your jeans 

daniel demming says:

cute belly its so big and round are you enjoying your pregnancy and do
people ask to rub your belly or feel the baby kick?

Tami Whigham says:

Girl i thought i was going into labor early too and my water didnt break
until 41 weeks lol. your bump is really cute(: wish mine was that cute mine
just got massivly huge lmbo

brittanyand3sons says:

Your belly is so cute!! kinda sounds like labor symptoms to me…but who
knows pregnancy always keeps you guessing. Esme is so darling she will be
an awesome big sis! Tons of easy labor vibes if little man does make his
appearance this week! 

Joe & Joanne says:

You look fantastic, really. Fingers crossed ‘baby boy’ comes soon!

Avital Grin says:

You look amazing and your belly isn’t that big, mine is huge and i’m only
29 weeks lol 

Carlos Vigil says:

Do a how to change a diaper 

Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

<3 :D Hope those symptoms go away, but excited you’re already 37 weeks!
ah!! <3

AmandaMuse says:

It’s been one heck of a week!

AussieMum says:

I can’t wait to get to that stage, you’re looking great!

Check out my page for weekly updates :) at week 15 atm! 

Stella Park says:

37weeks…you can totally complain! You remind me of my 37+weeks times(not
fun). But you look great for 37week prego mom. Hang in there!! :) 

Tori Ramsey says:

Hang in there Amanda! You poor thing :( hope he comes soon!

pootle fallon says:

Cute vlogs not long now! I had twins. And was swollen with pre-eclampsia so
trust me that bump is nice and compact! 

kellyrobinson328 says:

Aww the end is near hehe good luck for the birth and all that jazz eek!!

Leanne Mount says:

Ribena is amazing! I am 16 weeks and craved it like crazy in the first
trimester :-)

Becky Nelson says:

I’m right with you….36 weeks. The hardest part for me is trying to get
comfortable when I sleep. I also feel like it’s still soooo high so it’s
in my ribs – I just want to push it down. It sounds like you are closer to
delivering because of the diarrhea – that’s such a big sign! Good luck to
you. I’m attempting a VBAC as well :)

ebee021 says:

whats the name of the water thingy?? 😉 sounds great

15piula says:

So excited for you! Baby will be here soon!! Are you going to make a whats
in my hospital bag video? I wold love to see what are you taking with you!

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