25 weeks pregnant with twins & belly shot

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Hi my name is Annie, my husbands name is eric and we have a 2 year old son named Colin. Our family of 3 will soon become 5. Follow our journey as we prepare for our twin girls and enter the terrible


Annie Gallagher says:

Im feeling way better about it this week. I know he will love his sisters.
He’s so kind hearted i don’t think its in him not to want to help and love
on them all the time.

Annie Gallagher says:

Yeah. Im feeling much more relaxed about it this week. i know he will be
ok. I think its totally normal to worry about it though. As mommas that’s
our job, to worry, if we didnt It would mean we didn’t care. Congrats on
your twins!!!!

123dietdrpepper says:

Try not to worry Collin will adjust well. U might consider making time for
Collin each week that he can look forward to a time w/ your undivided
attention w/o the twins. It doesn’t have to be more than an hr. Ice
Cream/lunch w/ u alone would mean the world to him. U also might consider
having the twins give Collin a gift such as a grocery cart w/ a teddy bear.
He can luv on it like u do w/ the twins & when u use the stroller he can
push his cart feeling like a big boy. Good luck & Congrat

Caitlin D says:

Placenta encapsulation is great for postpartum depression and milk supply!

gi bi says:

You are very beautiful

xxxkirsten101xxx says:

I think u will be great just relax to much stress isn’t good for the babies
everything will work out just fine:)

kyleena g says:

Im 25 weeks pregnant with twins too and worry how my 3 year old son will
take to the babies. Because he loves a lot of attention from me as
well..But I guess if you already know that jealousy and tantrums will
happen then it wont be such a shock. Just gotta include him on as much as
you possibly can and should be fine=)

Annie Gallagher says:

I really want to do that. There is a lady about an hour away from me who
does it. I need to contact her about hwr pricing and see what my hospitals
policy is on it.

Annie Gallagher says:

Thank you. We are getting him presents for the girls shower. I know he will
be ok. I think we are gonna try and join a mommy and me class just for me
and colin once a week. I’m sure it will be tough but we will do it and
Colin will love his sisters to pieces.

Annie Gallagher says:

thank you so much.

Annie Gallagher says:

Thank you so much. Yeah im definitely not going to let him stay with family
for a few days. He will probably stay with my dad while I’m in the hospital
but hopefully we will only be in there a day and can all be home with in
24-48 hours. I know he will be the best big brother. He is too kind hearted
not to be.

Nfriesen91 says:

Jealousy is almost guaranteed but if you try to include him in helping you
with the girls it will probably make him feel better and less jealous. My
daughter loves helping with her little sister and will also love helping
with her brother when he is born

Annie Gallagher says:

Thank you im feeling way better. Last week was just a stressful week for
some reason lol

jaynnanasmom says:

Don’t worry about a thing it will all be ok just have faith, as for your
son I understand I had my kids real close to each other and it would scare
me that I wouldn’t have time or give enough attention to my daughter but
include him in everything and he will feel part of it all I agree with you
don’t send him away it is hard but you’ll see all 3 babies will be
inseparable! And stop worrying sweetie you’ll be ok

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