28 week old unborn baby kicking in stomach

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Our baby kicking when we where 28 weeks along which is the second / third trimester.

at the date of this upload, we are about 32 weeks along right now. I shoot a much better video with how strong the baby is now, and will attach it to this video which is much better.


BigAndrew85 says:

Lol thats awesome

missjlf90 says:

Is the bulge babies back ? I can never tell with mine x

MsHayford says:

what oh no no no no

Faith Pallanes says:

ugh i hate when my little one just says in one spot like that! it hurts! lol

loganh96 says:

@Xarmy187 oh sorry lol 😀

ResourceGaming says:

Picture Stewie Griffin still born inside that thing.

Msfly861 says:

he or she wants to get outta there lol

TheLORDismySheperd1 says:

I was going to say that too – belly ring! Friend of mine had to take hers
out when she was pregnant too. She ended up having a BAD scar :-/ love
these “kick-boxer” videos :)))) maranatha!

Yoshua Chornellius says:

can me touch your belly?

loganh96 says:

do u have 2 belly buttons!?!?!?

TheShadowGirl1234 says:

Am I the only one that saw the cat ears in the beginning..?

lauriesloves23 says:

Even the cat came to watch lol.

XArmy187 says:

@loganh96 lol, its the scar/hole for her piercing.

TheGlitterStarz says:

@TheShadowGirl1234 – Saw the little black ears too! loool

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