31 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck

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hi guys,not feeling great this week,my sickness has all come back and its hard to keep anything down :( baby is great hes a real mover.had to go to hospital because i cldnt stop being sick and had keytones in urine, they listened in to baby and said everything sounds good.bought the cot this week and have it all set up in our bedroom(so cute)also this week i started pilates classes for pregnant women,im hoping whey will help when i go into labour in like 7 to 9 more weeks! really excited now.please keep messages coming as i love to hear from you guys and know these vids are not pointless :) takecare x http://pregnancyafteratummytuckthetruth.blogspot.com/2010/02/pregnancy-after-tummy-tuck-truth.html#links


Nathan Price says:

ive had a tt last yr , but dont want anymore kids , but its amazing
watching ur vids ,i was wondering how it went with baby and how your tum
looks now , just being a bit nosey xx

lucy4211 says:

Thanks gain for sharing . I am glad to hear that the baby is moving good. 7
or 9 wks to go YEAH you are almost there. good luck Lucy

JanieO84 says:

I just can’t thank you enough! My husband and I have been trying for our
4th child (after 3 boys-going for a girl this time!) and I am 2 years and 5
months post tummy tuck. I haven’t been able to find anything quite like
your videos anywhere on the internet. You should know that sharing
something so personal is greatly appreciated. (and as you can tell.we ALL
hope you keep it up!) :~D Youve really helped put my (and my husbands) mind
at ease. THANK YOU! ~Your biggest fan

lovemahsa says:

thanks a lot for sharing your videos………please keep on posting your
videos………it helps many women like you………………thank
you…….best of luck

meleciale says:

I had a one year old tummy tuck, and I’m so scared because I think I’m
pregnant, my only concern was that if I had to abort, now I see that I can
have my baby, I know that is gonna be painful I don’t care and I don’t care
about how much I spent, all I care is to have this Baby healthy, thank you
for your videos, this is the answer that I was looking for

lovemahsa says:

thanks a lot for sharing your videos

bentlooha says:

Hi There!!!! I am sorry to hear that you feel sick but I am happy to see
that baby is doing good and you seem happy. Thank you once again for
posting. I look forward to your videos every week!!!!

TheKenaly says:


lovemahsa says:

Thanks for sharing your videos. Do you have any pain? Please keep on
posting your videos and let us know how it will be later……..I want to
have a baby, I did tummy tuck 2 years back and now I really want a baby but
my husband is so worried……..watching your videos helped me very
much…… thanks a lot……. good luck

joysdabomb says:

I agree with lovemahsa your videos are soooooo helpful and informative. I
really want to see how you look after the baby is born! I am so excited for
you!! Much Love From your Tummy tucked Friend Joy who also wants another

Dorinda Lynn says:

Thank you again! Please continue, and please give us some fallow up! After
the baby…Thanks, you are giving me HOPE!

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