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35 Week Pregnancy update http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0IXamqUEP4
Daily Vlog channel: http://www.youtube.com/itsjudyslife
On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZsZs5…

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itsJudysLife says:

Let the countdown begin!!!

Julie Hadley says:

Honey… I was 21yrs old with my first baby… she was 10# 3ozs
21 1/2 inches long….. I have more stretch marks than that. Looks like
someone just took claws and ripped my stomach from rib cage to pubic
area….. I feel your Pain… BUT having twins makes it alllllll worth it

Ann San says:

Congrats…they are here!!!

Hannah Lou says:

Love you Judy :):):):) xxxxx your belly is huge hehe xxx cannot wait for
the babies to be born xxxxxx 

Vicki Gaines says:

I see “itsTwinTime” soon…..Can’t wait to meet them both. :) We have
identical twin girls, born March 6th, 1978. They weighed just over 4 pounds
each. In a few days they will be 36…they are the BEST of friends, live
next door to each other, both are married, & they each have two sons.
Mirror-image Twins
Mirror-image twins occur only in identical twins. In approximately 23
percent of identical twins the egg splits later than usual, most often day
seven or beyond. The original right half of the egg becomes one individual
and the original left half becomes the other. These twins will often have
“mirror images” of their features, such as hair whorls that run clockwise
in one and counter clockwise in the other, a birthmark on the right
shoulder of one and the left shoulder of the other, etc. There is no
specific test for determining if twins are mirror-image. The determination
is made by observation only, and the twins must be monozygotic, or

peachsnaps25 says:

I can believe how time flies so quickly! I’m so excited to meet the twins!!

Sabrina Ferguson says:

I’m getting induced march 9th ahhh we are so close in dates that’s awesome
except I’m having on baby. Props to you judy I’m nervous it’s my first baby
so I have no idea what to expect :)

nimedhel09 says:

It’s real soon! I’m so excited for you, Judy-bear!
Your belly has gotten so big, and your stretchmarks too. I’ve heard a lot
of times that almond oil is a good product to apply on your marks so that
they disappear. You should try (and must I say almond oil is also good for
baby skin? It’s really soft and smells sooo good 😉 )

I wish you the best of luck for the delivery and I walso wanted to say that
you are a wonderful woman! In your place, I would be completely freaked
out, but you’re so calm! Love you :D

xoxogossipkadii says:

Good luck on your delivery! My aunt gave birth vaginally to triplets. You
can do it :)

Mercedes Oduardo says:

Dang it must have been really uncomfortable to sleep.

Daisie Meadow says:

How tall are you ? 

Eve Smith says:

oh my gosh! you were huge judy!! 

xpriyanka says:

Congrats Judy! The twins are so cute! x

enakimura says:

Oh ! Please gave birth to a healthy child.

Maxie Wu says:

You look amazing! I had a lot of braxton hicks in my second pregnancy it
felt like a lot of tighting in the abdominal area. I felt some in my legs
too. It doesn’t hurt it was just really uncomfortable. Good luck in your
labor! Can’t wait to see your beautiful babies. 

Carol Zhang says:

just asking, but what are all the red lines?

p15a13 says:

Awwwe…cant wait to see the twins! Your tummy awwe…yes you have stretch
marks but its a beautiful thing you have 2 babies in there its a miracle
and they are just making room. Be proud youve dun an amazing job taking
care of u n your body and your babies. God bless you and your beautiful
family. Btw you have a wonderful husband that shows how much he loves you.

Ashley Corum says:

My baby girl was born last year March 6, 2013, and mom was born March 8th
and I was born March 12th. Go March babies!!

FRJR7584 says:

Judy and Bangui My family And i wish you the best in your big day….Judy
you are a strong women we will be praying for the baby’s and you. Bangui
you are a great dad please never change and take care of your family. I
having watching your videos for a very long time specially my daughter. She
is your number one fan I wish you could see her making her videos. She
remind me of you saying “hi guys”
Anyways we will praying for you girl. And we can’t wait to see the twins.
Thank you for sharing with us all your blessing.
Janeth R.

SetsunaSenshi says:

hi judy! congratulations on your new additions to your family!
i just found out i’m 6 weeks pregnant and i was wondering which pregnancy
app you used to keep track of both your pregnancies?

lauraxobelleza says:

im so excited for you :) 

jellybeanz says:

Congratulations to you (again)!! :) I probably said that already! :) I’m
so happy and excited for you! :) Looking forward to seeing big sister
Julianna interact with her sisters. :)

missrandomstuff007 says:

You probably won’t get this message but I had to deliver one normal and one
surgically it was horrible. I would suggest just surgically. But you have
to do what’s best for you and your babies.

Misty Estep says:

i had my baby boy on my moms birthday =)

GodSlap Hammer says:

Can comments be deleted on here?

Kellys Vida says:

You’re in my thoughts! Here’s to a healthy delivery and babies! :) +Judy

TheJ Fam says:

Cutest mommy to be ever. I felt so blegh during the last month if my last
two pregnancies. Wishing a safe, vaginal, happy delivery for both babies!

Sylvie Isenberg says:

Today the twins are born

ItsMoore2Life says:

You really can see her head sitting at the bottom of your stomach. The best
thing is march 6 is my birthday. Yay! 

Ruby Bubblez says:


niccold says:

Omg i lost track of ur vids and now youre having twins? Congrats juudy

Jen Benevides says:

Im not sure if you answered this previously, but do you plan on cloth
diapering the twins or doing disposables (Honest brand)? 

nicole unicornized says:

oooh im gushing with happiness 

Mikayla Allegretto says:

Yay exciting! Prayers that everything goes smoothly!

Elisha May says:

I am so surprised you had such a smooth pregnancy, especially with twins,
all the way through. That is amazing! I wish you the best and will be
saying a prayer for you that day. XOXO

Carissa Michele says:

Oh my gosh! My mom shares the same birthday as well! congratulations to you
guys! <3 :D

pixieelmo says:

You’re so gorgeous !!!

Kait McCarthy says:

What is that dark line my mom thinks that the doctor drew it incase of
csection but idk wht is it help!!!?!?!

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