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Here is my pregnancy update! I talk about my symptoms, weight gain, cravings, baby’s sex, the ultrasound, and our reactions!
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Lisa Persson says:

I really don’t enjoy when Benji is this sexist, it makes me really sad and
disappointed. I’m glad he has been proven wrong by his own family and that
he now seem to understand that the children’s gender in no way should
impact how he is acting as a father.

katie hope says:

Where did you get those maternity pants?

jknallen says:

I love how Benji was so unsure of what he would do with his daughter and
watching him and Julianna now is amazing. He does so much with her and she
loves him so much.

Stephanie Coonrod says:

Lol. Judy, I laugh at this because with my last baby (almost 7 years ago)
My cravings with him were: Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, & Fried Chicken. I
don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much watermelon in my entire life….Went
through them like my boys go through milk now…gallons a week. :)

Rebecca Williamson says:

You two are so adorable together congrats !! :) 

Julie Foster says:

BABIES… Haha xD 

cheryk garrity says:

U guys have matured so much after having Julianna lol u look so young here!

hailey sullivan says:

Gross I’ve this is like the third time I’ve seen benji mess with his junk
..dang dude ..

Daisy Mercado says:

Lol at 5:55

janitajasmin says:

Watching this now and wow you look different with the twins! :)

Josefine Karlsson says:

omg what does he mean more things to worry about with a girl?? such a man
:S that girl can do taekwondo with him, ride bikes and anything she wants!

Nathane Lamas says:

Isabella, Harley, Lilah :)

alexandra says:

LOL! you guys! I’m naming my baby boy Leonardo!! so funny!!

ItBeReginaMarie says:

Simone ? (; Its A Unique Name

fudgecupcakes12 says:


Marie-Josée Nantel says:

I love Julianna for a girl name!!! LOLLL! I am just kidding I know that you
will name her Julianna! It is the most beautiful name ever! So excited to
met her anytime now whoooo!hoooo! xxxx

TheAshwee14 says:

Girls are usually more attacted to their dads. And boys are attached to
their moms c:

ItzAmyBabi says:

I think these names are cute : Maira, Leila, Ashlen, Meela, Jaylen,
Myleena, or Kylie! (:

bridget speirs says:

Benji looked so bored

lalalynnsey says:

I just…I understand Benji’s disappointment, but come on. You’re blessed
to even be having a baby, he just seems so nonchalant in this vlog, almost
pissy and very standoffish to Judy. He’s very blunt and a bit rude, too. I
don’t know. But a complete 360 happened, Julianna has changed his world and
now all he wants to do is hold her and love her up! I’m SO happy his
perspective changed. ♥ Daddy’s girl.

Bananabear20 says:


Ausleen Acosta says:

Julliet… Lianna… Julianna… eh eh 😉 hahahha

sandyliciousT says:

Ava or alexa.

hourchanceful says:

Angelique or Kaylani are both great names btw so excited for y’all!!!

ddhall95 says:

Hazel, Ariella, Dawn

dubchika says:

Lol benji’s concerns are the same as my husbands. He wants a boy as well :)

linda garcia says:

alexis or zoey or cloe

Maya Louis says:

maya! :)

alporgialn721 says:

it was definitely 3 lines haha… benji

Mary&Stuff Old Channel says:


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