35 weeks baby moving in tummy

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Jesse Martin says:

I’m almost 35 weeks and I can feel this happening. xD

Amanda Edwards says:

My baby move like that sometimes but most of the time it is at night lol
but can’t never get my baby to move on my can lol.

Lulu LovesYhuu says:

You can tell the baby really wants to come out already (:

Sirena Salvador says:

omg. now lm scary i dont want babies.!

MzTaurus29 says:

Wow awesome!!!

marycollins12235 says:

thats really amazing!

yakcmd8888 says:

this beautiful i loved watching my little girl moving in my belly but i
love her here smiling and laughing a little bit more lol

Nandini Chakraborty says:

Even I wanna feel baby kick …….

nancy alvarez says:


Sean Tobby says:

omg… it’s awesome!

Dani Dee says:

that looks like it hurt!! lol.

xXnEoNraInbOwXx98 says:

I think that if i were to be pregnant and the baby started moving. i’d be
seriously freaking out 😡

LyssaAnn91 says:

So cute!! Any time I try and record my little girl, it seems like she knows
so she stops moving, she is really shy. Even in the ultrasounds she does
the same thing. I am 33 weeks tomorrow.

nyamwale1 says:

Thanks for posting this video. I was worried that my baby was moving too
much at 35 weeks, but now I feel very reassured.

sithious3 says:

Holy crap baby really wants the heck outta there!! I hope you closed your
legs after, that baby is clearly a jail breaker, hehe~

Brian McCarty says:

I miss that feeling! My baby was kicking the hell out of me when I was

Dodge Heavy Duty says:

Oh gosh. I hope you feel okay. Did it hurt? Were you scared to see your
stomach move like this?

Jodi Carey says:

Wow very active baby loved your video nothing greater than watching your
unborn baby swim around in your belly it is a feeling like no other :)
Thanks for sharing

naz81uk says:

Wow massive kickin going on

Brittany Vancleve says:

he or she is really goin crazy lol

Rose Guzman says:

omg that was awsome

Nicole Ram says:

holy hell this baby is movingggg! must feel so wierdddd

0CallMeWhatever0 says:


AmberNikole101 says:

I miss that so much! I know a few days befor little man was born he did the
same thing for about a hour or so! Kinda hurt haha

jhay jill says:


roi494 says:

Te nahan najd sya mo tanaw ne keirah cguro…hhehehehehe

Nicole Baker says:

@totenkreuzbalik How do you know that she is a teen mother?

phoebecocco says:

when it moves that much it means that its almost time for the bundle of joy
is ready to face the world

yakcmd8888 says:

this is beautiful*

lucywhettonlw says:

I have no words

krashdown102 says:

go for a run that will shut it up

crewsk says:

Kaitlyn moves, but nowhere near that much. Your belly was so big! I still
look like I’m around 20 weeks and im 35 weeks, so that’s probably why she
cant move that much. It’s so cool to see this video, you can definitely
tell where her head and arms are. :)

carli hessey says:

Ahwee so cute.

seb nzué says:

C’est époustouflant !!! Wow

Ruffa Salvacion says:


Mary Garcia says:

Awwwe can’t wait to feel my baby move barely 12 weeks

gerryslife says:

Hello everyone! My baby is now almost 6 months old. She really wanted to
come out on this video! It hurts so much! She was born at 37 weeks and 1

Emz351 says:

That’s awesome haha. Still think it looks creepy though XD x

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