2 weeks after c section, pregnant after tummy tuck

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SteffystefElite says:

Anything new?

Amyintexastown says:

Lost 9 in the beginning, gained 7, then dropped 3lbs, it was crazy, all I
craved was bananas and Greek yogurt! Then after breast feeding just 2
weeks, I lost 28lbs! I also could not eat a full meal during my pregnancy
or I would feel really sick and get major heart burn…so I just snacked
all day.

Cassandra M says:

You look amazing!

Amy Lynn says:

Looks great! How much weight did you gain?

Amy Lynn says:

Just checking to see how you were doing? Do you plan on posting another

Kellawanda says:

Looks great :) Hopefully mine will do the same!

Amyintexastown says:

Thank you:)

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