26 week pregnant with twins & belly shot #VEDA?

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hi and welcome to my channel. My name is Annie. I am the mother to a wonderful 2 year old named Colin and married to the man of my best friend, Eric. Our little family of 3 will soon grow to 5 as we a


Annie Gallagher says:

yes the girls were born. i lost internet acess though. =[

By00tifulDesire says:

have you given birth yet?? xx

xxxkirsten101xxx says:

Hi I watch ur videos all the time and I was just wondering if u have had ur
twins yet or if u will be making an update soon:)

cagla sifiri says:


Tammy Miles says:

Just found your videos and I’m also 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl!!
When’s your due date? Mines nov 4th

randomvidio1 says:

Hi my name is Sarah I have 6 kids and newborn girl boy twins born at
37weeks5days and I’m a breast feeder I saw ur breast feeding vid 1st and I
loved it u are so right . I am feeding my twins and yes it’s more diff and
therefore get advice off well meaning people to give up but I will not and
I wish u the best of luck with u preg and urge u to rest while preg I had a
fantastic book which I believe kept me preg with twins(I lost twin
girls20years ago ) this book said put as much weight on bef

TayAndBaby2012 says:

Just found your videos! Can you please do an update? I’d love to know if
you had your twins yet or if you’re still pregnant (assuming you’re about
34 weeks now). Please do one if you can :) New subscriber here

Annie Gallagher says:

we are gret the girls are here ill make an update as soon as i can

By00tifulDesire says:

yay, from a fellow twin mummy with girls as well, big congrats. looking
forward to more videos xx

Annie Gallagher says:

Lol I know

Karina Torres says:

awww congradulations :)

Josh A says:

I love your videos! I am 9 weeks due March 6th. Congratulations :)

randomvidio1 says:

My twins were big as well at girl 6 :15 boy 5:10 I believe following advice
of book saved my babies from coming early it’s called what to expect when
ur expecting twins triplets r quads by dr Barbara Luke I would recommend
this from amazon it gives ngreat advice

cagla sifiri says:


MarissaDavis29 says:

Where did you go I hope everything is okay

xxxkirsten101xxx says:

I would love to see the Veda that would be awesome

mnlove23197 says:

3 *

Babylailalov says:

I love watching your videos and your so gorgeous ugh!!!!:) if you don’t
mind checking mine out sometime it’d mean the world !!:) thanks keep up the
nice vids!!

HollzMarie94 says:

Yes do the vlogging everyday!

Annie Gallagher says:

@xflaxen1 thank you and congratulations!!!!!

mnlove23197 says:

No new videos !?!?! I hope everything is ok…. 3

ikram anwar says:


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