30 WEEKS PREGNANCY UPDATE! Stomach aches, Stress, and Constant Kicking!

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Sorry this one is on the short side.. i am super exhausted but wanted to update you all!
Yesterday’s Vlog: WTF BIRD? http://youtu.be/nIoNKxFqQHc
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TheLadybugAmelia says:

Leesha, Have you thought on renting the other property out? It could be an
income property by paying for itself. 

Witchyone131 says:

lay on your left side, it’s best for violet and you

iluvphilly4 says:

I watched Aprils vlog where she gave birth!!! Liam’s so cute!!!! 

Kelsey Cate says:

I am so happy for you!!! Finally the house and all that jazz is going
along! 30 weeks? Oh my, I feel so bad for my mom she had me at 29 weeks. Im
hoping your baby gives you time!!

live4ever4022 says:

You should do a makeup look with the sunset colors that were outside your

Cherie O'Dell says:

Eventually the kicking might hurt. My kids kicked me so much I would get
sore spots on my belly. It kinda felt like bruises on my stomach. Hang in
there. It’s well worth it in the end.

Leesha Vlogs says:
Julie Berg says:

You are too cute! love following you through your pregnancy! 

LadyZebes says:

love that sunset in the background window!! <3 :)

maybeme8 says:

Whats going to happen when the baby is born? Will she be in videos? Just
wondering what your plan/thoughts are on putting the baby in videos :)

Katie Brown says:

I can’t believe you’re already 30 weeks! Probably doesn’t feel like it for
you, but it seems to be flying by!

Brittany Almazon says:

The sunset outside is beautiful behind you. go out there to relax in the
evening :)

amandabassford says:

That’s how we will all be when you are in labor refreshing Instagram,
refreshing Instagram!!! Lol so happy for you! 

Miranda Leigh says:

That dress looks so pretty on you!

Lyndsay Rae says:

My son is one and 5 hours of sleep sounds AMAZING! Haha! It’s incredible
how much your perspective changes. 

chelsealouise1 says:

I love your vlogs recently, Leesha :) it’s exciting getting to see so much
of your life! I hope they continue. Now go sit down and rest! You deserve

Ginonrockz Barton says:

You are so beautiful. Can’t wait for baby Violet gets here, just to see.(no
RUSH) I hope she has Paul’s dark hair. Towards the end is the worst, always
feeling full. I was huge by that point. Not being able to breath a deep
breath. Hang in there love.

Lizzie Ross says:

Leesha will you be filming your labor and delivery of baby Violet?

yaxofossiad says:

I just finished crying over the video for Phil and Lindsey, lol but I
definitely feel much More of an attachment to you (zero creepiness I swear,
just been watching you since 08′) and I get so happy hearing you talk about
it. Im actually so excited for little Violet to arrive! Super excited to
see you do the nursery! 

leahjkk says:

You are too cute. I’ve been watching your videos since 2007-2008..you’ve
grown so much but always stayed you :) good luck with everything!! 

Violet Ruthless says:

You are not alone I am 32 weeks today and my son is driving me nuts and not
letting me sleep. I have constant back pain, and heartburn. I have been
following you for some time now since i found out you got pregnant around
the same time as me. lol I am dude June 23rd. o.o but yeah… YOU ARE NOT

jaye5055 says:

Becauseeee youre not supposed to lay on your back. The weight of your
uterus will put a lot of pressure on a main artery which can restrict blood
flow and oxygen to your baby and to you.

Natalie says:

You look very pretty- you have a well formed bump. ;)

Charlie Taylor says:

Uh I’ll be 36wks when we move and I’m literally dreading it, plus we
already have 3 kiddos! 

Stephanie Main says:

wow ive been following you since the beginning of your pregnancy that means
ive been watching your videos for a long time. I cant wait to get to see
you expeirence the joy and happiness of your babygirl

MrsAngel Kross says:

at the end my daughters were always in my ribs

MelittaDilemma says:

Glad to hear, the biggest thing is done with the old house and the new
house. Take good care of you and you need to drink! :)

Gabrielle Asadorian says:

Peter and Evynne Hollens had theirs a few weeks ago :) it’s baby mania!! <3

Noemi Gonzalez says:

OMG you are a boss, doing all that stuff. I do have to say I shed a little
when I saw baby Defranco, I’m thinking about your girl, and I’m already
tearing up. Sooo beautiful.

roo thao says:

Once your baby drops you should be able to start breathing normally.
Hopefully. Lol n that sunrise in the background!! Awesome.

kelsgrip says:

That’s funny cause I was on baby watch for baby defranco all day today too!
I can’t wait to see little violet!

AdonisH says:

do you know what could be causing the pains? food allergy? maybe just
something that’s not agreeing with you during this hormonal time… be
careful with what you eat, you do not want anything to trigger early labor
or such severe abdominal cramps that can lead to it. and i would say all
the kicking is a blessing! it’s when the kicking completely stops that you
(i) start to plead that it begin again just for assurance. looks like
you’re doing so well though and congrats on the move!

Andrea Rivera says:

Your family will be in my prayers:) enjoy sleep and kicks while you can
won’t be quiet for a long time after she’s here lol I’m sure you’ll be an
awesome mom. God Bless.

wbyadig says:

Be careful laying on your back too long. The pressure from baby pushes on a
major blood vessel and cuts the flow. If baby doesn’t seem so active I was
told to drink a cup of juice and lay on your left side, I believe, so you
can get those kick counts in. 

Krys Riner says:

Haha love the clockwork orange reference! your looking great Leesha, hang
in there only a little while left to go before Violet is here!!

Nicole W says:

That sunset in the window is freaking amazing 

dwightluffer says:

Hang in there 

Shelby Harvey says:

Trust me I’m having chest pane and heartburns :/. I’m 35 weeks ad it’s tuff

ginatae1986 says:

When the baby gets larger and there is less room in the uterus some of
those movements can become painful or uncomfortable. 

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