23 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

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anassal86 says:

Natural strawberry blonde is way better on ya, IMO. Ur beautiful either way
but I think ur natural beauty is better 😉 obv whatever u like best is what
counts but your so pretty and smart and a great mom. Total package! I don’t
know what drake is missing there… Boys r dumb 

youngmadre2012 says:

is your hair naturally like reddish ?

sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst says:

Your eyes look gray like the sky when it rains,….. is that offensive?

christine c says:

I love your videos! I watched them when I was pregnant til now and my son
is 5mos! Stay strong, and I say leave him! You don’t need that stress in
your life. You have so much support!

besvrednaya says:

Omg lol I had a dream last night that when u were like 30 weeks pregnant
and u went for the ultrasound, baby A turned out to be a girl lol

Briana Romero says:

I will continue to support you as a mother because that is who you are!
Sorry people suck so much! Keep your head up, stay strong for those boys,
and your little girl!

banana25628 says:

Your mom is the best!!!! You are so lucky to have her and your kids and
they are all lucky to have you!

michellek6708 says:

So happy you are feeling better sweetie. You look amazing and are truly
glowing :)

DessyLuvsEv says:

@gabeandJess ii totally admire u sweetheart iim a teen mom as well … but
i have to admitt ur the best teen mother a kid can ask for ur truly are
amaziinq and ur stronq and no man no one can make u doubt urself …. ii
Luv uu qirll stay upp -Dessy & emii

teenmummy911 says:

i absoultley cant wait to see them! they are gonna be so georgus! lillia is
so beautiful and i know that ur boys are gonna be too!!! good luck and im
hoping to see them within the next 4 to 5 months :)

zelda5553 says:

This is going to sounds really weird.. but do you like being pregnant? Like
some people say that they hate being pregnant, but some people say it’s an
enjoyable experience despite the sickness and pain. I’m just curious to
know if you like being pregnant as you’re always smiling :)

XxBickerChickxX says:

Hii Jess, are you going to film Lilia opening her presents again this year
on christmas ?

Annie Matheson-Allen says:

You look fabulous :)

caitlyn hawkins says:

Jessica i hope you,lilia,kyson,and kaden are doing okay! i just wanted to
stop by and wish you four a merry christmas and to be safe.. we all love
you and we are here for you

Lollicia09 says:

Oou your tummy is so cute,, wish i cud touch

neon silhouettes says:

I know you don’t want pity but i truly am so so sorry, i hope you’re doing
okay and i wish you and your children the very best. It hurts to see
someone so upset, i hope everything gets better for you soon.

angela pruitt says:

wow your eyes look so cool it looks like you have contacts oh and i do that
too that peeing thing lol but my great-grandma said my blater sorry can’t
spell it but she said that’s low that’s why it does that or it could be a
kidney infection

88thebeatles says:

your such an interesting person lo

TheVPrudden says:

I’m glad you’re doing a bit better. I’m so happy that you have a such a
wonderful mommy and of course you’re family just keep your chin up. I can’t
wait to see Liliah maybe in the next video. Take care-Veronica

Azurewinged says:

Thank God for your mom and family. She’s awesome.

jamiedeese53 says:

hey jess!!! i wish the best for you but im just curious what happend to

Leila B. says:

Hey Jess. I’ve been watching your videos from the start, and I started
crying when I found out what happened between you and Drake. I know words
can’t really help you right now, but I really wish the best for you. Even
though you’ve been through a rough time, I still consider you as one of my
role models because most girls your age wouldn’t handle this situation as
well as you are. Your so mature for your age and an amazing mother. Stay
strong <33

Greeneyedgul says:

Sorry hun about the stupid act he pulled i love you and your videos and i
know you and them will get through this YOUR Strong Jessica!!!

maughany3260 says:

i love ur videos are u goin to do a baby buys video for ur boys

sarah rendon says:

You seem like such a sweet person. I’m sorry that you married such an ass.
You are very blessed to have a mother who is so understanding and who is
there for you when you need it.

SummerSplash96 says:

When will you post your next update?

kitcattify says:

hey hope u have a save and happy christmas

sophieissmall says:

It’s so lovely to see you coping so well, we’re all here to support you no
matter what happens. You are such a mature young woman, and I know you will
bring these boys up wonderfully, with or without a partner.

Ha Pa says:

Jess, you’re an amazing person and a wonderful, considerate mother. It is
so clearly his loss and I hope you are able to embrace your new start with
your beautiful daughter and new baby boys. Good luck, hope your Christmas
will be lovely -3 :)

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