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Thank you so much for watching :)

→F A C E B O O K F A N P A G E:

→I N S T A G R A M:

→T W I T T E R:

→P I N T E R E S T:


sugarcane0000 says:

can’t wait for the gender reveal! So happy for you guys :’) 

samantha kimplin says:

How rude of people to dislike a pregnancy vlog 

alisha b says:

every video you say you are sooo tiny but i dont think you are tiny…you
have a good sized belly for 18 weeks!

AvasWorld says:

I cant believe your almost halfway through!! So excited to find out if its
a boy or girl!

rayvn02 says:

YAY!! I’m so excited to find out what the gender is!!

Freddieandmee says:

Britney you have the most perfect little bump x

Orla Griffin says:

I’m watching this when he’s born and it only seems like yesterday you were
17 weeks pregnant! It goes so fast! Xx

hailandbaby says:

Ahh almost halfway!

KeyonaBBaby says:

17 weeks already!!?! Can’t believe it’s going by so fast. I was always
tired to when I was pregnant. Ahh, I remember the round ligament pains.

Stacey Williams says:

What is your lip color or brand looks really pretty on u

MariahLynelle says:

We have the same due date :)) I dont get to find out the gender till march

britneyandbaby says:
Avital Grin says:

I can’t believe you’re already 17 weeks pregnant! and i was pretty tiny at
17 weeks as well and then on week 20 my belly popped out like crazy hehe 

Marianne M says:

You have the cutest baby bump!! I always love your updates!

Daily Vlogs Aruba says:

I Had the same with my pregnancy !
I NEVER had to buy new clothes !
And my baby boy is a chubby one now hahahahaha !
I liked beeing tiny ! But only after people could see I was pregnant hehehe
xxxxxxx Vlogging mommy in ARUBA !!! 

Rachel Cameros says:

what do you use to edit your videos?

samanthachristine89 says:

I know this has no medical information to back it up but before I found out
I was having a boy I put on facebook how hungry I was ALL THE TIME. I had
several people tell me they were hungry all the time when they were
pregnant with their boys too 😉 I was never like that with my daughter. I’m
24 weeks pregnant today and still feel hungry all of the time!

Fernanda Medina says:

I think its a boy! :) can’t wait to see the gender reveal video :)

Elizabeth&Ethan says:

Hey Britney! I am 17 weeks and started having some extra discharge(clear).
Did you have some around this time? 

MsPorkchops22 says:

Where did you get your shower curtain?
Congrats on pregnancy! Aria will be a great sister

Nora Spaulding says:

Nuts are a great snack! And healthy bring those in a baggy wherever you go,
cheese and crackers are great too

Nora Spaulding says:

Nuts are a great snack! And healthy bring those in a baggy wherever you go,
cheese and crackers are great too

Jenniffer Romagno says:

I have that same shower curtain!! Love! and LOVE all your videos!

Michelle Licon says:

You should check out thread up for maternity clothes, you can get them for
crazy cheap there :)

Toria Humphreys says:


Louise Hall says:

Omg you made me yawn lol :) love these vlogs

Melody Jones says:

You look beautiful pregnant. Im trying to get pregnant and I hope so soon.
O love watching your videos.

Becki Shetterly says:

I want your shirt!

Kalle Kallkowski says:

I started to have an obsession for ice cubes during my first and also now
during my second pregnancy (27 weeks). This way you make sure to “drink”
extra water and you always have something to bite and to shew :-) It just
might not be too good for your teeth…
Greetings from Germany, Susan! (And no, as you can tell from the pic and
name this is not my personal account…;-))

ClearlyCaitlyn says:

OMG four days!!!! im so excited!!!!!

Mommabee britt says:

I was the same way with food when I was pregnant with my son :)

otakubabe555 says:

This is really exciting watching your updates. I have a good friend that is
20 weeks and my sister-in-law is 15 weeks so you’re right in between and it
will be cool comparing your progress to theirs. :) 

Elizabeth Fireman says:

Do you know whether you are having a boy or a girl? I really want to know.

ThatnewmommyNikky says:

I’m so happy for you! I love watching your videos! I hope you vlog for a
lot longer so we can watch the new little one grow up just like aria :)

agpeacepony101 says:

You said you have a girl name, but here are some boy suggestions. I can’t
resist, I’m obsessed with names!

Simon, Ryker, Ellis, Asa, Hawk, Quinton, Wade, Ethan, Rekker, Tate, Jasper,
Keagan, Luke, Zane, Cruz, Bodhi, Kingston, McGuire

Olga Rios says:

I think u having a boy!

Candy sam says:

I think u r going to have a boy I can’t wait to know the baby’s gender 

ferlover06 says:

You and Stephanie from Anastasia RubyFamily (don’t know if you watch her)
but you guys have the same due date, and she just found out she’s having a
boy, excited to know what you’re having.

Tiffany Brett says:

half way!

Brooke Masters says:

You are starting to get your linea nigra line too! 

katherine ferrufino says:

When do u find out what u have 

Stephie H says:

Super cute bump! 

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