17 Weeks Pregnant And Belly Shot

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Megan Fern says:

@DanielleBabyBliss exactly! my partner is 6ft 2 so im guessing when Kennedy
is 5 she shall be taller than her tiny mummy!

Kaleigh Speence says:

I’m 16 weeks today! I am super excited, this is my first, and i’ve lost 5
pounds. :)

360olivia321 says:

I go by my prepregnancy weight. I am a week and a half behind you you and I
am still down 8 pounds. my morning sickness is tsill here and really
annoying. I gained 30 pounds with my first and I am also short so it seemed
like much more on my frame. this time I am shooting for 20 pounds so its
easier. cute bump :)

veggielove84 says:

I dont have Facebook :-)

Sexygeiler says:

Yay I can’t wait for the nursery update!!!So glad all is going well

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@Shereezy87 i have been vegetarian for 2 years I am because I am against
factory farming and I do find it hard and expensive to find free roam
organic meat. and if you are careful and study nutrition everyone can live
without it if needed. and no my fam are all meat eaters im the only veg
they are like you and love the meat. also I was never a big meat eater
especially red meats they would gross me out lol

Adelea88 says:

I don’t think you look 18 :) But just curious, how old are you? :)

daisyfrostxoxo says:

kudos on being vegetarian! way to take the helth of yourself and your baby
into your hands!

Shereezy87 says:

Just curious as to why you are Vegetarian? is it because you dont like the
thought of eating a animal? or you just dont like the taste of meat? how
long you been a vegetarian? your family vegetarians too? I wish i could be
a vegetarian but i love meat too much. LoL

Angela In Mamaland says:

You have a great attitude, people are being judgemental, your appt’s are
pushed back and you’re taking it all in stride! Go Danielle! I read on a
‘pregnancy weight can calculator’ that a sudden spike of gain in the second
trimester is normal (yay for those healthy 4lbs!)! Amy from ‘turtleames’
also hadn’t gained much and also just suddenly gained 4lbs – sounds like
you’re right on track! <3 You are glowing! 😀

Neidytrozeski says:

Me too! I lost four pounds during the first trimester! And I gained them
back. I weigh now what I weighed before getting pregnant. By the way, I am
17 weeks now! hope everything is good with you and your family!

Megan Fern says:

I know how you feel about the age looking factor when pregnant… Im 21 and
was pregnant as you know and im only 5ft! so they do give you some strange
looks specially cause we are small we will show alot earlier… get
prepared with the looks when you get alot bigger… it gets worse!

Sexygeiler says:

My son would always quit moving when I told anybody to feel lol

pinkdahlia4 says:

Glad everything is progressing well and can’t wait for a nursery update.
Love the growing belly.

Joke Vermanen says:

Great to hear your iron is ok! About the testing, i’ve been tested on HIV
to. Glad to hear yo KNOW how old you are 😉 As long as you know, nothing is

aaaaasssss says:

you’re cute

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@Sexygeiler isnt that so funny! its like when your baby does something
really cute but the second you take out the camera they always stop doing
it 😉

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@charlovespink good to know! I thought thats was loads! lol 😉 and very
interesting info about the baby and me being scared 😀

Ashley Hernandez says:

Oh the age thing lol…I of course do not look like the mother of a 9 and 5
year old, but people still think I look too young to be pregnant haha….we
look young and it’s going to be an amazing gift in 10 years haha! I don’t
think I’ve ever told you, but I love your pretty long locks..if only my
hair grew like that I’d be a very happy woman :)

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@Guppy1812 lol uh oh! but hey at least itll pay off when were older right?

ourTTCjourney says:

I know how you feel about the age thing, I look younger than I am also! It
sucks. Lol! But it will probably be a good thing later in life right? Lol!
Love the belly. Can’t wait to see the room. I love ikea. Most of their
stuff is too modern for my taste but I love walking around there anyway lol!

charlovespink says:

I would count you weight gain from what you where before you where
pregnant, so you’ve gained 2 pound :) I don’t think it would be normal to
have gained 10 pound by 17 weeks! I hadn’t gained 10 pound until about 30
weeks! And most of the weight you put on will be the 3rd trimester :) The
baby stops kicking when you get excited/shocked/scared because you get an
extra rush of blood and it confuses the baby so it stops moving
temporarily. Happy 17 weeks!

WithGodsGrace says:

Can’t wait to see a nursery update!! Glad things are going so well!

MissMommyMelissa says:

When I was pregnant with my second daughter I lost 10 lbs in the first
trimester and didn’t gain anything back until the third trimester. I gained
the ten lbs back and then 4 more pounds. My dr ended up saying altogether I
gained 14 lbs during my pregnancy. Doesnt make much sense to do it that
way, but I figured I’d let you know how I ended up couting my weight gain.

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@ourTTCjourney you are so right about that! ull prob be surprised with the
room. we can be a little out there and modern with our decorating 😉

Alyse Ashby says:

How do we find your Facebook again??? You look great! And I hear ya about
looking younger I am 27 and I get people asking me what high school I
attend!!! Lol

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@Nannyashby link is right in the description box. if you dont find it just
type in Danielle DueInAugust on facebook search.

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