27 weeks pregnant Belly Kicking

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The video jumps sometimes. That is because I cut out all the lower-action pauses in between the best kicks coz no one wants to wait through those right? This all occurred in about 2 minutes of time. And….this is kinda embarrassing lol!!!


niteddy1 says:

You are so lucky. I hope I can have one someday

Van Tilden says:

yes, I was expecting to have a lot of problems getting pregnant so I do
feel super lucky to have not. Fertility troubles run in my family, so I got
really lucky. I hope you can have one too!!! Good luck to you!!!!

berkeg17 says:

Awwww cuute

Van Tilden says:

It feels funny lol!

TheCuriousKat17 says:

Wow is all i can say! so cool.

Van Tilden says:


MeriiKiyo says:


MANNY~EmberDim says:

hes quite active! 😮

hippygram says:

Seeing this never ceases to amaze me. I hope you are feeling well.

edtomorrow says:

Hmmmm…. Not really a big deal. Happens to me all the time after I have
Taco Smell. Lol!! Wow! Really that is amazing. That’s an active lil fella.

Van Tilden says:

thankyou :)

Van Tilden says:

agreed! I’m always amazed by it, esp the videos of 39 week bellies!!! I’m
feeling great! thanks!

Van Tilden says:

I’m a tad worried!!! his father is super active….and I think he inherited
it lol!

Van Tilden says:

HAHAHA you crack me up!

AutomHatter says:

how flippin cute!

Van Tilden says:

I was so surprised they move so much so soon!

lizzy0fo0shizzy says:

That’s so cool !!

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