20 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Lots going on this week. Enjoy!

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HannahRuth212 says:

can you do baby buys videos would love to see what you are buying for the

KimAnneRay says:

I was wondering why you censored out your last name on your ultrasound??
It’s not like we don’t know your last name just wandering ??

Oleksandra Dramova says:

I love your earrings. Couldn’t tAke my eyes off :))

GabeandJesss says:

@mmtothemm Because I’m pregnant? lol

Anastasia Beavenhausen says:

You seem really happy with your change, so i’m happy for you !

fidelgabby says:

what happened to your nail? :(

candi0826 says:

aww yur belly is so cute

Kirsty b says:

im 19 weeks and broke my back a few yrs ago, my backs killing me

Heather C says:

You are getting big fast!!

C Taylor says:

@MrLukeandcarly *cant borrow as much not can lol

steelepixie says:

Hey Jess, I found out I’m pregnant! I got married Nov. 5 so we are having a
honeymoon baby. I got pregnant while on birth control, so we were pretty
shocked. Anyway, we are really stoked!! I have been watching you forever so
I had to tell ya. My name is Jess too :)

emilywoodward94 says:

I have the exact same due date as you :) except i’m just having one boy,
not twins lol!

xeverydaynormalgirlx says:

@0MissElizabeth0 Thinking about it, maybe research isn’t such a strange
word. You’re ‘searching’ for information that other people have already
found…if someone hadn’t already found out this information before then
there would be nothing to research 😉

amanda kozinko says:

where does drake work or what does he do?

meganYT says:

@weloveyou1234 Shelves shelves shelves! :) And storage bins. We use the
clear, tuperware type drawers that are like $20 for a 3 drawer one & stuff.
My apartment is pretty small also for having 3 people, I have to use any
closet/storage space I can possibly find! There’s also bins that will fit
under your bed, just be organized and label them or something so you won’t
have to search for things.

costaricangirl12345 says:

Lilia is not in yor updates anymore?…..

GabeandJesss says:

@delilahgirl1423 No, not really. I guess I’m used to it because my OB with
Lilia was a male as well and he was great.

Peacho19 says:

you should summarize your vid or use keywords in the description box maybe
because sometimes i look for something specific someone mentions in the
comments about something in your recent videos but i dont know exactly
which one since i don’t get on youtube all that regularly..really busy with
a 4 1/2 month old :) so it would maybe be helpful to other users if you did
try to add something like that in the description box! also, happy for you
that you had a better experience with this doctor. :)

GabeandJesss says:

@TheKiwiMummy No, I’m pretty sure it’s called something else. I just can’t
remember what it’s called =P But it’s a similar procedure from what I
understand. Some blood work and an ultrasound to measure things.

TanaraBear says:

I can’t believe your only an inch bigger this pregnancy!

Sara Hensley says:

@tristaalyse this is going to sound stupid but what do you mean haha why
did they go to court?

L0v3ub4by says:


cptnindecision says:

I had a happy Thanksgiving… it was in October. It was good. So was my
Thursday so thank you <3

chloesmama1311 says:

You have officially popped…it’s sooooooooooo exciting!

Kirsten says:

@weloveyou1234 I’m obviously not Jess, but any storage that goes up would
work out really well I’m sure. Depending on what you can afford, you could
get shelves, a cabinet, etc. that you could place in one area and go upward
as opposed to having everything spread out horizontally on many pieces of
furniture, the floor, etc. Also, if you have any under-bed storage, that’s
a great place to put items out of sight or to put things that you won’t
need all of the time…extra diapers for example.

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