20 weeks pregnant with TWINS: Big Belly shot!

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S.Silva says:

How big does your belly measure? I will be 19 weeks 2morrow and I found out
today I measure 29 weeks. ..lol

Robert Daley says:

You both will make great parents 

Lauren Baney says:

I saw a trick on pinterest awhile back, of course I can’t find it now, but
you take your regular pants that still fit your butt and thighs and make
them work through your pregnancy. You place a thick rubber band around the
fastener, then through the open loop and loop it back around the fastener.
It should give you those couple extra inches you need and you should still
be able to zip up just fine. Just in case you need a pair of pants that you
already own, though sweat pants seem like a definite perk (;

Also your belly is so gorgeous! You’re absolutely glowing! Have you thought
about organic coconut oil for your dry skin?

Do you guys plan to keep doing vlogs after the boys are here?

And last question: would y’all ever think about setting up a po box? I
would love to send the boys something little<3

barbiediva231 says:

Did you conceive your twins naturally. You look great.

mariahheyy says:

You are so beautiful and I love your personality <3 Thank you for making
these videos and allowing thousands of other people to follow with you
through her pregnancy and I really hope you will keep making videos when
those cuties are born, you know with all the time you won’t have 😉 because
I know I want to watch them grow up!

Robyn McCavery says:

You are beautiful and look great for being that far pregnant with twins!
You’re inspirational!! I wish I felt that good :) 

Monika Krzywik says:

Hey Nat and Wes!
Im watching ye guys from the beginning, enjoy your channel very much, it
gives my lots of strength and support.
Im 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys and first time mommy to be just like
Thank you for all videos,
Good luck and many jugs from Europe 😉

Kirsty Louise Robbie says:

I love watching your videos. I have been watching ever since you conceived.
I just have to say how beautiful you are looking. I’m glad everything is
going well for you. :) sending lots of wishes from England xxxx

jellybeanbu says:

They have baby/infant/mother buy/trade/sell sites on facebook that I found
very useful. I’m sure there are some local groups like that near you too.
There are Mother of Twin sales you could check out too. 

thepancakesong says:

Yay! Half way there! Are you using any products to “prevent” stretch marks
on your belly or will you later on?

Alicia Rodriguez-Murray says:

Love your videos….Speaking of the haul, I hope you do a baby shower haul!
Would love to see that.

Chandre Brown says:

I wore my original Jeans, as i didn’t pick up weight at all really. All i
did was wear these things that you put over your pants, and leave the
button open and it covered my belly. Really helped with the itchiness etc.

rebecca riley says:

im soooooooo ecited.i love. seeing your belly.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

LaurenB1984x says:

Hi there I’m a new subbie just came across ur vlogs I’m 19 weeks pregnant
with a baby boy also x I’m from the uk and also do occasional vlogs x u
look fantastic x 

Snow-Girl says:

is that ur real hair? its gorgeous! :)

JoieAlina_cx says:

I subbed and congratulations on twins!! <3

Tina K says:

Are you using Prenatal Yoga videos? Any suggestions? 

prettynpink2021 says:

Do twins run in your family? when is your due date?

ciara white says:

I can’t believe that u r half way, can’t wait to see them x

Nicole Langham says:

So cute!! Love the belly! Absolutely adorable :)

Nat and Wes (and the Rest!) says:

Week 20 is live!

Bella Beauty101 says:

Congrats!! Natalie! I’m so happy for u! What are u gonna name them? 

kitkat b says:

Happy Mother’s Day!

prettynpink2021 says:

Oh also what are you using for stretch marks?

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