31 & 32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins | Q&A, Symptoms Update, Belly Shot

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Updating on my pregnancy with twins, including starting NST monitoring, swelling, rib pain, placenta encapsulation, etc.. Also I’m answering your questions about IVF meds, stretch marks, names, strollers and more. Thanks for watching!
We’re finally pregnant with baby #1 (and #2!) through our first In-Vitro round, after years of trying to conceive and struggling through many failed IUI’s.

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Tasha Hearts Life says:

I watched an earlier video where you were in the ttc stage and seen that
you had issues with infertility. I was going to comment and decided to see
if you had a more recent video showing you were pregnant and I’m so glad
that you are… with twins!!!! I decided to start vlogging my ttc journey.
My cycles are crazy and sometimes seem to be nonexistent, so I’m going to
the doctor next week. New subscriber and I CANNOT wait to see your twin
babies!! Also, do you mind me asking if that is your headboard behind your
bed? Did you make it and how if so? I love it. 

Jessica Thomas says:

You have been SUCH an inspiration for me!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being
honest, informative & just FUN, IN GENERAL. 😉 You are a fellow silly girl
like me… and I LOVE & appreciate that I relate to you so much. You have
given me hope and excitement about starting our process of IVF (although I
am still scared as heck, you have made it MUCH more bearable and brought
excitement to it for me :-)). Thank you a million times for making these
videos :-) p.s. I knew I just loved you and then I found you on Instagram
and realized… You’re a hairstylist!!! I used to be a rep for Maly’s
(SalonCentric) in OC, so I just love me some hairstylists. :-) Good luck
with your two babies to come, girl!!! XOXO

WaitingforaDarling says:

Thats a out the time the my baby b flipped breech… theres so many risks
in flipping so im headed for a csection….the rib pain gets worse here I
am half way through week 36 and its so painful!!!!! You look great momma
getting so close!!!

Shandy says:

You look great and getting so close :) Thanks for the tips…i’m going to
have to try that Belly Butter and look into the Baby Jogger for twins :) 

Tish sparrow says:

We finally came up with names Teigin Rose and Teilin Marie. Names are so
hard to pick. We are going to start vlogging when they are born so remember

PCOSwhatA mess says:

I highly recommend the angel care monitor. I love it!

Babygoodwin says:

So glad you guys are doing well:) have you finished the nursery? Would love
it if you made a nursery vlog!

Amber Nicole says:

You honestly have one of the most beautiful bellies I have ever seen :)

PregnantAndPaleo says:

I’m 17 weeks pregnant, and I’m also looking into placenta encapsulation.
Please do an update on if it has helped you (:

Kayla W says:

So excited for you guys! I recently found out at 15 weeks I am also having
twins! It was quite the surprise to us! I was wondering what type of twins
you’re having?! We’re expecting mono-diamniotic twins which is rare, I
guess?! Not really sure. I’m just trying to find someone else to compare
with! Hope everything is smooth sailing from this point on for you!! 

Ashley Negretti says:

My doctor was trying to make me do the PIO shots but I told him I wanted
suppositories instead it was a fight! I’m currently doing an FET and plan
to transfer 2 embryos my last fresh cycle failed but we are really hoping
for twins as well! I’ve been TTC for 7 years and am really hoping this
cycle is it! Your so adorable I can’t wait to for more update videos thank
you for posting this!!! Love you! 

1yafit says:

i had my baby boys when i was 39 weeks. baby one was hed down baby two was
breached. when the doc broke my wather baby one was born and then the
doctorr and 2 Surgeons began to shake my belly to make baby two turn
down. one hour later he was born faceing up lol. but it was a fast delivery
only 4 hours total 

Marco Fenix says:

Hey hun I made a box to put all my ivf meds in for next year and I haven’t
got any yet if love to have ivf medication but my doctor said I have 2 wait
and at least bin trying for 18 months before I have any think I’d loved
have 3 baby twin girls one day or boys lol wonderñg if u order them ivf
medication or u got them of yur doctor sound bit rude lpl wondering if u no
any website sorry hun bless u jadey melissa xxxx

Teasapetal says:

Your hubby cracked me up with his wanting you to wake up in the middle of
the night craving something crazy! LOL!!! That’s cute:0) I never had
cravings with my pregnancy either and I think my hubby was waiting for me
to eat some kind of wacky food combo too hehe!! 

Emma T says:

Im 24 weeks along with modi boys (2 sacs 1 placenta) would love to see
a hospital bag video for you & the girls :)

andrea pike says:

My belly button never popped out with my first set of twins and I also got
zero stretch marks, which both my sister and mom got so I thought for sure
I would. Could have been the fact that I delivered at 36.2 and they went
full term+. This time my belly sticks out a little more but only when I
strain, and at 27 weeks still no stretch marks. 

Megan Ross says:

Please do the video about ivf! We have started our Lupron for our first ivf
cycle so I would LOVE your opinions on that! Glad you and your babes are

Danielle Reith says:

So excited for you! I’m also pregnant with twins and due in three weeks!
Also,what hair products do you use? Your hair looks so pretty and full
without having that hair sprayed and teased look to it!

pesha8 says:

My first was born in the hospital 2nd at home. We expressed our wishes to
take the placenta home from the hospital and that was not an issue. They
put it in a container and we were able to take it home. Hopefully, they
honor your wishes. 

Ashley S says:

I HIGHLY recommend placenta encapsulation. It really saved me from PPD. My
milk supply ROCKED! 

Unfertile Mertyle says:

I want to encapsulate the placenta too. My husband thinks I am nuts! LOL
you just reminded me I need to take my estrogen!

Michelle Watson says:

What pharmacy gave you the best discounts on Meds?

mariachristina30 says:

I had the swelling in one foot too and what helped was elevating my
feet/legs so they were above my head/shoulders. They went down within 30
mins. Hope this helps!!!

M&Mmommy08 says:

We used a city mini when were are Disney and it really is GREAT!!!

rousemommy says:

Good for you for thinking about placenta encapsulation!! As far as them
“letting” you it shouldn’t be a problem, this last year a lot of states
passed laws about releasing them :) 

søren johnsen says:


Mrsstephaniejackson says:

Congrats to you awesome belly you look so small you guys are adorable btw!

Erin Locke says:

You are doing so good girl and you have a pretty bump

PAW876 says:

Thanks for giving me hope when i felt i didnt have any left in me…

Rachael Meador says:

When is your due date? :) 

Anum Shahryar says:

What is your due date?

Cristy Boo says:

Ana and elsa ? :D

Kristen Pellino says:

Jena, first of all thank you so much for creating someday mama and sharing
your story with the world. I can’t tell you how many times you have
unknowingly given me strength and hope in some pretty dark times and
provided companionship (even though I don’t know you personally) when I was
feeling very lonely. Infertility is painful, no doubt, but because of you
I feel like I’m not facing it alone. I know it’s getting really close for
you and your girls and I can’t wait to see them :)

I know you are pressed for time, but you mentioned making a video for the
things you wish you knew about IVF before you started….I am beginning IFV
next week! Very anxious and excited, but there is still so much of which I
am still unsure. If you don’t have time for a whole video on what you wish
you knew, could you maybe just give a list of 5-10 (or 100!!!) helpful
things you learned and would want to say to someone beginning this journey
right as you are ending yours? I would appreciate any words of wisdom you
may have for me :) Thanks so much for your beautiful story, Jena!

Unfertile Mertyle says:

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