16 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Been feeling a lot of movement, no appetite, and super busy! We find out the genders in exactly 2 weeks!! Ahhh! So only a couple more weeks to guess the genders! Go to http://expectnet.com/ and type in the game name “DoubleTrouble2012” to make a guess!

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Hayley Bryant says:

Jess! I had a thought that it would be soooo cute if you named baby A
….something beginning with A and baby B …. something beginning with B!
Thumbs up! :) xoxo

rachelredlightning says:

Im currently 16 weeks along with our twins and your video helped out a lot!
There are so many mixed and misleading sites out there on twins that I
wanted to hear information on twins from somone that has lived it and I
thank you for making these videos! :)

LovePinkSugarCandy says:

Did you put red streaks in your hair? It looks really cool!

Hawaiianpearl17 says:

being dizzy is a sign of low blood sugar, so you may need to eat more.

TheATILE says:

If you want to look skinny, use Canon.. 😀 I was laughing sooooo much when
you said that 😀 😀 you´re so funny!! :)

Marrisa Bickford says:

Congrats!! =)

dya76tube says:

why you block my comments?now all my comments need pending aproval?sucks..

NovemberRainLove says:

For the record, gender and sex (genitalia) are not the same thing. fyi:)

M42380 says:

boys: Michael and James girls: Elizabeth and Jordyn

MissLea922 says:

I think its because your so close to the camera when you do your belly shot
and in the pictures your far away and can see your while body. Thats maybe
why your belly looks bigger in pictures.

Houston and Mommy says:

Hey so i saw your pictures on facebook of Halloween. and i saw you lifting
up Lilia. i was wondering how long you can do that for? because i know you
are not suppose to lift more than 20 lbs when pregnant. but I’m not sure at
which point you need to worry about that, or if its different circumstances
because you lift her everyday and your muscles are used to it. any way just

GabeandJesss says:

@Hawaiianpearl17 Blahh lol. I will try! Haha

MommyChelseaa says:

my little man just starts laughing everytime that we’re watching you’re
video’s!! soo sweet.

Ashley Coaker says:

but anyway jess i love your videos lol, thanks for the updates. HOW
EXCITING!!!!! i love how you react to things hahaha (:

Amanda Stanley says:

You might not even see this, but you should do what xxxjoelpolexxx does
when she was pregnant. Did her weight and belly measurements. It’s cool to
have all the numbers in front of us when you say the new measurement.

costaricangirl12345 says:

@GabeandJesss you should look for ways how to carry her without getting hurt

GabeandJesss says:

@bcashmom12 She can walk when we’re in a place that’s suitable for a 16
month old to walk around in. But when we’re in a parking lot, at a mall or
busy store, or on cement where they may be sharp glass, etc I’m not going
to risk my toddler getting hurt. Of course I’m taking it as easy as I can,
and of course I don’t carry here everywhere I go, but there ARE places that
she needs to be picked up and cannot walk, even if she wants to.

Tamera LaShae says:

@bcashmom12 i totally agree. i work in the medical field with pregnant
mothers and i have seen this happen. Very scary and life threatening.

meyuhher says:

Hey jess did u ever have ur teen mom meet up?

zelda5553 says:

Do you think Lilia is aware that you’re having a baby/babies? Also, I love
all those hilarious noises she’s making in the bath.. hahaha.. And you’re
belly is getting SO big 😀

UGAZTA says:

So you only post positive comments? Not comments of any type of criticism?

prettypolishes says:

You def look bigger :)

BrittniLeigh21 says:

I cant help but to laugh at the rubber band on your buttons for your
pants!! I had to do this with my little girl because NONE of the maternity
pants fit me!!! Babies are getting big!! :)

Carm says:

insane. i remem how exhausting the ‘day in the life’ videos were to watch &
now you’re pregnant with twins, preparing for a wedding that’s right around
the corner, & dealing with midterms. meanwhile, you’re still making quite a
lot of videos about all of these things. it’s really amazing how much
you’re doing for yourself & your family. wishing you all well, drake &
yourself seem to be doing pretty well all things considered. & it’s great
that your families seem supportive of yas. best to yas.

erinM says:

Congrats on being 16 weeks! so exciting :-) im 16 weeks tomorrow and due
April 18th :-) I dont know how you put up with some of the comments on here
seems like alot of people think you need their advice and opinions it seems
really annoying xo

PurgatoryGal says:

You gave me enough courage to make my first pregnancy video! LOL

xxrobandlizxx says:

What kind of editing program do you use?

sunny923happy says:

Hey jess if u love being pregnant but don’t want many kids and still wanna
make pregnancy vids u should try to become a saraget u get paid alott of

sweetmuse83 says:

Could be your prenatal vitamins that are giving you nausea, I gave up
having them in my first preg as they all made me vomit within an hour of
taking them :( baby was fine though :)

GabeandJesss says:

@haliHOWDY I haven’t decided yet lol. I want to make it fun!

Debi L.A. says:

@GabeandJesss …yes you do. When I was pregnant with my second daughter
(my first lil girl was 12 months old when I conceived) my husband never let
me lift our daughter. He was always over protective of me. When we were in
public, she’d go from the car to a stroller. If there was no way to use a
stroller, then my husband or my parents would carry her. Even my dad would
hit the roof every time he saw me carrying her. LOL. Just be safe and find
alternate ways to get Lilia around.

InjectMorphineIntoMe says:

Your girl is adorable xD

GabeandJesss says:

@AmyLizz Lol it was! The only pair that I have were dirty at the time lol.

Julie Brown says:

you can still make an appointment with a new doctor before you get your
records. just make your appointment when you think you will have them.

sOmEgIrLAandB says:


Dan'elle H says:

you might be getting dizzy because of anemia get a blood test for like iron

Molly Welch says:

@JennLor32 omg! so sorry! Hope you are okay! hahah

CupcakeFresh says:

hey jess! I was doing some research into rice cereal and stuff and I was
just wondering if you had any information on it? I’ve seen some pretty
conflicting stuff and heard some conflicting advice so I just wanted
another opinion….If you could PM me that’d be great, thanks!

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