30 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Sorry this video was so rushed! My battery on the camera was low and I’ve had a busy day lol. But anyway I’m officially measuring 43 1/4″ which is how big I was in my last pregnancy vlog with Lilia (greatttt lol). I’ve gotten more stretch marks this week and I forgot to mention that I have a prenatal appoitnment on wednesday and an ultrasound on thursday. I’m hoping that Kyson is still head down and that Kaden has decided to turn! Anyway, less than 10 weeks left now! I can’t believe it!!! Join me on facebook for more occasional updates: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/GabeandJesss/136509159703383



bredaandjoe says:

im so jealous of your ickle stretch marks!!! lol i am 37 weeks and pretty
destroyed in them… and u have twins in there gggrrrr haha!!!

beebergahrah says:

Hey Jessica, I’ve been watching your videos from the very beginning. To
make this sweet & short I was in a massive car accident today here in
Fremont, Ca. My car was totaled I was heavily bruised along with the other
passengers in the car. I put my son in a rear facing car seat because of
you. I just want to say thank you because you pretty much saved his life.

leetledanigirl says:

woah girl you’re about to have your hands full with little ones! Good luck!
P.s. what was your reaction when you found out you were having twins??

Krista Durbin says:

I got my placenta in capsule form, its very smart, dont listen to anyone
who says otherwise, you have done your research & knows whats best & they
dont. Congrats. Is drake going to be in the delivery room? sorry if i seem
nosy, jw

GabeandJesss says:

@ktallen8605 No

crunch103 says:

So how r u gonna handle the parenting time with the boys n their father?
Will u ask for money?? I would!! He better step up to the plate n if he
cannot give the boys his time, he better pay! Haha. Then again, he’s young
n is probably broke as hell. Damnit. Well, get anything n everything out of
him n his family, if not, they will spend their $ on other ppl! I’m just
being realistic :/

Marissa M says:


oldnavycede says:

@Itsmelissababy- she gonna put them in capsules and take them like
pills…it has a lot of health benefits

looya84 says:

you and ur daughter look like twins so cute

Dunya Mouallem says:

@igigstar It’s the natural thing to do, and it provides a lot of benefits,
like helping with post-partum depression and milk production. Every single
animal that gives birth does it, humans probably used to do it, we’re
supposed to do it.

Nancy Pineda says:

Hey Jess 😀 Were do you get your tops. Im not sure if they’re maternity or
not but I can’t find any cute long tops anywhere!!

aitothemai says:

omgosh your belly is so big! it looks alot bigger than in your last vid.
and you still have 10 weeks to go! crazy! i think it might be the biggest
prego belly iv ever seen.. haha. also you are very brave for considering
this placenta thing… i dont think i could bring myself to eat something
like that (even in capsule form, i have enough trouble with fish oil
pills!) so kudos to u!x

tammileaa says:

Not that you can COMPLETELY avoid stretch marks, but if you use cocoa
butter moisturising cream everyday on your stomach it will help with the
elasticity of your skin where you’ve rubbed it in. It could help with
reducing the amount you might get further along in your pregnancy :)

chaleste riley says:

shes sooo excited lol…thats great

looya84 says:

I’ve never tried placenta consumption but i know people who did, they
didn’t benefit anything from it, but it didn’t cause any harm from eating
it either..also circumcision, where I’m from everyone who has a boy HAS to
do it coz of hygiene and religious reasons, but if its a choice it is
better to be circumcised than not..in the future if not circumcised they
will get UTI easily even as a baby..i had my boy circumcised buy a laser
machine more advanced and he didn’t even cry .

Bel Avrahami says:

hi jessica i watch in all of your videos almost… and i like them very
moch lilia is soooo cute and beautiful and im sure that kyson and kaden
will be cute too i wanna to ask you how it is to be a young mother and how
old are you ? i gonna watch in the other videos i wanna ask you what people
in the street say goos cooments our bad? hope you gonna answer all of my
questoins bye:)

Lori Huber says:

There are so many benefits to using the placenta. People should learn to
educate themselves on the subject matter before they make an uneducated
statement. I wish I would have had that option when my girls were born.

Astrid J. says:

When my second was born 4,5 months ago we did the placenta encapsulation
to. And I feel lot better. After my first I had a ppd and didnt do the

Johnkristin1983 says:

Your Facebook account I can’t find

Lora Logue says:

Can you talk about circumcision and whether or not you’re going to for the

GabeandJesss says:

@riceae Of course!

TheLilSucker says:

Where do you get your cute shirts? Are they maternity?

GabeandJesss says:

@anus544 Mine

LaleyiJean says:

when was the last time youve seen drake ? does he want to be there when the
twins are born and will you let him ?

ktallen8605 says:

@GabeandJesss aren’t you with the dad?

Ry Avery says:

@igigstar Who eats their own organs? Humans are the only mammals that don’t
regularly consume their own placenta.

Aimee-Louise Mills says:

been following since you fell pregnant with the boys, buy only just joined
you tube, i do really have a couple of questions id like to ask you is
there any other way besides youtube i can ask, not real sure how the whole
inbox thing on here works, it took me for ever to work out how to send a

TheStarburstxx says:

Can you do a Lilia update You are getting soo big this is a random question
but have you heared from drake about the boys or attall

TheStarburstxx says:

Have you heared from drake sinse youno you are sooooooo big now are you
going to give Lilia a valentines card that would be cute and say “from
mommy xx”

ashleycsal1 says:

Lots of love to you – still looking fantastic!!!! Also, if you haven’t
already, I highly recommend Pregnant in America and Orgasmic Birth for
movies to support your journey! xoxoxo

KyraIsFunny14 says:

awww don’t worry about the stretch marks :) btw I can’t wait to see the

ChipmunkNSquirrely says:

New Room Tour Please :-)

Tasha White says:

You inspire me !

costaricangirl12345 says:

@igigstar In my personal opinion i will not try somenthing like that but as
you can tell Jess is a woman who loves to try new things without being
scared about it so why not let her try it and after she can tell us how was
it and if there is any benefits that she can experiemce after she eat it.
but i agree it sounds ewwww…lol…..but she will not taste it

kar leigh says:

u look amazing btw i was a whale :) haha gained almost 60 pounds!!! you
never got a crazy appetite aong with your pregnancy?! or are you just
reallly lucky? lol

Marcye Irvin says:

when are u do?

GabeandJesss says:

@teenmomat18 I have one… and it’s too tight =P I suppose I could buy a
bigger size though!

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