15 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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GabeandJesss says:

@ukejuke100 Hahaha good idea! And yes I realllly want to have them in a
birthing center but I don’t know of a local one. I’m going to look more
into it =)

JennLor32 says:

I have had three babies now, all by induction and things were just fine.
All healthy. My water breaks and then nothing happens. I need the pitocin
to start contracting.

Sunniva Mathea says:

your belly looks bigger im the photos than on the video

Miss Lilly Dickinson says:

You’re so pretty honest

C Taylor says:

@Lesaphine there is actually alot of reasons why she would have to be
induced with twins. Complications in pregnancy with multiples increases
(PET, gestational diabeties etc). She could quite possibly be induced.

GabeandJesss says:

@AmyEmz Lol it’s okay!

GabeandJesss says:

@stickylove1 Lol aww =)

GabeandJesss says:

@shawtyjuz4u That makes me feel a little better in case I have to be. I’m
so glad everything went good for you!

GabeandJesss says:

@fruitsnack100 You mean the colors? No just the roots are lol. The blonde
is starting to fade back into my red though haha. And as for the hair
style, no my hair is DEAD straight normally lol.

GabeandJesss says:

@ukejuke100 I COMPLETELY agree with that. I’ve heard so many stories of
doctors claiming the baby to be “too big” and the baby is almost always
smaller than they predict.

aqualiz says:

You’re not as big as you think you are. :)

TheDizzymom says:

Jess you are right I forgot you little people have their own placentas. I
had to be induced on preg. 1 for pre-eclampsia I labored for 24 hours. The
were so close to giving in to a C section. We made one last ditch effort to
get me up on all fours ( while having an epidural) to help bring the baby
down and my gosh it worked! No section. Pitocin is the devil!

narissadejanae says:

um you’re pregnant with twins so most likely you’re going to have to get a
c-section unless you get lucky and both babies are head down but after a
couple of months they are not going to be able to move around as much due
to lack of space even if you get as big as a house. Unless baby “a” is head
down and you deliver that twin vaginally and they see if the other twin
will turn head down by then if you opted for an epidural it might have worn
off if the other twin doesn’t turn fast.

sunietatum says:

you are definitely not “huge”. You look pregnant but not even pregnant with
twins yet. You will look back on this video and laugh at the fact that you
called yourself “huge” already:-)

millyb83 says:

Are you going to try and go to 40 weeks with the twins?

tumajwo says:

thats cute how your hair is really stylish and fixed in every video :)

GabeandJesss says:

@MrLukeandcarly Makes very much sense! Haha I remember not being able to
breath with Lilia towards the end of my pregnancy, I can’t imagine how it
will be with two babies. One for each lung I guess! Lol

AmandaplusLily says:

If I saw you on the street, I would not think you were pregnant…or with
twins. Now in 6 weeks, probably yes!

LittleMissiHeartM says:

There are lots of reasons women need to have inductions: pre-eclampsia,
baby is getting too big because of gestational diabetes, placenta is not
functioning properly, baby fails non-stress tests/bio physical
profiles…the list goes on. Most cases they induce because it is medically
necessary. Having said that, I don’t blame you for not wanting one! I don’t
want one either if I can avoid it.

godlessnation says:

you should go for a home birth or a birthing center…it is worth the extra
money…in the long run it actually costs less…because the hospitals are
not going to care what you want…all they care about is that they get you
in and get you out so they can get the next paying patient in. contact a
local whole foods store for info on finding help for delivering twins
naturally. just a tip…dr’s dont like when you “know more than them” so
play dumb at first and slowly let out your info!!! :)

GabeandJesss says:

@SantanasMom1 I am so sorry =( This really helps me stick with my decision
to not be induced.

SantanasMom1 says:

I’d have to agree with everyone on the induction subject… Worst
experience of my life…

MamatobabyRaul says:

I had to be induced at 38 weeks, my waters broke, but I was barely having
contractions, not dilating and I had a slight fever. From getting the
oxytocin IV to being fully dilated it took 10 hours, and at one stage my
baby’s heart rate got really high and we thought I might have to have a
c-section, but thankfully things speeded up and I was ready to push. I
would try to avoid an induction unless it’s necessary, I think it does
increase the likelihood of a cesarean as well as other complications

005judi says:

Hey hun,, i dont wanna scare u or n e thing,, but with my pregnancy i had
short of breath alot once i hit 29 weeks and it happened when walking up
staires and also even when i was just sitting at my desk at work so i went
hospital and had loads of tests and i ended up having a pulmunary embolism
( blood clot on my lung) sounds more scarier than it is,, its more of a
risk to urswlf not so much the baby/babies,, just thort id let u know,, so
if it does get n e worse then it might be worth just go

XOXOhollymarieXOXO says:

@emochic222 The shot is not bad. It only causes weight gain in some women,
not all. And you just counteract the bone loss by taking a calcium
supplement. I’ve been on it for 6 months and had no weight gain or any
other problems. It works very well!

dollymadge says:

Just wondering, if you could pick, would you want to have a boy or girl
doctor? Random question hahah

GabeandJesss says:

@jesssocko The reason I had to stop was because since Lilia was going to
Gabe’s house every other weekend and when I was at school, my supply was
little to nothing. So I just gabe in and decided that one year was good
enough =/

cheyanne2010 says:

@GabeandJesss Haha. Maybe the camera takes away 10lbs for you. 😛

susie veliz says:

I broke out alot with my son I hated it….and my skin got so oily

perfectnpink100 says:

Hey girl! I work in a labor and delivery unit. Getting induced is not a bad
thing especially with twins. If you go to 40 weeks your placenta starts to
age and you are at higher risk for a c-section with twin. If you cervix if
favorable an soft inductions can go really quickly with no complications.
Also i have never seen an adverse reaction using pitocin for an induction.
Also theyll probably have you deliver in the OR just in case the second
baby flips when the first one is delivered.

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