26-27 weeks pregnant with twins!+belly shot

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This is my update on my 26-27 weeks! I discuss my symptoms and my appointments.-Enjoy&SUB!
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Strongmommy Chrissy says:

I’m afraid! Lol of the cutting and the pain mostly because I have 3 little
ones already that are going to need me to be mobile.. But I do have my mom
comming to stay with me for a week or so after to help me out

divaallday12 says:

i just started swelling in my feet im not sure why im on a lot of
medications and i try my best to drink plenty of water but im like u my BP
been great im going to ask my OB on wed when i go for my check-up

jazzwiley says:

love iit!

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

I’m due August 16th however I’m told by my midwife ill be delivering around
mid July! Which I’m excited about lol

ilovmy5bbys says:

mami u are so rite healing is the worst

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Thanks and to you as well!

divaallday12 says:

i just wanted to say i love your videos im due August 20th with faternal
twins a boy and a girl..So far it seems like you’ve have a healthy
pregnancy and that’s great i was just released from the hospital a few days
ago after a 6 day stay due to my potassium levels being too low and i also
had complete placenta previa from weeks 13-20 and i was placed on bed rest.
im hoping my babies come in mid July bc im exhausted but good luck with ur

ilovmy5bbys says:

mami u look so cute n im so hppy for u cant wait to see all ur bby stuff

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Hey in uploading a new video nowwith the answer to this check it out!

Kara Johnay says:

sure will:)

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Yea I called and asked mine and she said its normal and to drink 4qz of
water a day as well as elevate your feet as often as possible.. But
honestly that doesn’t do seem to reduce anything much for me uh oh well lol!

Sweetheartred says:

Happy mother day to you :)

TheBells PlusOne says:

Hey mama :) thanks for subbing. You are too cute! I subbed back! I hope
that swelling went down, idk how you do the twin pregnancy, I feel like I’m
exhausted all the time with a single pregnancy! Lol

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Thanks! Yea no salt for me and a lot of water. I have some family but as
far as help its mostly me..I’m in Colorado :-)

Kara Johnay says:

New Subbie! I am 30 week pregnant with a baby boy and I am recording my
journey I also have two older children and this will be my third I watched
a few of your other videos and I swear our stories sound so similar but
however check out my videos I am no stranger to subscribers and love this
experience especially watch other mothers journey as well so check me out
feel free to comment and subscribe, your a pretty mama, and congrats and
your two little bundles of joy..

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Thank you!

PrettyMeDown says:

Congrats!! I love your energy. New Subbie!!!! Twin Girls is awesome! How
are you liking a mid wife vs ob? I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first
baby.. I am also vlogging my pregnancy. Check out my channel when you have
a chance.

alexandraxoxo9 says:

Im 27 weeks pregnant with twins today! When is your due date ?

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Thank you! & congrats to you! I will def heck put your channel now and I
will be subbing and stay in touch!

Waneaqua Mcleod says:

I had a c-section with my daughter, for me it wasnt bad at all didnt feel a
thing, the worst part was the next few days after the operation & healing
and all

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Thank you! It’s hard but no too far off from a singleton pregnancy.

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Thank you! And congrats on your twins! I was kind of hoping for b/g twins
but I love the idea of my id twins, that’s not fun at all what you’ve been
going through girl! I’m glad your feeling better,let me ask you though do
you ever get that swelling now? It’s like all of the sudden I retain water
these days lol

Rina Williams says:

Do you have any anxiety or fears about having twins? And being a mother of
5? Could you possibly do a vid on it. Also do you have a history of
identical twins in your family? You look so cute. Happy belated Mother’s Day

sheira love says:

thanks for sharing you look fab not sure about the swelling but maybe you
should watch your salt intake im just saying and elavate your feet as much
as possible i hope you have a support team…if you dont mind where are you
like what state im in nyc

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