25 weeks pregnant belly kicks

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This is a video of my baby in his 25th week of gestation doing what he does whenever it gets past 9pm. About halfway through the video he moves A LOT, so make sure you at least watch until then!


Alicia Cruz says:


kateschwanke says:

Yep, he’s our first :) He had first starting kicking at 15 weeks pregnant,
so I knew he was going to be an active baby. He started walking at 9 months
old so if that gives you any idea how active he is haha. Don’t be worried
about how much she moves, it should actually be reassuring that she’s ok. A
lot of other people worry that their baby is not moving enough, which can
be a cause for concern. But it sounds like your little one is doing well!

SamCam11Vlog says:

I didn’t see him move at all.

25torres says:

I’m now 25 weeks and my baby moves mainly around 10 pm and am :) well
that’s when i feel him but every month i go for my check ups the doctor
says my child moves around a lot! 3 it that he’s active

bunbun5877 says:

My baby moves around a lot like that too!! My husband was concerned at
first if it was normal. He thinks she is moving because she is
uncomfortable. Good to know there are other active babies out there. Is
this your first?

Daneesha Coleman says:

yes! im 25 wks and about 4 days and my little girl mives so much lol its
sometimes pain tho. but i love every one of them little kicks

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