32 Weeks Pregnant With Twins & Belly! (Part 2)

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Starting this week I have to have a biophysical profile test (BPP) done every week which includes an ultrasound and a non stress test at the hospital, PLUS my normal prenatal check up. Gosh so much testing lol. But they are both perfect so far :)

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Stephanie Anne says:

I just watched your 32 weeks with Landen and you’re only about a quarter of
an inch smaller! 

FiveBaskets ofLaundry says:

@GabeandJesss Yeah it takes a lot of concentration and I kind of lost it at
the end :) But you are strong and determined, I think it would be amazing
for you to turn around and say, I did THAT naturally!! Have you watched the
business of being born?? they have it on Netflix. I am going to be going to
college for midwifrey in a couple of years and that documentary is so

MamaLauraMUA says:

Of course we’re all different, but I didn’t want a ton of people in the
room when I had my kids. I only wanted 2 specific people. I let other
family come in and say hi, but I didn’t want them to stay. And when I got
to my room and had a ton of family shuffle in, I felt completely
overwhelmed. I have a feeling that’s going to happen again this time (baby
#3) and am kind of dreading that aspect :/

GabeandJesss says:

@SophnLiss121 April 10th

TheCupcakeRevolution says:

@GabeandJesss *blushes* Thanks so much! 😀

GabeandJesss says:

@Jeskerbaby “GabeandJesss” :)

Rachael says:

@peacegirl524321 Her mom Wendy

myshel988 says:

Holy crap!!

Kataang102 says:

congrats on the twins :) cant wait to see them :)

MommieRuthless says:

@princessdee01 Yeah, my husband even traced it when I was pregnant and drew
a bunny. Haha. At least it’s an interesting stretch mark? =)

creampies2019 says:

I always watch your videos… can’t believe the boys are now 1!!!! I’m 27
weeks now.

Twinpossible says:

We were in the OR and hub took pics but no video. Now I wanna slap him for
not doing both, lol. They allowed it though, but yeah, 2 be cont. Not
letting me say much here, lol.

Sami Louise says:

ur twin belly at 32 weeks compared to ur 36 week twin belly lol wow huge

Breanna2242 says:

Would you be able to make another video of the boys kicking?

joyfulllovesyou says:

is drake going to be at the delivery? is he evn going to be envoled with
the boys?

Nyquesha J says:

@GabeandJesss i understand , thanks for taking the time to comment &
answering me ! , i feel a last name is a bond . but like you said i do not
see what goes on behind camera , so i still FULLY Support you.

Natalie Brown says:

You look great!! Getting soo bigg lol. Can you do a hospital bag video? :)

Charlee Boo says:

You should do one more fetal movement before theyre born!! It’s so exciting
to watch! Can’t wait to see them! Happy wishes to you and your boys during

Bethany Austin says:

Are you not going to deliver them at the same hospital as you delivered
Lilia? sorry im from the UK i dont know about health insurance etc :) xx

TheCupcakeRevolution says:

@GabeandJesss Oh my! I was not expecting an answer because it literally is
a LOT to ask but it is so awesome that you’ll check it out! BUT don’t
stress yourself, honey. I can make Facebook work if I need to. :) You’re
thanking me? I should be thanking YOU. The positivity and knowledge pouring
out of your videos is making me a better woman. Have I told you how much I
adore you yet? :) Sending <3 for everyone!

LULUsparkle16 says:

so few weeks to go!!!!! :) It feels like you were just announcing you were

HazardousAmusement says:

@cuupcake0917 watch the update video

leadfoot driver says:

twins is a gift.

Emily Tabby says:

When I had my second son, we were only allowed 2 visitors at one time

weeeeashleeee says:

@LaurenReneez Gosh, you only have to ask 20 times…

C Taylor says:

@quesha96babii why should the boys have Drakes last name???

The Matson Clan says:

@GabeandJesss Ya we did go shopping the day before and then contractions
started the next day. Her water was bulging and started leaking. She had a
c section because B was transverse but it was sorta a good thing she went
early because baby b was on baby a’s arm and it was purple at birth. In the
end it is fine but scary. They were in the NICU for 3 weeks and now they
are 6 1/2 months. 4lbs and 4lbs 4 oz at birth.

Twinpossible says:

it sucks to have to be under the OR lights, but trust me..you’ll have much
more on your mind and soon in your arms. GL!!

GabeandJesss says:

@MamaLauraMUA You should talk to the two people that you want in there and
maybe ask them if they could kindly tell the others to wait. My mom did
this with Lilia. You just have to remind them that you JUST went through
child birth and need some time to yourself and the baby for a few hours.
Just a thought!

HazardousAmusement says:

@quesha96babii You can’t really have an opinion if you don’t know the whole
story. You really think that she wants someone that brings stress to her
life in the room while she is trying to relax? She hasn’t commented much on
what is going on between them but from what she has said that would be a
bad idea, it doesn’t matter if he is their father if he goes burning
bridges that is his problem not hers.

GabeandJesss says:

@12valvepower4 GOOD observation!

EndlessVoids says:

About people being in the delivery room — My doctor said he wouldn’t mind
3 people. The hospital said only 2 people. My husband even had to sign a
piece of paper saying if something happened to him during delivery, I’d
take priority. Well, story short — I had EIGHT people in the delivery
room. The nurses fussed. I stated loud and clear I wanted everyone there.
My doctor came in, looked around, heard me and was fine with it. As long as
everything goes well — you should be good.

hellofrommandyful says:

Other than your Mum, who do you want in with you when you give birth? I
have always been close to my youngest brother, he was soooo happy when I
asked him to be a part of my birth, along with my husband and Mum. He took
turns massaging my back during labor and watched from the side with tears
of joy when I gave birth! I think your brother would be honored to share
the special moment too, he seems to really love you and Lilia and being a
part of your life! xo

caribbeanmartini says:

lol thats funny my belly piercing turned into a stretch mark to so not cool

RandomStuff949 says:

did you ever think of being on the show make room for multiples??

nicole trish says:

omg drake cheated on youu ?!?!

BossLadeeAsh says:

Nvm got my answer lol

Violetta M says:

omg your belly ! you look awesome but 2 more months will feel like forever,
its all worth it in the end. I got horrible stretch marks with my son but
it doesnt even matter ! lol

Emily Martinez says:

i thought it was hospital policy not to video tape in some hospitals? i’m
surprised that it is the nurses call. i’m in nursing school, and doing my
OB clinical right now; i’ve never heard that is was the nurses call. i
would definitely understand if it was the health care providers “rule”. i’m
intrigued by this…and kind of angry because i would have LOVED my son’s
birth to have been recorded. if fighting this is possible, i wish i could
have known about 6 months ago!

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