26 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Kelly Brown says:

what are their middle names? idr if you already told us or not

JesNKeithNAubrie says:

Does anyone know how to unsubscribe?

TheMissJess13 says:

Jess you’re awesome! Love your videos! Keep strong girl we’re all behind
you :) xxx

sophieissmall says:

I can’t wait to see how big you’ll be in your final week!X

Stephanie Luna says:

Heartburn that was the worse part of my pregnancy, it kept me up at night.
Tums became a night ritual for me.

misshanaway says:

My hair is growing wayyyy slow. I love it!!! LOL

Cherluvsfl67 says:

The heartburn gets worse. My son was 9’11 oz at birth and at least the last
month I had to sleep practically sitting up or the burning was Soo bad I
practically would throw up.

lilbekah06 says:

I had a ton of heartburn with my daughter and she had a head full of hair.

MamaAndMimi says:

Oh my Heart Burn & Acid Reflux!!! They’ve become my bestfriends since
pregnancy D:

10Starstar says:

@GabeandJess when the time comes when you need to get ready for the bays to
be coming will you do a whats in my diaper bag and hospital bag and can you
do a update on Lilas diaper bag sorry for asking so much ps when is the
online baby shower will it be live streaming because I don’t have a email i
could use thank you so much hope your doing fine your a great person and
mom god bless

C'est Angele says:

You are looking so great! I would ask the doctor about a possible umbilical
hernia, just to be on the safe side. :)

ashleycsal1 says:

Lookin’ good mama! Keep growin’ those cute little boys :)

SatansSprite says:

Also, my son when he was born, had a good head of hair. Not full or
anything, but it was still a pretty good amount, but I never really got
heartburn at all with him. Only on one day but we were also moving that day
too, so that may have had something to do with it. So I don’t believe the
“head of hair = heartburn” wivestale.

EmLovescrazy says:

Lol when you talk about shaving your legs :)

mommyluvskenna says:

Hope you don’t mind me asking but how much weight have you gained this
pregnancy so far? You don’t look like you’ve gained anything!, you look

KristineandJames1 says:

hey jess hope all is well….i had heartburn really bad too i literally
couldn’t eat anything or drink anything without getting it! lol but what
worked best for me is to drink milk idk what u have tried or anything but
drinking a lot of milk helped with mine…also i noticed in your video
towards the end right aroung your belly button almost looks likes its kind
or bruised???…idk it could have been the lighting or something but anyway
so happy for you and try the milk idea if u haven;t already

hopefaithjoy13 says:

I heard you had to get rid of your three cats…how did you get over the
emotional aspect of it…I just had to get rid of my 6 month old kitten and
cannot stop thinking about him :(…I have cried all day. I only had him
for three months but I miss him incredible amounts. Any suggestions? Thank

vero617 says:

i love your hair! :)

biandelian8913 says:

@PrincessDebiLA21 You’re stupid because some people even maybe her mom or
friends might be uncomfortable doing the videos with her but might just do
them FOR her or just because they wanted to but feel awkward! That’s
normal! Which I’m sure was the case with Drake! And its not like she was
holding a gun to his head! So yeah, that was a dumb comment!

11imnotdead says:

Hi all Jess fans! i need some video ideas and requests please come over and
suggest a few for me :)

Sarah tee says:

@TheGlammergal91 sweeet thankyou :)

Sheighlah McManus says:

it was so funny at the end you had to think about it after you said it but
anyway i am SOOOO happy for you :)

Tiffany Kayxo says:

OMG! How amazing!! Ive always wanted twins :) maybe one day! Did it happen
on its own or with help? So excited for you!!

Shelbie Manning says:

@StevenandKelly15 I think I remember her saying their middles names are
James and John. I could be totally wrong though lol

MrsBickley says:

Hi darling. I am an OB nurse and you are definitely having Braxton hicks.
Also, when I was PREGO I started having them around 27 weeks. Completely
normal… Keep up the good work with all your babies. Your doing a great

karanovich100 says:

@XxMichellexX19 well she’s had a really tough time and she is trying to
move on with her life and focus on her young children. Why the hell would
she want to dwell on what happened and talk about it with a whole lot of
judgmental strangers hidden behind their computers. I think her positive
attitude is admirable and if you think all these things about her why do
you watch her? fuck off

musicalmaddi says:

can you please do a whats in my hospital bag video?

MommyofShadeandKacen says:

Looks like you’re trying to get some stretchmarks on the top of your belly
button by your piercing. Pile on that lotion girl :) you’re looking good
for carrying twins!

MeghanArmyWife says:

Braxton hicks sure can hurt :-) and they hurt more and more with each
pregnancy… they are usually the culprit for women going to the hospital
with false labor. Regarding the colostrum, every pregnancy is diff. no
worries about when it shows.I never leaked pre-delivery with babies 2, 3
and 4.

Yuli2119 says:

You’re almost there

amber w says:

i got heartburn with water!!! he came out with soo much hairrr.. i think
its true..

Foreversmiles1 says:

@gabeandjess are the boys going to have drakes last name?

heyyoufoundtheviolet says:

Oh you are so beautiful Jess :)

Sara Rodriguez says:

I had tons of heartburn with my last two babies and they were born with
tons and tons of hair

michellenn93 says:

@leahmariaferguson Oh my gosh!!! My mistake Im so sorry. =/ I watched the
video about 10 minutes ago. =(

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