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Kami Yusaf says:

You deserve to complain haha…you are doing amazing and we all know how
greatful you are to God for these babies so don’t feel you have to
apologize for complaining xx As always, in my prayers! Keep strong and
don’t be hard on yourself! Lots of love from Scotland :)

Lynn borg spiteri says:

i love watching your videos it kind of resembles my situation. I have been
friends with my husband for a long time and we started dating when i was 15
then got married when i was 22 and a year later we found out i was pregnant
for the first time and with twins!! I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with
boy/girl twins! Keep strong momma we’re at the final stretch!! 

itsmekassidee says:

Beautiful momma! And you deserve to be tired!

Kalyn Kratzer says:

I know this sounds crazy, but I had a pain free, wonderful childbirth
experience at the tender age of 18. I highly recommend the book
“Supernatural Childbirth.” It changed my life as a mother and as a child of
God. I have never been the same. 

xyxyBeautyLoverxyxy says:

You are amazing,hang in there ! I wish you the very best for the upcoming
week(s?) Greetings from Germany!

Fly Won says:

I was thinking you’d have the babes already! anxious to hear what’s going

Megan Ross says:

You are such a sweetheart. Hang in there! I just found out I’m having a
little girl!


Omg you are a ROCKSTAR. You have every right to feel frustrated and tired
and over it right now! I can’t even imagine. I’m 29 weeks with a singleton
and even I feel uncomfortable! I hope that 35 weeks brings some relief or
progress!! Stay strong mama!

Daniela Romano says:

I just had my third child and ended up with low platelets and severly
anemic while I was pregnant and unfortunately it didn’t go away after I had
him on July 12th

jaiden welch says:

excited!! praying!

babyhopes barbee says:

Hang in there, you’re doing great!! :) Praying for you 4!

The Kelley Method says:

Visualize during contractions your uterus squeezing and pulling up and open
during contractions. Best to move, squat, and sway during a contraction
even though you feel like freezing and not moving at all during the pain!
You can buy Evening primrose oil tablets and insert them vaginally at night
starting with 1 this week and increasing by one every week from here out.
The prostaglandin will soft the the cervix. Also prevents tears. (You can
also take them orally) Sperm has prostaglandin too ;);). Praying they make
their debut ASAP! You go Momma!

Eat Pray Crunch says:

Is there a hospital nearby where you could go to get your cervix checked to
see if there’s any progress without having to drive all the way down to
UW…then only go down if you’re really progressing? Just an idea. :) Hang
in there, I had a long pre-labor as well with my baby boy and you are
justified in saying that it is miserable. You are totally entitled to
complain, lady! What kind of work does Weston do with a 5am start? Hope
he’s hanging in there too. Just think of the exhaustion as training for
after babies arrive. 😉 Saying a prayer for you guys. Blessings!

jamaal sawyer says:

No new update

Zahra Haider says:

Hi Natalie :) Just wanted to say I’m praying for you and wishing you the
best in the remainder of your pregnancy and for your labour. Its only my
second time commenting on your video but I’m a huge fan, I check your
channel every single day and can’t wait for updates. I still go back and
watch your live pregnancy test video! Its the best 😀 I find you soooo
inspiring. Your going to be a great Mother and your such a great wife. I
know at the moment and maybe in the upcoming months you probably won’t have
the time but could I request you do some vlogs on tips for having a happy
married life and being a great wife like yourself, when you get the time.
Could you also keep me in your prayers. I’m waiting to get my BFP :) Lots
of Love to you, Weston and the boys. 

Erin C says:

I don’t think you’re the only preggo mama who is miserable towards the end.
Haha! You have a big excuse to be tired and cranky right now. Hang in
there! You are doing amazingly well. A lot of twins don’t make it as far as
yours have, so I am thanking God for keeping your little guys in there
longer. I will continue to pray for you and your sweet family. :) I give
major props to Weston for being such a supportive hubby through all of this
with his busy schedule. God bless him!

Emma G says:

At the end of my pregnancy I moaned about it raining.. I moaned about it
being sunny.. I moaned about anything and everything.. I was so
uncomfortable with just a single baby so you are doing a fantastic job.. I
know it it feels like every day is a wk but try and enjoy some me time..
You will be glad you did once you have the boys :).. Hope all goes well for
this wk. xx


Where is this weeks update?? Are you too busy snuggling your new babies???

Rebbecca Horner says:

I had my twin girls @ 37 weeks July 16 last month. I agree with the other
comments, the longer the babies stay in there the better chance they will
not have to be in the nicu. My babies didn’t have to stay in the nicu at
all and the weighted 5 lbs and 5lbs 6oz @ 37 weeks. I had my girls on a
Wednesday @6pm and I was discharged on Saturday, with no problems and I had
a cesection to boot. So hang in there, you’ll be holding your babies soon.

Blessings :-) 

KatandTrav says:

You have been awesome throughout this pregnancy! You are allowed to
complain Hun!! You are a trooper!! Praying for you and Wes and of course
the bubs! x

Keren Moore says:

Hang in there, momma. You’re doing a great job. It gets really hard in the
end, but when you have those little bundles in your arms everything will be
worth it. Praying for you and your sweet little boys. May God give you

mariachristina30 says:

Wow good for you on keeping them inside for as long as you have. I too had
twins and I made it to 38 weeks. They were 6.9 and 6.5 at birth so I
totally know the uncomfortable feeling!!!! I was so stretched!!! You’re
allowed to feel miserable oh my gosh girl you are growing two babies!!! I
am a small frame as well so it’s even harder on our bodies. I’m so glad to
hear there was no blood clots. Rest as much as you can and before you know
it they’ll be here healthy and happy!!! Take care of yourself!!! 

priscilla andino says:

GBU sister! You are in my prayers I think you are doing amazing! You
inspire me :) I am having twin girls around xmas time. I have no one that
really knows what I am going thru so you sharing this journey has been a
true blessing to my life. I can’t wait to see your little men and pray that
God makes the rest of this journey as easy as possible. Praying for the
best. Your almost there your doing awesome !! :)

Olivia Brown says:

could you do a draw my life x

Angie Sample says:

Don’t feel bad about complaining, ur uncomfortable and complaining is
allowed :).

Do u think ur ob would be ok with you getting a prenatal massage? They are

Ashley Guevara says:

BIG *hugs* to you hun! Please don’t be sorry for complaining you have every
right to complain. I know you’re tired and so is your hubby but look at it
as getting you ready for babies! Hang in there you’re in my thoughts! 

Flor Arredondo says:

Happy to hear from you!!!
Glad your still pregnant!!!
and I agree with everyone you have the right to feel the way you do!
but yes enjoy this quite time (sometimes we need quite)soon it will be
filled with laughter and fun!!!
much love and prayers!!!!
From Florida!

robynb110 says:

I have 4 boys and I totally understand how you are feeling! Have you
mentioned what you will be naming those precious boys? I’m sure you have
but with having 4 boys I can barely hear myself think! lol Praying for a
safe delivery and that God will be will the doctors and nurses through the
whole labor. 

stephanie gonzalez says:

I know you feel this way am it will get better I have watched your videos
from the start and I hope your baby’s stay in good health throughout the
rest of your pregnancy good luck can’t wait for you to show your babies

Kelly Hartman says:

Hey Nat! I’m not sure this will help, but I’ve seen belly bands at Babies R
Us that are supposed to take some of the weight of your belly. I don’t know
if they work because I never used them. I did use a back brace and that
helped me.
I can’t wait to see your next vlog whether it be week 35 or you telling us
your babies are here!!

Mommyloveswesley says:

I agree with others, its fine to complain! Praying for you :)

Monica H says:

You are so inspiring! Thank you for keeping us updated! Even as
uncomfortable as you are you still update your vlog and most importantly
you are still smiling! I am praying for you and hope things go smooth for
you!! :)

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