31 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot

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Hey Guys! Sorry I have been delayed with my pregnancy blogs! Its been hectic to say the least… by this Sunday I will be back on track and promise to stay on track until Audrey’s arrival!

16 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXRyzCPPBGY

30 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1yeAadgA0I


Los290ss says:

Aww hun so exciting yay happy 16 weeks 😀 hope you guys feel better soon!

LifeAsAYoungMarried Lindsay says:

Nasal congestion is very common in pregnancy. The hormone surge can cause
nasal passage swelling which makes you feel stuffy. Also as far as the loud
breathing (even snoring) can also be a pregnancy symptom as your diaphragm
is very crowded because lack of space. With both my pregnancies I got crazy
stuffy and snored sooo loud, even to the point where I would wake myself

DainaG23 says:

My nose & breathing was just like yours when I was pregnant! Oh it drove my
man nuts! (and me too) with my nose I was pretty swollen so that made
things difficult and annoying. I had that “stuffy” feeling too

genocide_cutter says:

Thats one amazing belly

misaki covington says:

U should use a humidifier for her room and that maybe help her breath.

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