35 WEEK BUMPDATE – First Midwife Appointment, Naps, and HUGE pregnant Belly!

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E Jones says:

I know im going back so far into your videos, but look how beautiful you
are! Im currently 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I watched your daily bumps
video the other day about how you wanted to have another baby! You
definitely should! look at how you are glowing! I think that would be the
most exciting video posted yet! Ollie being a big brother! So cute!

Leanna says:

5 pounds 4 ounces was how big my sister was when she was born haha

Jackie Pierce says:

We have a little boy named Oliver, and call him olliemas we

Jessica Tankersley says:

My baby boy just turned one on the third of this month and watching you
guys along this journey has brought back so many sweet memories! I would
give anything to go back in time and relive the pregnancy and childbirth
and the newborn days again…even though Henry is more fun and wonderful
each and everyday. I can’t wait until Ollie is born (although I certainly
hope he waits a few more weeks!). Thanks for sharing it all with us! So
excited for you!

cootizzle says:

I felt the same way about pregnancy as you do. My son is now two, and I
still have not forgotten how painful it is and can’t imagine being pregnant
AND taking care of my son, it’s so exhausting and hard in itself. I hope
you deliver on time and he is perfect.

briaflowerchild says:

You could do a beach ball :)

Cole Chartier says:

35 weeks down! 35 days to go (until due date but of course you get to see
him early :))

lemonjellodrop xo says:

With both of my pregnancies my ribs separated and I was in constant intense
pain. I had horrible heartburn, and had low back pain…ugh!

Bryan Anderson says:

Here belly button piercing : )

puglover7276 says:

Your last bumpdate in your old house!!

Mellissa KLaus says:

Does it have to be fruit? Why not show new things? Like a volley ball , or
things around the size of baby. Or you can always insert a picture of the
fruit itself… You guys are so inventive I’m sure you will come up with
something super clever.

4411baby says:

Im 36 weeks AND chasing a toddler. I will think long and hard about

Natalie Lunn says:

Aww the last bump date at the old house :(, can’t wait for Ollie’s new
nursery though :)! X

ban4ever562 says:

It’s crazy to think that in a couple weeks skinny missy will be coming back

keysha torres says:

When I was pregnant with my twins I remember at 35 weeks is very difficult
to breath, walk, seat, sleep, I started to be very grumpy because of the
lack of sleep and one of the twins (the girl) she was always in my ribs. At
night time it was the time to for them to party, my belly was a roller
coaster hahahaha, but I miss my belly… Beautiful belly Missy I’m so
excited after watching all your videos now your gonna be mommy :-‘), God
bless you Oliver and your Awesome family.

TheUnheardSong3 says:

Missy, are you going to do a baby shower haul? I would love to see all the
amazing gifts you received! (:

Sofie Karis Febrey says:

I am currently 38 weeks with my second little boy & I fell pregnant with
him when my first born was only 3 months old & believe me it has been so
much harder the second time round because my body had not had time to fully
recover. I literally cry myself to sleep because of the pain & although I
loved being pregnant both times, I too am just ready to meet baba #2! xxx

Missy Lanning says:

I went on maternity leave when I was about 32 weeks. Not planning on going
back to work any time soon but instead I want to be a stay at home mommy.

Missy Lanning says:

I could never drink a tincture! If I can pull it off, it will have to be

hannahfarnhill says:

Missy I love you seriously you’re so positive and truthful I hope
everything goes perfect and just you wait until all this waiting is up, I’m
sure it will be the happiest time of your life 😀

Jen Posford says:

Did you talk about maternity leave in any of your updates? I’m pregnant
with my first and am trying to figure out what to ask for, how much time
I’ll need to recover, etc. just curious what your situation is and what
your hopes/plans are for your mat leave?

CharCharBinks23 says:

Maybe instead of the fruit you could compare his newborn/1 month/2 month
clothes to your belly?! x

ItsJennyABee says:

Missy you should consider doing a belly cast. I believe Baby’s R Us sells
the kit. You can decorate it and everything with your own person al touch.
It’s a cute idea because once baby Oliver is here, you can incorporate it
into your newborn photo shoot by putting him in it. Just an idea! Also, you
guys are awesome and such a cute and inspirational couple! Can’t wait to
meet baby Ollie!

Shannonagains88 says:

I had to have an emergency csection at 31 weeks and had some difficulties
in pregnancy but I loved it! It’s all worth it and I’m sure you will think
the same after all is said and done! :)

MayMommy2011 says:

Didn’t you say before that doctors won’t let you go past 37 weeks?

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