21 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Very uncomfortable and growing about an inch a week! We had an ultrasound to measure everything and things look perfect =) We finally fixed our lease and talked to a realtor. Lots of big steps! Enjoy!

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GabeandJesss says:

@marenbud Sure! I’ll try to post an 18 month update =)

mrsstk says:

Hey jess I was just wondering what your early symptoms were? I am like 15
days late for my period, have nausea, major lower back pain, extra
discharge, get really dizzy, smell everything like its right under my nose,
and have no appetite. I have taken 2 hpts and both came out negative. What
do you think?

jerseygirl forever says:

I wish I looked that good pregnant!

Nicola .Coyle says:

OMG! Your belly look tiny here compaired to now:) Im 15 and i love watching
your videos for some reason<3

mrsstk says:

Just watched your update video. It is in no way your fault that someone
cheats. And don’t feel like a horrible person for putting Lilia through it.
You went through it too. You pour your heart out and trust someone and they
prove why you can’t trust most people. Anyway.. he did seem perfect in all
the videos. So he fooled everyone. I’m sorry you’re going through this, but
you’re a strong woman and a determined mommy who wants to give her children
the best. I know you can do it

MsAlexis4444 says:

@Andreaaj123 urmm ok just the the video where she cried and said she was
sooooo….. you know nothing

Hannh Taylor says:

You guys are retarted. Who cares if she did get pregnant on purpose?? It’s
nothing to do with us. Pretty sure that’s not the reason we like her
because she “accidentally” got pregnant. It’s because she’s a good role
model and a strong person!

beth90 says:

@xloveandhugsx I get what u r saying. Of course Jess wouldnt want anyone to
feel bad. But at the same time, I still dont think its necessary for her to
stop talking about her stretch marks. Stretch marks r a symptom of
pregnancy & she should be allowed to share everything she wants in regards
to her own…thoughts, feelings, symptoms, etc. Also, if u have to “censor”
urself on one topic, where do u stop? There r MANY aspects of
pregnancy&parenting that r touchy subjects 4 mothers.

Lillian Sanchez says:

wish you and kids the best of luck jess. i know its gonna be hard of what
ur going threw right now but you have to be strong for lillia cuz she even
she to young to understand right now she can still tell if ur sad.and the
two boys you have in ur belly,try not to stress to much girl cuz thats bad
for them inside of you.your true fans will be here for you like we always
been no matter what.

GabeandJesss says:

@TheChocolatecake101 Fraternal =)

GabeandJesss says:

@melissanicolex3 Either way! I would love to dress them alike at least once
in a while.

GabeandJesss says:

@sennis1105 Maybe, maybe not. It completely depends on the person. Most
people have their twins earlier because they either have a scheduled
c-section or they are induced, which I am not going to do either of those
unless it’s an ememergency. So who knows! =P

GabeandJesss says:

@BlackAmethyst1616 Haha!! I’m so glad you went back and looked! That’s
funny =P

Jennifer C says:

Have a blessed and safe pregnancy I’m a mother of twins I had them at 19
they are 9 now and lots of work but lots of fun :) I delivered them at 38
weeks both were 6.12 lbs 19 and 19 1/2 inches healthy as can be try and
limit your caffeine and gave lots of veggies and salads you could deliver
healthy full term twins like me :) I’m now an ob tech if u ever have any
questions about your Ultrasound photos ask I might just be able to help! !

mandygayle100 says:

i think it is amazing we r almost the same in are pregnancys i am 22 weeks
today so u r like just 1 or 2 days be hind me lol :) but congrats and i
hope every thing goes good

steelepixie says:

YAY! My birthday is April 12th. Aries babies!! My baby is due late July, so
I have a long way to go still! I love your videos, Jess!!

AliJaeJR says:

@Andreaaj123Jess stated in her latest video that her and Drake are getting
divorced? How do you know they aren’t?

jenny villavicencio says:

God is good with good ppl :) lots of love and support for u , lilia and the
babies!!!!!! Dont want to insult drake but man will always be man (own
experience ) never leave ur fam for a man!!! No matter what!!!! God bless u
!!! Stay strong and hopeful !!! :)

Carstarjamieson says:

The ultrasounds are so clear! So cute! And your belly is so distInct where
your uterus is up to lol if u know what I mean?

MommyDani3 says:

Where can we see your registry?

xxangeleyesxx804 says:

From one mom of twins to another – Feed them at the same exact time or you
are going to find yourself not getting any sleep at all. Good luck! :-)

Chloe Bennett says:

I would just like to say that your an amazing mom congratulations. Oh quick
question How old are you!! xx

Fran DeFilio says:

my birthday is April 4th hopefully they come early :DD

Taiyandbaby93 says:

Our due dates are pretty close!I’m due April 24th. Yay APRIL BABIES :)

Andreaaj123 says:

Lets clear everything off SHE IS NOT GETTING A DIVORCE

GabeandJesss says:

@MyNameIsEarlFAN11 Aw congrats! I’m so glad everything is going well for
you! =)

BabyVlogger123 says:

I’m SO happy everything is going well for you! One question though, did you
get sunburned? You looked a little red so that’s why I was wondering.
Thanks for making updates! I really enjoy your vids! :)

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