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31 week pregnancy update http://youtu.be/Nu1KOi6o65E
Honest company website http://honest.com/accept_invitation/371747
On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZsZs5…

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IraBronnson says:

I’m not gonna lie…seeing those stretch marks makes me realize I never
wanna get pregnant……

Makeup by Nadi says:

Hi Judy! I think scratching doesn’t cause stretch marks but stretch marks
cause itchiness. Accdg to the doctor, u should moisturize you tummy before
it gets bigger to avoid stretch marks. but too late. hehe Anyway, I am so
excited to see the twins. Time flies so fast, when you announced your
pregnancy on your vlog channel was just like yesterday. <3 

MMCvlog says:

Judy, I totally feel your pain with the itchy stomach! It was my WORSE
pregnancy symptom! And your stretch marks are not bad, but honestly, they
will probably get worse since you’re still a few weeks away from your due
date. Mine were huge dark, almost burgundy! My son is 16 months old now &
they’ve almost completely faded & they’re only noticeable up close. So
there’s a light at the end of tunnel..just takes time! Take care! You look
beautiful & can’t wait for the babies to come! Xoxo-mmc

KeyonaBBaby says:

I been drankin! WATERMELON! haha. I remember you always ate watermelon with

Gggg says:

I love how you guys show the real Juliana (of her laughing and also crying
too) haha 

lifewithmysupermann says:

Rule #1 never scratch your belly when pregnant that’s the worse way to get
stretch marks 

brenda jasso says:

My twins daughters were born at 33 weeks!!
Check out the video on my channel about their first month and a half in the

Ali says:

I’m sorry if this sounds stupid, but OMG I had no idea you were so
pregnant!! Like, there aren’t many shots in your vlogs where we see how big
your tummy’s gotten, wow! :) 

ciara white says:

Julianna is such a doll

mfreixiela says:


Angelika Dolinska says:

You look so good at 33 weeks.
Bless your babies :-)

Faye Bush says:

You need to check out the company Lemongrass Spa. It is an 100% all natural
skin care company and there 100% Organic too. Here iss a link to there web
page. http://www.ourlemongrassspa.com/CRAWFORD/
Oh I am not a seller of there products in anyway. Oh and they have make up
and baby care goods. God bless and my prayer are with you and the babies! 

MissBeeline says:

Aw poor JB

niycutegirl says:

It like soon as Julianna was born you got pregnant again what you want more
(I know I spell Julianna name wrong I think)

Vicki Gaines says:

Burt’s Bees mama bee belly rub to help with the itching sensations.

jy souk says:

I had the tingly fingers too and no it’s definitely not a twin thing

La Vie Est Belle says:

Ur sweater is sooooooo freaking cute! Deets please 

Jeanie Vang says:


gabriella caprino says:

I feel you Judy, I keep getting muscle spasms now & I’m only 27 weeks. I
get them in my legs & my hands, especially when I’m curling my hair! Ah! I
drink a gallon of water a day & I still get them 

christiana demars says:

Who cares about stretch marks its a way of life to bring in 2 not 1
beautiful babies so don’t regret ever having children because it’s a way of
life it happens 

Dalite Williams says:

they sale everything year round at safe in or out of season at Safeway…
it just wont be so good [watermelon wise] 

AmandaJoy says:

I’m so excited!!!

Lorraine Pesante says:

You look great, I’m new at watching your videos and I love them. I had the
same condition with my hands when I was pregnant with my baby boy although
it latest a few months after giving birth. Have a beautiful and healthy
pregnancy :)

Crizel Ranada says:

don’t worry i had to were i couldn’t bent my figures and every morning it
hurts so bad. After i give birth i still had it but it was only for like 3
months. but yeah it gets better. 

Holly Bell says:

Aww. I looked like that with my fourth baby. Just one!

Mari M says:

where is your top from?

Maxie Wu says:

My daughter got the same onesies she was actually in newborns for a while
she was 6 lbs 8oz when she was born. 

jt b says:

my daughter has the owl outfit♥

Lisa Wood says:

Judy, you are so gorgeous and are carrying really well. Have you thought to
try lemon juice in your water to help with the itchy belly? Itchy belly
usually means you kidneys need extra fluid. Lemons help your body work

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