31 Weeks Pregnant With Twins & Belly! (Part 2)

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I’m SUPER forgetful this week, so I apologize in advance lol. But I had my prenatal appointment, an ultrasound, and a few other things this week! I bought their going home outfits in a newborn size but I’m thinking about getting some preemie sizes just in case as well. Also, both are head down. Yayyy! Let’s hope they stay that way! Enjoy!

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Gamergirl pixie says:

u can see one of the boys kicks at 4:40

leepsz says:

@hays0039 It’s not mean to be curious, but it IS very judgemental. She’s
already a very successful, self-sufficient Mom. The only difference is
there’s 2 babies, not just 1. Babies are blessings from God, if God thought
for a second she couldn’t handle it, she wouldn’t be pregnant with two
beautiful babies.

GabeandJesss says:

@theblondesillygirl2 No

GabeandJesss says:

@123nikkipoo Hardly! Lol

Rebecca Johnson says:

I wish you the best of luck through the rest of your pregnancy Jess

shannonescapethefate says:

@henia4563 what happened to drake? [im new to this channel:)]

IKnowWhatISaw says:

How exciting! I had my identical twin girls almost 8 months ago and went
into labor at exactly 36 weeks (the day they were going to induce me). They
sure are a blessing! I went into preterm labor at 24 weeks and we were so
lucky that they were able to stop contractions. They are a LOT of work but
definitely worth it!! Wait until they start baby babbling to each other.
You’ll love it!! And yes, your belly will go back down to normal (even with
twins). Skin is amazingly stretchy!

Rachel Waddell says:

@GabeandJesss ,I’m sixteen and expecting my first baby. I hate it when
people ask stuff like how will you support it, jeez. It’s not like we would
walk right into this without knowing somewhat of whats going to happen. I
love my baby too much for that and I’m sure you do too.

MaidofSparkle says:

@oohiitscourt The baby could sufficate in the birth canal because the baby
might get stuck. When the head is out first it’s easier, and safer for mom
and baby :).

henia4563 says:

Drake is missing out on one of the most best time his life would ever
have.. his twins in ur belly

Allyshia Marie says:

@GabeandJesss I’ve sent you a couple messages :) I hope you got them!

Tinker-Lynne Clarke says:

if i can find someone around us to do the plecenta pills im going to :)

BeachyKeen99 says:

Soooooo anxious! I can’t wait to meet them!! And this might be a little
wired but do you enjoy being pregnant or would you just like to skip the 9
months and hav your babies right away?

GabeandJesss says:

@Magicmungbean Well at least you and your baby are safe! There are always
VBACs :)

TheStephanieEmma says:

Your belly button! :O

Melissa C says:

That is cool. I am Marysville, I was in Roseville today, took my 2 foster
kids to Chuck-E-Cheese, bad choice lol there was like 10 Birthday parties.
I enjoy your videos you seem like a real nice person.

CourtsCamJustin says:

I totally agree with you Jess, it looks like your stomach did drop (but you
still look so cute!). Maybe it’s because both of the boys are head down now?

MsPac06 says:

You sure make pregnant look cute! I have never seen someone pregnant with
twins look this good. Honestly

LuvMiiForeveer says:

This is soooo cute <3

Bethany Austin says:

does drake want to be part of the boys’ lives? Xx

tg12331 says:

you should make a video on the placenta benefits im curious about it

MrsDaniellePlamer says:

Except for your stomach you still look pretty small have you put much
weight through this pregnancy?

thehermione86 says:

1:23! 😀 hihi

Pauline Chambers says:

@oohiitscourt Because the head is the biggest part, so it’s easier on mom
when the head comes out first to make sure the cervix is fully dilated and

Evey Alice says:

› Gosh. Can’t wait to see the nursery !!

claire9591 says:

oh yes, you’ve definitely dropped.

Pauline Chambers says:

Wow, you have definitely dropped!

bianca scott says:

how long does pregnant women with twins go in pregnancy?

Molly Smith says:

I was just about to ask when you were going to do a nursery tour and then
you answered me! haha Im excited about it!

Allie Banta Cat says:

What’s the video where she talks about what happened with drake? Sorry,
missed quite a few videos…

Marissa Marlo says:

@GabeandJesss Circumcision sucks!

mivatakuzi says:

Hi I’m started to watch this for a week and I have to say… I watched
almost all your videos (new subscriber) and you are such a good mom! I
always adore children even though I’m still a bit young but watching you do
all these videos it just makes me happy and stuff! Wish you the best of
luck on kaden and kyson and also sorry if my grammar is a bit off since I
speak English as a second language (even though this has nothing to do
about anything) but anyways great job and I just wanted to let y

marilusaquieres says:

Almost there girl!, congratulations!, I’m only 17 weeks w/ my twin boys and
can’t wait anymore….

bretelle says:

@oohiitscourt With a breech baby the biggest part ( the head ) is last to
go through.it is not safe to deliver a breech baby when your pelvis isn t
proven , your pelvis is proven when u already delivered a baby vaginally.
When you didn t then it s unsure the head won t get stuck. The delivery
might take longer and the baby might get blocked in the birthing canal and
go in respiratory distress.

GabeandJesss says:

@Jennyandbaby Yes I already have one :) Thanks!

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