32 Week Pregnancy Update | Doc Appt, Weight Gain + Belly Shot

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Julie Vang says:

Don’t worry about weight gain. I was so worried about gaining so much
weight with my son. But, i weighed 140 the day i gave birth, pre-pregnancy
weight was 110. I had a small belly for being 40 weeks, but my son came out
to be 7lbs 5oz. My legs didnt swell up at all while pregnant. Everyone told
me after birth, all the water goes to your feet and you swell up even more,
girl I was so scared and worried! But i didnt swell up at all. And, the
chicken diet helped me lose weight too. Lol

Leonidas Thao says:

You mean Dec 12 2014 not 2015 lol.. 

Sierra Singsanavong says:

I love how you are so real! I recently found out that I’m pregnant, I’m 7
weeks! Gaining a lot of weight is definitely something I’m scared of. I’m
so glad I found your channel though and I’m already going to start from the
beginning of your journey with your baby girl and get all the tips I can,
haha. Also, a Q&A vid would be great! Maybe some things on how you and your
man plan on taking care of baby, switching roles etc. My boyfriend is
definitely scared and nervous about having his first baby, so maybe some
thoughts of how your husband felt when he found out you were pregnant?

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