14 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Erika Bravo says:

you are not that big,,,,

Fern Allysa says:

Jess are you scared of your tattoo stretching? I’m getting a tattoo on my
hip next week and that crossed my mind!

Sourijah says:

can’t wait for your upcoming videos !! don’t worry you’re doing great :)

Taylor Burton says:

haha, she totally threw her phone halfway across the room! :) i do that too!

bcashmom12 says:

You’re SO tiny for 14 weeks with twins!

Emilee L'Amour says:

5:43 “crazzzy, cant believe it” hahaha

GabeandJesss says:

@MrsThejjbug1 I didn’t delete it? It’s still there. I don’t know why some
people are having trouble viewing it.

Allie says:

Through out my pregnancy I totally wore that same tank top! :)

Monica says:

@ hafunnyhaha uh yeah that’s kinda obvious..

dearlindsey says:

@MissAngelique2011 Jess it was when she had the flu and I was waiting to
hear from her about a detail on the shower 😉

Sarahsanie says:

@LauraTeenMommy22 14 weeks and 4 days

Grayhee says:

I’m a twin, so it’s super fun for me to watch these videos and see how you
and the babies grow! :)

Houston and Mommy says:

love the flower in your hair, and i know how you feel about the hunger
thing, i ate for two before i was pregnant now i eat for like 4 and i’m
always hungry! by the way youre like my favorite tv show, my fiance thinks
i’m weird for getting all excited when you post new videos haha have you
noticed your tattoo stretching at all?

MissShimmerPrincess says:

i heard one way to know if your having a girl is if youre breaking out more
than normal because all the extra hormones, but thats just what i heard
when my sister and my moms friend was pregnant.

dearlindsey says:

@RosalovesBeauty I laughed at that too. I carry my phone right where she

Krystal Hefner says:

Love that flower in ur hair! And u look great for how far u are!

candiwax says:

im 13 week and just starting to get a bump that isnt all bloating, of
course its small cuz theres just one bebe in there haha

MissNomieMisc says:

I love your flower in your hair :)

LaLaKait says:

you should do a new q&A video :)

GabeandJesss says:

@RosalovesBeauty Lol I hate that phone anyway.

GabeandJesss says:

@dueOCT16th It’s just going to be a play room for all of her grandkids =)

happydaly says:

when are you due Jess?

katemanning3 says:

So, the track is off, so it reminds me of watching look who’s talking. lol.
I keep seeing the baby that got her curls cut off and tells mikey all about
it when I look at you in this video, lol. If you know what I am talking
about. lol

Ashley Coaker says:

haha nice video!! ahh they are such a blessing! i wish i could get pregnant
right now but my hormones are out of wack from all the bc i took in the
past year!! love ya jess! I WATCH ALL your videos lol

exclusiveBNH says:

@GabeandJesss yeah, the big one at the farm. Maybe we will see ya guys!

strikeswithagun22 says:

yay to 14 weeks! i was honestly refreshing youtube with what seemed to be
every 5 seconds for the past 2 days. :b thanks for the update, happy to
hear the babies, yourself, and lilia are doing fine. i have a question for
yourself or another youtuber, was insomia or wake fullness during night
(middle of the night) a early symptom of pregnancy? but thanks jess for the
vid! take care. <3 xo.

tinkersmomma says:

I think you’re having two boys :)

Imo B says:

Omg I love you hair especially with the flower is so pretty :)

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