19 Weeks Pregnant With Twins & Belly Shot! (Part 2)

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QueenAceKing says:

The reason you find that more religious people spank their children is
because there’s a verse in the Bible that states, “Spare the rod, spoil the
child”. I’m not for sure exactly which verse this is, but I’m sure you can
google it….lol

Ashley Nichole says:

@mommmmyyjayden4 – That was a little harsh, don’t you think? Yeah she may
have 3 kids before 20, but at least she seems to be taking very good care
of her daughter and I am sure she will take good care of her sons. Who are
you to judge her and call her a liar?

Tayde B says:

You do look tiny for twins but you still stunning girl :)

GabeandJesss says:

@fawfulderpmordecai Lol I know right!

lAGUERiTA93 says:

you may have already said this but you should qet some maternity pictures
done like you did with lilia :) !

Brandon Leymeister says:

… u spank your kid when they are at the age when they know they did
something wrong… doesnt have to be all the time… i was only spanked 3
times my whole life…. (an each time i deserved it….. an im catholic…
so watch out when you generalize … some people get pissy lol!!! (:

bubblybeccabear says:

my hair started falling out too around 19 weeks but by the time i hit 22
weeks it went back to normal

Courtney Guinn says:

Hey jess I wanted to ask you about putting a pic of your belly when you
were pregnant with lilia and a pic of the twins at the end of each update.
Or whenever you could. I think that would be cool!

EmBryWolf says:

@LilyPotter123123 rear facing car seat :)

Brittney Smith says:

You’re all baby sweetie :)

Kendall Valente says:

WOW youre bacically the same as your lilia at 19 weeks, just like half an
in bigger so you probably are realy small for twins! are you watching your
videos from your pregnancy with lilia, that go along with this one? that’d
be cool!

michellenn93 says:

@GabeandJesss It seems like that to me too. I know a lot of very religious
familys who spank their children in my area. And I dont think there’s
anything wrong with spanking as long as its only spanking and not
smacking.. Different things work for different children and if a spanking
is what works for someones child then so be it. Spanking doesnt work for
every child though and if it doesnt work for them then the parent should
find a new method of decipline that actually works. I just dont do it

pinkandsexy87 says:

At 17 weeks pregnant with lilia you were 36 1/2 inches only difference is
that with the twins your belly button is poped out lol so your small the
only time your stomach really shows your having twins is after 6 1/2 to 7
months and on cause that’s when babies do most their growing but before 7
months your belly size would be the size of a norm 1 baby pregnancy :-) dr
told me that and I’ve seen it it’s true lol

susie veliz says:

U only look big when you face forward when u turn to the side its not that
big lol but I’m so excited for the boys my son will turn one dec 23, and my
he’s a handful compared to my daughter lol

Sidney Skywalker says:

whats rearfacing? i think she said, please respond.

vshowers37 says:

You need to be careful with that class… first I can tell that “teacher”
is not qualified to give you advice about a twin pregnancy and birth.
Nutrition, fitness and everything is different with a twin pregnancy. A
home birth with twins is very, very, very rare. Also, I don’t think as a
Christian she should tell you to spank your kids. I am a faithful Christian
and read the Bible daily. I don’t believe in spanking either. I would turn
and run away from that class. Jesus Rocks!

sarah carlsson-lundh says:

my belly was about that size when i want into labour with my daughter (week
39) :)

NakiaaRTurner says:

I love how this video update has 2 parts you know since your having twins
:) okay that was lame but wanted to share this, lol xoxo NRT

Ayla Gutierrez says:

jess u shud totally record wen ever ur babies are moving!

GabeandJesss says:

@shahnandjarrad All I said was if they face forward at that age they could
die. It’s the truth. I didn’t think I even said it in a judgemental way.
Thought pretty much everyone knew that… And if not then they should look
into it becuase it really makes a significant difference =)

Hannah St.Laurent says:

I have a comment on what you posted or said in a previous video about you
not circumcizing your boys…. If you don’t mind me asking, why won’t you?
You get more infections when your not circumcised and you have more problems

GabeandJesss says:

@samanthacarmichael21 Neither me nor my brother were ever spanked and it
always worked. So saying that its not going to is a bit of an ignorant
comment. Patience and persistance are key when disciplining children. plus
I specifically said I have nothing against people who do spank. I don’t
feel as though anything I said in this video was judgemental, I only stated
my views.

Patrick Coheley says:

I LOVE your tattoo, Jess. what does it say? you’re not huge, your cute.

GabeandJesss says:

@Jessiiicrackkk Lol yeahhh I noticed that but I figured everyone here knows
what a bra looks like 😉 Lol thanks!

MissEMissMakeup says:

Aw love the update, you look glowing I think :) really laughed when u said
yeh but if they’re front facing they’re gonna die!? Made me chuckle lol! Xxx

choubleubh says:

you’re measuring the same from when you had Lilia at this time but I have a
feeling it won’t stay on track like that for much longer! <3

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