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Devi192 says:

You are glowing. I can’t wait till the babies get here. Are you going to
continue making videos after the babies are born like when they are a
couple days or weeks old 

Niomi Jade says:

I’m really looking forward to hearing the babies names!! :) 

sld1221 says:

You are such a positive person. Just a sweetie. I love watching your

CrazyLazyHousewife says:

I wonder how they actually determine the size from the ultrasound. 5 days
before my twins were born they said they were within a few oz of each other
at around 6lb. At birth my son was 7lb7oz and my daughter was 5lb12oz so I
think its all guessing! But those are good sizes for 32 weeks! Keep up the
good work!

Shaylee Ewell says:

You are beautiful! Looks like everything is going smoothly. I’m so happy
for you and Wes :)

aneshiacbundy says:

Wow that amazing you and your friend we’re both preg with opposite of each
other but same sex twins lol #FutureSoulmates that would be cool

Sarah Grace Downing says:

Are you planing on having more kids after the boys. I can’t wait to see
them too!

Jennifers Dream3 says:

Glad everything is going great! Must be so exciting to be in that home
stretch! Your belly looks low to me this week! 


I’m with you on the heat! Being a Washingtonian does not prepare you for
this level of summer warmth! I’m ready for fall!

Sveta Kontorska says:

It must been very hard heavy to carry twins

BabyMaybe says:

WOW!!! That is some baby now. You are an amazing woman.

Monica Zacarias says:

Do you have a nursery room tour???? 

Morgan Grant says:

I’m almost 22 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and I’ve been experiencing
heartburn also… I’ve found a warm cup of chamomile tea with honey helps
or to snack on a few almonds. I actually really enjoy the tea before bed it
soothes me right to sleep lol 

faylew1012 says:

Beware peppermint while breast feeding! It can cut your supply! :) I can’t
wait to see your sweet lil guys! 

Kayla Didier says:

Hey Natalie! I love watching your videos and updates! I have a lot of the
same views as you do, especially when it comes to our faith in God. As my
husband and I are a young couple wanting to start our family soon, I love
learning from you. Praying for you and your sweet boys! :)

Abigail Antonini says:

I was just wondering if you had a P.O. box. Also I wanted to say thank you
so much for these videos. I hope the best for you and your babies. I will
keep you in my prayers. 

Anna Brys says:

Omg your belly is so perfectly round and smooth!! I am in love!! You’re
gonna make a wonderful mother, I truly look forward to your bumpdates and I
can’t wait to see what your little boys look like (and what their names

Janet Gordy says:

I’m a 16 year old teenager , and watching your videos inspires me in
wanting to work in obstetrics so much ! I love your videos ! God Bless 

la dama michoacana says:

Wow ur bump is soo popped out now and looks low glad u guys are ok andbu
seem to be out of breath faster now..; )

Marianne M says:

I just found your channel! I love watching your vlogs!! 

mariahheyy says:

Just a helpful hint! CUCUMBERS are good for calming heartburn (: Love your
videos <3 Cannot wait to see those precious babies. <3

Brenda Rueda says:

You are gorgeous!! Glad everything is going great and congrats on winning
the giveaway!(:

Jade Rochelle says:

You are glowing I am glad everything is going well for you !!

Andrea Timcisin says:

I’m a aunt to twin girls and there so big now and there about 6 mounth

Nat and Wes (and the Rest!) says:
genocide_cutter says:

Great bump

17StayStrong says:

Did you get my package?! I sent it I think July 24th. It came in the white
package with writing on it with the monkey outfits

Asheka K says:

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