14 Weeks Pregnant & Belly Shot

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Thank you everyone for joining my channel. We are a military family of four, soon to be a family of five. This is my journey, thanks for watching and do not forget to Subscribe.

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JLynneMama says:

Honeycrisps!!! So good! I just bought a bag last week! Eeee! I was such a
craver in my past pregnancies too- mostly in the first trimester though,
because of not being able to eat mostly everything- so whatever I could
eat, Id crave! Lol you look so great! What a sweet belly at 14 weeks! This
pregnancy is just flying by mama!

Allison's Journey says:

Your cravings are making me hungry lol

lovehopefaith89 says:

I used to crave green apples like crazy with my two boys! Your hair looks
so pretty in this vlog by the way, I can’t wait to grow mine out again!

Michelle J says:

Recently started following you :) I had some questions!
I’m a military wife too so if any of these are too personal/opsec/persec I
completely understand!

– I don’t know any navy families so please don’t mind my ignorance (my
husband is in the AF), but I was wondering on avg how much of a year is
your husband away? And is it in short increments or long ones?
-how did you and your husband meet?
-how many years have you been a military spouse?
– How do you keep your relationship growing when he is away?
-how do you help make his transition home easier?
– What advice do you have to a military wife mom of 1 who is transitioning
to being a mom of 2? ( My hubby and I have considered it recently and I
want to know what to expect/advice)
– How has your experience been with making friends with military wives?
-Can we follow you on Pinterest? :)

Your family is so sweet btw!

Tracey Bridges says:

The second I saw your upload I felt like saying baby you need more sleep,
but that would be kinda stupid, if you could you would, but you still look
gorgeous so don’t sweat it. I also had an aversion to scrambled eggs with
my twins, diabolical, I love the stuff, baby may be rhesus neg, obviously
that ‘opinion’ has zero to do with eggs scrambled or otherwise. I believe
the line is called linea negra.<3

Telarni Goodwin says:

Are you going to do anymore old wives tales for like the gender of bub? i.e
piece of hair on a wedding ring on the belly etc :) <3 Also I know how
stressful it is moving house and how stress can effect your sleeping
pattern but just hang in there, it’ll all be worth it in the end <3 <3 <3 

texasdanielle says:

Are you going to try for a Vbac?? 

Dani Ignatova says:

Were you able to figure out if the Subaru you have will fit all three car
seats? I love your videos and you have a beautiful family! 

AleeSha Jennings says:

My fiancé is deployed in Afghanistan. At the times your hubby is away, what
do you do to pass the time? I know you have your kids to keep you busy, but
aside from that, what do you do? 

Annie Henderson says:

I heard some where that if you crave apples it’s a girl. But take that with
a grain of salt. Hehehe! 

MommyMayI says:

I am 17 weeks tomorrow! 

Annie thepilot says:

how are you doing with Zach being gone? Especially since your pregnant. 

livepink679 says:

I can’t believe it’s been 14 weeks already!! My belly felt lopsided as
well, my son was always on the right side. I was left with more stretch
marks on my right side than my left

Sandra Dee says:

Was Zach ever deployed? If so for how long and how did you deal with
it/make it through? I am about to have to go through it with my significant
other and am extremely nervous about it. :/

Pregnancy makes you even more beautiful each week. ;)

Mrs Coupe says:

Love your JEANS !!!! What brand … and where could I try to find some like
that :) You look awesome by the way ! 

Abbagayle Kitchen says:

I’ve been watching you since Zoe and I just love your videos ! I have 2
daughters of my own. 2 and 6months :) just love watching your journey and
the kids and zach:) can’t wait to see the new bundle of joy !

Chrissy Rodriguez says:

How did Zach propse to you? How do you think your life would be if Zach
wasnt in the Navy? Would you ever consider getting a puppy?

mawpatti says:

I don’t know if anyone has asked this question already but here goes…are
you going to do a gender reveal for this baby!!? :-)

Elaine92 says:

How did Zach take the news of this surprise pregnancy? Do you think this
will be your last little one?

Darcie Sherrick says:

Holy cow! Time is flying by, can’t believe you are at 14 weeks already!! 

cami805 says:

Are you hoping for a boy or girl this time around?

tinkerbellgrrly4444 says:

Do you think you will ever have anymore babies after this one n if so how
far apart from this baby? BTW you look gorgeous girl!

Renee Meyer says:

Im not sure if you mentioned it before anywhere but how did you and Zach

esrum20 says:

how old will zoe and wyatt be when the neb baby arrives

Kylie Ayers says:

What are some of your baby name ideas??

venus0517 says:

When is your due date? I am March 31st. We are about to move from FL to WA,
we lived in Tampa.


I’m 17+3

Chrissy Rodriguez says:

how did Zach propose to you? And how do you think your life would be
without zach being in the navy?

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