36 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Sorry I missed last week’s video! I’ve been having contractions on and off for 5 days now =/ As of last Friday I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced and I should get checked again tomorrow :) For those of you asking, I’ve gained aout 30 pounds so far. Enjoy!

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Pregolover100 says:

Anyone else just want to rub her belly and give her ass a hard smack? :3

ilovenbcnews says:

well i think its proof that she loves sex ALOT – and her head spins every
time she has another :)

LivingLoving says:

I feel for you! But at the same time, it’s so funny to see how frustrated
you are, when we know, now, that you have to do this for another two weeks!
Good thing you didn’t know that then!

daadysmaybe39 says:

FEELINGS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I LUV U

Barrie Smith says:


WhatsupJordy says:

I have that same blue lamp :)

Dree McColl says:

+Wings0fGlitter In her “about” section on her Youtube profile it says shes
21. At the time of this video Im guessing 19 or 20. I just found her today
and have only had a chance to watch a few videos. :)

Andy Cohn says:

You always seem to be poring baby videos. With multiple pregnancies, how
many kids do you have?

Yasmin Carpenter says:

I jus’t dont get it! hahaha. Here in Brazil people are born after 36 weeks
of pregnancy, wich is nine months! But there are a lot of kids that are
born even before that, like, about 32-34 weeks! ‘-‘

Patrick Coheley says:

@myboybieberrox nope :) lol

shajam99 says:

@Leilahsmama the link to the facebook page is in the drop down above :)

JaneAlleyDoe says:

EPO pills inserted vaginally really helped me when i wated to deliver (i
was 39 weeks and exhausted!) i just inserted 2 pills at night and 3 days
later i had a baby :) !! (on that 3rd day i did two doses due two
consistant regular contractions) hope that helps :)

Nowayitskaykay says:

I love your channel I’ve watched it for years ;D

Savannah Hairston says:


Chloe Pellz says:


1993Emilykate says:

I love you’re vlog! I am going to have my first baby at 19 and seeing you
be such a good mommy at such a young age really makes me think I can be a
great mom to my baby too. Good luck with you’re twin boys! I hope they come
soon! Can’t wait to see pics of them!

chachaleeeee says:

wow congrats god bless you and your family

HowToMinecraft says:

Those babies are huge :)

jirass335 says:

hey i love your video

jenna nichols says:

om to the like g my nieghbors r twins

Marie Fletcher says:

Wooh! What a big belly :)

tennessee countrygirl says:

can you do a video about your tattoo on your belly

Emanuele Juventino says:

auguri come hai fatto a sopportare un peso cosi?

Anisa Amanda says:


Ayla Gutierrez says:

i say your having your baby boys next week at 38 weeks at midnight.

Stephanie Ennis says:

the suspense is killing me!!!!! lol i cant wait for another update

chad croger says:

so big sexy belly good

Matt893030 says:

lmfao! his face was priceless

saphiremommy says:

CANT WAIT!!! I am so excited to hear your 37 week blog!! We are like your
fan monsters who just need to know whats happening!!! WERE SO EXCITED FOR
YOU !!! AAAWWWWW I hope you are progressing and hang in there deary!!

MuiscAnimalLover says:

Good Luck! :)

Vanessa E says:

damn how do you breathe? you must be having severe back pain

Nowayitskaykay says:

I love your channel I’ve watched it for years ;D

miachung31 says:

you are so beatiful!

xoheyitsliv says:

i know someone whos sister had twins and they were each 9.5 lbs. that’s
almost 20 lbs of nothing but baby… that poor woman, and she went past her
due date, too. her mom said the doctors thought her body was confused and
only thought there was one baby or something and thats why the babies were
so big and went sooooo long.

Bob KYGelington says:

OMG u are good….i stopped wearing jeans after mid 2nd trimester

TheGirls1431 says:


Emosia15 says:

@iamtheonlytiff I totally agree with that , shes not having them yet but im
pretty sure she will in a few days :) I hope because I cant wait to see

rosemariejb says:

Crograts! :))))) Big belly ! :OOO Loool

honeydipkiara says:

U look like your going to pop!! It’s almost time Jess!!

amandasamos says:

Omg god bless you!! That must hurt!!

Alyssa Margolis says:

her daughters on the sippy and drinking almond milk, the boys usually go
one at a time

Wings0fGlitter says:

How old are you?? Xoxoxo <3 <3 :):):) Can anyone please reply?? Just
curious xoxo :):):)

Nellie Mickey says:

OMGG watching your fb page is like watching water boil lol. I hope they
come out soon, like today lol good luck im sure everything will be perfect

marie baert says:

Can someone post her fb updates for us lonley people who do not hve 1

Mary Hunter says:

LOL she had em like a day or 2 ago, but thats ok! I thought she was gunna
have them last week too!!

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