33 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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My pregnancy brain is showing… I see that lol. But anyway, lots of testing this week! BOTH Are head down again, yay! And my stretch marks are actually looking better (weird much?). Maybe it’s the bio oil 😉 Maybe not 😛 Anyway, go follow my GabeandJesss fan page and click “Subscribe to SMS” on the left if you want to keep updated with my labor updates when it’s time! :)

Here’s a link to the page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/GabeandJesss/136509159703383


GabeandJesss says:

@SuhWeet12489 I used a crimper lol.

fb4andahalf says:

*and, *all

Olivia Santora says:

Y havent u made a video in soo long?

EmLovescrazy says:

Your all belly !! you didnt gain weight or its not noticeable and you have
twins too woohoo lol

Emily Dodge says:

@sillyyjess Hahahaha okay.

Emily Dodge says:

@sillyyjess Being selfish while you’re pregnant isn’t a crime and its
completely fair. The health of the mother is most important so she MUST be
comfortable with who is in the room with her while she’s giving birth,
especially a birth that could be potentially high risk. I think you’re
being extremely rude, considering none of us know what goes on behind
clothes doors it’s not really your place to say she’s selfish.

GabeandJesss says:

@deacl003 Haha aww thanks! And thank you for the info! :)

JennysFamily says:

Hi Jess, I commented about the baby bullet. I realize now that I totally
sounded like a sales person so whether you aren’t into it or thought it was
spam, sorry for that lol I just really love the product & thought I’d share
so you could see if it’s something you’d find helpful. It’s honestly just
so easy to use & I, personally, love that I can make my baby food & know
everything that’s in it. You seem to be keen on giving your baby’s the best
you can give them (which is such a rare quality the

GabeandJesss says:

@laurieamyx Tuesdays :)

Amy Hawk says:

When are you due??

jenalicousss says:

you look gorgeous!

ezza192 says:

Can’t wait till you have the twins I bet the are going to be as beautiful
as Lilia.

MissODonnellx says:

I think your an amazing mom xx

Alex Pelham says:

what do you think about cloth diapers vs. disponsible diapers?

laurieamyx says:

Hey Jess :) What day do your weeks turn over?

AGL921 says:

When do you think you’ll start potty training lilia?

Bethany Austin says:

Hey Jess, im guessing only one baby can fit in the bassinet thats attached
to your bed? where will the other one go? xx

Claireherself says:

You would love to have a baby here in New Zealand. We dont have nurseries
at all in hospitals, everywhere you look is pro breastfeeding & they have
lactation consultants in the maternity wards ANNNDDD you dont have to pay
anything since our public healthcare is funded :) Good luck with

breanafunk says:

When are the baby’s due

amiddendorf23 says:

When you started talking about the boys getting hiccups, my puppy who is
sitting on my lap got them! It’s precious 😛

Emily Dodge says:

@sillyyjess Also just because you personally didn’t find it stressful
having your baby’s father in the room with you for whatever reason that
doesn’t mean it will be the same for Jessica. Everyone is different. She
doesn’t want him in the room, it’s not selfish it’s completely fine.

JennysFamily says:

Cont.. such a rare quality these days, amazingly). How you protect all 3 of
your children from even the slightest bit of any kind of harm & how you
take on the rough situations is something to be proud of. It is a very
SELFLESS thing to do, considering everything you do & are going through,
for your children. I don’t think people realize just how much you are going
through outside of being a mother. You’re handling it the best a person can
:) Hope you’re doing great today!

Emily Dodge says:

@sillyyjess Yeah but you put a comment on a public video, therefore I’m
completely in my right to reply to what you put, even if it wasn’t directed
at me, so your comment about me sticking MY nose in is completely invalid
considering you were the one calling HER selfish for a decision that isn’t
yours to make.

TheRealRachLater says:

@melkingcat No I’m not offended at all! Where I’m from we’re a little more
lax with Lent we usually give up something like cussing, junk food or other
things so I’m off Facebook. I think the strict Catholics would give up meat
and dairy but I don’t. PS… I’m not addicted to Youtube like I am to
Facebook! :)

sillyyjess says:

@Lestrangerr No where did I call anyone selfish, I asked if she thought it
was selfish. And since it was a question that could only be answered by the
person it was directed at, yes you were wrong to try and get involved
especially since you cannot speak for anyone but yourself. Isn’t that what
you’ve been trying to get at this whole time? Yeah, I think I’ve made my
point, case closed..

allie croghan says:

I watch your video with my 10 month old and he was loving your voice so
much he grab my blackberry and kissed the screen…lol it was cute…

JellieBeanz says:

what hospital are you leaning towards im in the area n am just curious

shayfay00 says:

The nursery was a life saver plus I was so drugged up from meds for high
blood pressure that I couldn’t stay awake so the nurses didn’t want me to
be alone with my baby until I got off the meds. I was also a fall risk
because of the epidural from labor and c-section.

GabeandJesss says:

@Rmarissa1 Yup! Downey :)

sillyyjess says:

@rebornsnugglelove Lol prettyyyyy sure having the father of the baby there
to support you and your children is anything but stressful. No matter what
the circumstances are. And no, I am not talking out of my ass, I’m talking
from experience.

GabeandJesss says:

@MeghanArmyWife Ooh okay, that makes sense! Thank you for clarifying!

GabeandJesss says:

@twinkie777 That’s great!

tg12331 says:

@sillyyjess It’s not ridiculous to not want the father in the room during
birth, you don’t know the whole situation. Like she said, there are things
that aren’t on youtube. So you don’t know what else has happened or whats
been said between them that made this decision, do you? Coming on her video
and making an immature comment about selfishness and her being a bitch and
needing to grow up? Looks like you have some growing up to do too hun.

horseyshoes101 says:

your stomach is very narrow. sorry for pointing out the obvious 😉

Hayven n Heidi says:

I just came across your videos today, and watched a few from a couple years
ago as well. I think you have a great personality and your documenting of
your experiences are very interesting! I’m going on 36 weeks (of course,
there’s only one in there, not two!). She is my first and I’m getting
pretty nervous, but excited. Thank you for posting :)

JanellAnnifer says:

@sillyyjess Really?

arialovegv says:

I know you’ve already stated that you won’t be doing an update on Drake
(which I think is great) but I am curious…will he be in your son’s lives?
Is he interested in that?

Lindsay Jane says:

Are u going to video tape the birth

Caroliine83 says:

I didn´t know that hospitals in the united states still had nurserys at
hospitals :O In sweden we haven´t had nurserys for more than 20 years!

Sam Travis says:

All you haters stop being soo rude to Jess!! She doesnt need and especially
doesnt deserve the hate!!

GabeandJesss says:


GabeandJesss says:

@sillyyjess No. Being a bitch would be accusing someone who you DON’T know
of being selfish for something you don’t know ANYTHING about. A simple
question would’ve been “Why don’t you feel comfortable having the father of
your children in the room?” People having questions is understandable,
being vindictive about it is unacceptable.

sillyyjess says:

@jenalicousss Just because he cheated on her doesn’t mean he doesn’t care
about his kids.. No one knows the full story because both sides weren’t
told. You don’t know EXACTLY what happened or why anything even happened.
It was a simple question. And no matter what the circumstances are, at the
end of the day they are still his children and I’m sure he wouldn’t want to
miss out on their birth.

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