16 WEEK BUMPDATE & BELLY SHOT – HUGE UPDATE!! – Pregnant After Stillbirth – The Bumps Along the Way

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This bumpdate discusses how I’m feeling after my loss, the confusion of finding out what the gender is and how that contributes to that coping, baby movement, yesterday’s ultrasound, confusion of taking another medication, symptoms, belly shots, much more!

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Jovana Pena says:

I’m 16 weeks and talking baby aspirin too a lady told me that is to prevent
miscarriage and complications with baby coming with anemia so I take it
sence 12 weeks and everything is gr3st thanks to God

weloveyou1234 says:

Im a subbie to you, have been for a very long time. Now im pregnant i love
watching your weekly bumpdates as my week changes. Just wish i could tell
THIS Missy to stop worrying you WILL have your beautiful Little Oliver!!! X

Megan Ross says:

Hello! I will be 16 weeks in 4 days and it’s my first pregnancy! Every week
I rewatch your videos and compare my pregnancy to yours (as far as
symptoms) and when I found out I was pregnant I was only 20 ( just turned a
few weeks before) and long story short your videos bring me lots of comfort
and excitement and I am so happy you got Oliver, I watch your daily blogs
everyday and I look forward to them! I talk about you and your beautiful
family to my family almost everyday haha love you guys. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Allyshia Marie says:

How did you know the first was a boy if it was only at 10 weeks?

gabrielle wells says:

i had a miscarriage my 2nd pregnancy my 3rd and 4th I wondered if it would
happen again but you just have to think positive 

Tahlia M says:

Are you or your doctor concerned that you are losing weight or staying the
same weight? Are you trying to lose weight or is it just happening- also
have you felt the baby move ?

Missy Lanning says:

Aww…good luck. It’ll happen for you, I am sure. <3

Theresa Marie says:

I agree with you about having the short term goals pregnant or not! Long
term goals and decisions are really stressful. I’m so, so happy for you and
Bryan and I’m so excited to see baby boy! I love your stomach too, sooo
cute! :)

Ashley Hutchison says:

And I always feel my baby when I lay down or start to relax.. I bet those
flutters r ur lil baby and it will get stronger!

Missy Lanning says:

The fruit represents the size of the baby itself and mostly in length (as
babies are not shaped like the fruit). The uterus is actually quite a bit
bigger .

MsFabliaux says:

I hope you don’t find that rude… But are your breasts already bigger? For
some odd reason I can’t stop looking at them… I just can’t help it, they
look amazing!

Missy Lanning says:

:( I’m really sorry for your losses. I’m sure the next pregnancy will be
tough. Just take it one day or week at a time. <3

MayMommy2011 says:

It’s so interesting to me to see how different a pregnancy can be when
you’ve had a loss before. I’m hoping everything keeps going like it should
for you!

StevePeter2009 says:

I’m having a girl. I’m proud of you for being so strong. Just keep going
day by day. I have to.

401JumpMan says:

Love your intro

Missy Lanning says:

Thank you! We can do this!! :))

Mrs. Felton says:

Thanks so much for this video in explaining your feeling and short term
goals. This is how I’m feeling. Just got my BFP, but after mc before, I’m
cautiously excited. I’m only 3wks alone, so I want to get to 4 first. Then
8wks, I mc before.

mzblondeable says:

We lost our little boy at 20 weeks also and have the same fears :(

Lila Monelie says:

Thanks for the shout out to Heidi! I feel like the whole world should be
happy with her and her family now!

rebecca frazer-ellis says:

I know this may sound a bit dum but when u show the fruit is that the size
of the baby alone or the baby the sac ect ? Ps I love how informative you
blogs are its truly helping me through my pregnancy ( I’m 12 ish weeks need
a scan to date next week ) please reply thank you

Kayleigh Gething says:

Thank you so much for this im currently TTC my 3rd pregnancy & always worry
even now while im not pregnant about wether or not I will have the end
result of pregnancy take care xxx

MsMissyPixie says:

You’re glowing!! And your belly looks cuter than ever :) and I think
because you’ve maintained your weight these past few weeks, the inches
around your belly haven’t changed. It’s becoming more of him, and less of
you lol so cute! Can’t wait to see him <3

juja says:

I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. I’m so glad to see you
progressing week to week! Wishing you the best!

Mama559 says:

& My losses were also two boys. Were so going through the same thing im
doing everything totally different as well doctors, pills, pregnancy
symptoms & this time i want to wait to find out sex till around 7-8 months
just cause im so scared to find out what im having so soon.

joe mama says:

A fear of history repeating itself. More than once.

Missy Lanning says:

Thank you!

Missy Lanning says:

Yay team Blue! Congrats!!

annemarie0rutherford says:

Thank you for sharing your “bumps”. I appreciate your honesty, always, but
especially in this video. You guys are adorable.

Roodianne Tide says:

Your belly certainly is growing! I had a miscarriage at only 6 weeks and it
was the worst day of my life. So I kind of know how you feel (a little bit)
and I know it’s hard to cope with your loss. I just pray that you make it
through, and I can’t wait to see a video of your baby in August :)

Ashley Hutchison says:

I feel like u!! I’m 18w and I lost my last pregnancy at 22w. I’m excited to
be this far but still nervous to just keep this baby cooking to full term!!
And I found out last tues I’m having a boy too :)

DarkAngel110390 says:

I love your belly!

joe mama says:

How often do they do ultrasounds for you? I’m having to wait like 7 weeks
after my 7 week ultrasound. So I’m a little on edge about how things are
going in there. ( I miscarried at 6 weeks last year).

Jessica Waldo says:

i second the name question lol. and when will you reveal the name?

Missy Lanning says:

I didn’t name my first baby as it was a kind of an early loss (10 weeks)
and I was definitely in shock. but I did name my second baby. His name is
Gabriel. <3

Missy Lanning says:

I can feel my fears ease with each day. And seeing you hold Rosalind helped
a ton. I’m just so happy for you. <3

Missy Lanning says:

I get a quick ultrasound at every visit, which is basically ever 2 weeks. I
see the high risk and the regular OB every 4 weeks. I was very specific
when i chose this OB that I wanted to be checked at every visit.

brandy22390 says:

So glad things are going so well!

Ivana Mendez says:

You are so adorable! Talking about the little “jab” from your baby made me

Chelsea G says:

Just subscribed today. After loosing a child this past summer at 14 weeks I
know EXACTLY how you are feeling! I’m due again the same day with you and
after passing the 14 week mark I feel the same way! I’m glad to hear that
everything is going well with you this time around! Thinking about you
guys! I love the way your husband edits as well! Love from Michigan :)

Missy Lanning says:

10 weeks and 20 weeks

Renee Nicole says:

What video do you talk about your second pregnancy? Im sorry for having to
ask, I just cant find it :- Many blessings to your upcoming son

Of Pandas and Pirates says:

I’m a fairly new subscriber and I wanted to know if you named your sons
that you lost? I have a complicated loss story and I lost my first daughter
at 29 weeks. Her name is Quinne Morgan. I can relate to your feelings
though. 10 months after losing my daughter I gave birth again to another
little girl. Her pregnancy was really hard on me emotionally as well.

Karen Macgregor says:

* had 2

sgorospe says:

You are so strong. You will be blessed with a beautiful healthy baby. Glad
to hear everything is going relatively well so far. Short term goals are
just as nice to complete. :) xoxo

MrsVSNC09 says:

You WILL reach the final goal!!!!! You WILL!!!!

Missy Lanning says:

Congrats and prayers for a LONG and healthy pregnancy! <3

Missy Lanning says:

Thanks!! <3

Missy Lanning says:

Thanks! And I got the shirt at Old Navy. :)

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