26 weeks pregnant: belly shot, shopping & new nursery!

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i’m now 26 weeks preggers! i’m so excited that puddn and i decided to turn the big, useless balcony off our master bedroom into a nursery for the new bambino…i can’t wait to decorate it! i also went shopping and bought the baby some cutie-cute new clothes, though let’s be honest, boy clothes suck compared to baby girl clothes, right? also, we caught lulu jumping on TWO feet for the first time on this video! and puddn and i argue as usual…enjoy! and he uses MY video to promote HIS dumb blog, mywifelies.com.


C Lim says:

Very sexy curves, looks great in that short skirt. :) Is she still

Zeinab Mahmoud says:

You4 really rude to your husband

Kaylee Jeske says:

Love the clothes, he is going to be one stylish baby boy!

ShAnNoNmaIsIe1996 says:

I love your videos and your blog your hilarious and lulu is so cute :)

Dulce Martinez says:

You guys always make me smile! Lulu cant say how cute she is!!!

itsadelight says:

although it’s fun to tease puddn and always side with janet. in all
seriousness i really hate that HOT TUB!

janet d'oliveira says:

that’s cuz he’s a mean a-hole! i’m clearly the more supportive parent! :)

janet d'oliveira says:

thanks! i appreciate it! :)

janet d'oliveira says:

thanks! i love girlie clothes sooooo much better, but it’s kinda fun to
find cute stuff for the lil boy! :)

janet d'oliveira says:

oh noooooo! so i might still get them? well i’m praying i don’t! i’ve
gotten everything else, so i hope i’m spared the ‘roids! :)

janet d'oliveira says:

THANK YOUUUUU! i freaking despise that stupid thing! uuuuugh.

Jo Le Prevost says:

There are some very cute boys clothes as well though! :)

Colouredxcobxfan says:

Early congrats and i subbed

janet d'oliveira says:

i think i’ll always look at the baby girl clothes! i just love them!!! :)

Gita Siimpoeg says:

love how puddn is always “mhm” thinking, okay let’s do it now

janet d'oliveira says:

thank you! you are too sweet! :)

willot0722 says:

Love the video! Thanks for posting!

janet d'oliveira says:

i can’t wait to see the damn nursery either! the work hasn’t started on it
yet…uuuugh! and i’ll do a house tour soon…after i clean it! :)

Melissa Deffendoll says:

By the way, I never got hemorrhoids when I was pregnant either time but
AFTER I had my son I got them!! I’ve heard they can come from pushing but I
had two c-sections.

Kristin Campbell-Taylor says:

I love how puddn is less than impressed with Lulu’s jump! =) so funny

Melissa Deffendoll says:

When I’m shopping for my son (he’s already 4 months, mind you. It continues
after he’s born) I find myself looking at all of the cute infant girl
clothes and my daughter is almost 3.

Serramist says:

OMG your belly is really poppin out there. The plans for the nursery sound
great and I can’t wait to see pictures and the house tour.

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