28 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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AliJaeJR says:

I can’t believe I missed the babyshower!!!!!!!!!

junofreak9108 says:

I am 29 weeks and 2 days today!!!! Congrats on the babies.

lilhillis says:

@icecubefreeze Im just commenting incase she comments on yours, so I don’t
ask the same question twice. I also just saw the video….I hope she posts
it on youtube. I’m sure she just has to edit it.

Hannah Small says:

Hey Jess! I absolutly love ALL of ur videos! And it would be so cool to
meet you someday! xP .. I hope all it well with you&and ur lil family! <3
Btw, Lilia is so adorable! Thats all for now! :) <3

lanamku says:

you should do another blogtv! soon juts for all of us to talk to you before
you have the boys

GeminiBabe88 says:

Just wondering cause of her shirt but is Lilia really a Daddy’s girl??

everydayusage says:

Of course Jess, the one day I have to work, it’s the EXACT time of your
baby shower. Darn work!!

fastfishy121 says:

Jess- Do you still have a P.O. Box where people can send you baby stuff?

GabeandJesss says:

@lilmissSunshine716 Mine

mommywifelife says:

Does Lillia still see gabe? Has drake tried to talk to to about how the
boys are? And his did the news go!!??

ashliee001 says:

Hey jess! I just wanted to let you know that I make videos as well! About
my TTC journey! I am using a sperm donor so its not something you see on a
regular basis! Check it out if you want :)

Mary Scott says:

Jess posted some babyname videos and she said her girl names were Mackenna
and Annabel. She wouldn’t disclose their middle names, however.

monique sanchez says:

@AliJaeJR i know im so sad i missed it to

JanellAnnifer says:

@fastfishy121 yesss!:)

Monta Kalnina says:

have you trought about the boys pram?

TheBrittbrat2341 says:

One more hour until your baby shower! :o) Your hair looks like it’s grown
out a lot, is it red again?

Tiffany Nguyen says:


LishaLovesYou92 says:

Hey just curious when your goin to put the online baby shower up for us who
dont see :( my net was being so stupid that whole day I couldnt do anything

Erica Dowdy says:

I posted the video of the interview! Good job!

kaitlyn6415 says:

@SummerSplash96 i hope you post the ENTIRE online video !!! please pleaase

Scushable says:

Can’t believe you’re only 28 weeks – I can’t imagine you getting any
bigger! 😮

MommyofShadeandKacen says:

LOL at 1:20 I believe Lilia is already having an older sibling meltdown XD
“Babababa…baby…..” “baby….”

anniwhite1 says:

Hi Jess, I bought you something, but I had so much Stress here, that I
could not send it off to you :( It probably does not receive you on time as
I send it of from Germany… is the adress still open that you can still
receive it?? And can you say it one of your videos? as i am really excited
if you like it :) I hope you read it !! xoxo

Jha'nIque Hallcy says:

You r great mom!!!!

KimAnneRay says:

Are yoy going to post the clip of yoy on TV? And also are yoy going to
upload the video for those of us who couldn’t watch it live?

GabeandJesss says:

@FrannRants64539 That’s actually a complete myth. The foreskin acts as a
protective barier and actually prevents infection. That’s just one of the
several false arguments that has been disproven since it was invented.
Circumcision was “invented” in western cultures to prevent masturbation.
I’ll be doing a video on this soon, maybe you should check it out :)

Nicole Olson says:

So how are this w/ the husband? Has he tried to make things right w/ you??
I would really kick his butt if I knew him :0) You are such an awesome lady
& deserve better! How is his family dealing w/ this situation?? Just so
curious & worried for you! I hope your doing well & staying positive! Peace
& Love always <3

miscbccak says:

Putting lotion on your belly can help prevent stretch marks. Your belly is
so big, it just felt like yesterday you announced you were pregnant!

brittanynicole3408 says:

@gabeandjess and is drake going to be in their lives?&do you ever consider
getting back with gabe?

aka says:

@allthatsmakeup Not trying to be rude either, but I had to be inducted at
42 weeks which is NOT natural, in that case your body won’t be able to make
the endorfins (natural painkillers) that fast. My body literally got into a
contraction storm and it was unbearable. So until you experienced that, I
don’t think it’s fair to conclude that it is not “supposed” to be that way,
induction is not “supposed” to happen either and you are not “supposed” to
have local anaesthetic at the

Audrianna Alvarado says:

lilia is the cutest!!

InspiredMeBeautiful says:

oh my gosh were do u live? in sac? i live in jackson :)

Jessica M says:

awwww lilia is getting so good at talking! shes adorable and you look so

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