24 weeks pregnant with twins & belly shot

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stan welling says:

Dang you’re hot!

Annie Gallagher says:

@chelseaharsh thank you so much! idk why my reply never showed up to any of
the comments on this video. im hoping to find a doula to help guide me and
back me with my doctor.

LehouxFamily says:

You look awesome! How long does it take to do your hair? :) I would love
for you to check out my channel!

Deana Jones says:

Ur pretty

Josh A says:

Yes she is :)

Annie Gallagher says:

Well thank yu! I love her.

TheNikkiwuzhere says:

Emma stone look a like!!!!

Kelsey Shilling says:

Hey how old were you the first time you got pregnant and how did you tell
your loved ones?

Annie Gallagher says:

@yankeefan10494 yes mam.:)

Annie Gallagher says:

@lashannatoussaint thank you!! it takes about a half hour to do it like
this and ill def check out your channel.

FamilyTime says:

I hope you get the natural labor your hoping for. I hope your doc can be
more cooperative for your sake. I would stick to your guns and push for
what you want or find a different care provider (if possible). It sounds
like he is trying to run his own agenda and do what he is comfortable with
instead of what you want. Good luck, I hope it all works out. :)

Caitlin D says:

I’d switch to a more supportive doctor! He seems unsupportive. Did you ever
think about a midwife? One delivered my twin boys back in December and she
was great! Also, did you conceive your girls naturally or with something
like clomid? :)

Sarah Cerda says:

I just came across your channel today. I am currently 24 weeks 3 days
pregnant with twin girls and they are 1lb 4oz and 1lb 3oz too.

cagla sifiri says:

hair tutorial ? :)

Annie Gallagher says:

@cait2991 i would have loved to have a midwife but the widwife in my office
and at the birth centers here wont take high risk pregnancies. they were
concieved naturally. the only thing that i was taking was a prenatal daily.
im trying to find a doula to help make a natural delivery more possible but
im surprised by how few there are in my area.

Annie Gallagher says:

@chelseaharsh thank you! its such a bummer because we have always been on
the same page. i think i may try to find a doctor who specializes in twin
pregnancy if i can find one and a doula.

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