14 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)

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Here’s part 2 to the Week 14 video, if you missed the first one then go check it out!

Guess my baby’s gender, length, weight, birth date and time! Click the link below and in the left hand corner enter GabeandJess just like that and click “Go”. Then click “Enter a guess” on the right and guess away! Have fun guessing!

Go to http://expectnet.com/game.php

I was 7 lb 15 ouces and 20 1/2″ long.
Gabe was 8 lb 15 ounces and 22″ long.


LauDKIM says:

@kel12thelost It´s a girl.. She answered that one year ago… and make a
pregnancy test. good luck w/ your parents

GabeandJesss says:

Haha! That is SO awesome! I’m totally going to say that now =D

hurtandcut123 says:

Omg! I cant believe Lilia used to be in there 😉

GabeandJesss says:

How exiting! I hope everything goes well!!

amber kennedy says:

i got streach marks all over my boobs hips,thighs and butt my hips spread
big time i didnt get any fat in my legs but i also went from a small b to a
double d when my milk came in i had boobs the size of pamela anderson haha

Zach Daniel says:

beautiful , wishing you all the best .

l33thustla says:

fuck 10 weeks :S not good… my wife is now 4 weeks… not good not
good…. :S

shani greenberg says:

omg i have the same belly i’m 14 weeks and 4 days :)

Kelsey Oakes says:

i love the top your wearing, wheres it from?? x

C'est Angele says:

Im afraid no cream or old wives tales work for stretchmarks, its all about
your own skins elasticity! If you are prone to get them you will get them!
I had none until I hit 35 weeks, then over night there they were!… so
many myths out there related to stretch marks! Completely out of our
control i’m afraid.

BushwiixkLovE07 says:

ur 18. aww im 17 n im qunna be 5 month on sunday july 3rd, n i find out
what ill have on july 9th!! i cant waiit. n i hope i dont get stretch marks
but my belly not all dhat big, im carrying small.. i cant wait till i meet
my baby! ahh,, n 18 i love teen momz, like wen ur like on ur 30. u still
qunna look yunq, ppl think my mom my sister n my mom had on i think when
she was 24 but i love yunq parents who treat there child with love, i hate
parents that hit kids like 1 2 3 4 yrs old. but congrats

Kimmie Snyder says:

Do you put that band thing around every pair of jeans and then leave then
like unbuttoned to feel comfortable? Or did you sew them on? && Your belly
is adorable :)

twahls65 says:

Hi Jess I hope you had a good Christmas yesterday, thank you for answering
my question. I hope you got a lot of good things yesterday for you and the
baby that is coming. I hope you have a good New Year and look forward to
your next video that you post. All my best to you for a healthy and happy
New Year!!!

HappilyHisLady says:

i used Burt’s Bees Mama Bee belly butter with my daughter and i didnt get
any stretch marks..try it out!

GabeandJesss says:

@911RUBY Yes, it’s a girl =)

Amber Nesseth says:

wow im 12 weeks and 4 days and u cant even tell..unless I eat then i
bloat…and i am i like size 2 and that hasent even change although my
boobs where in a c and now they r a D!!! lol

boxc23 says:

we have watched all of ur videos and its realy helping my girlfriend wiv
her pregnancy thnk u

Marisa V says:

belly balm works wonderful for stretch marks.. I have gotten zero and I am
24 weeks.. works soo good!!

Jennifer Kendall says:

Do I know you???? you look like my friend jess lol

GabeandJesss says:

@danicingxjessers Eighteen =)

MrTearsinthedark says:

i m pregnant aswell in 14 weeks but you cant tell actually..my belly hasn’t
grow at all…i m scared…do you think is gonna b ok?

GabeandJesss says:

@jenniferkendall1998 lol, Maybe! Where do you live?

Candice Pimentel says:

I got stretch marks on my boobs, but, and thighs, but not my belly. haha. i
think it’s mainly because I didn’t really put lotion on anywhere but my

AudriMarie07 says:

i didnt get my stretch marks until 7 months… but when they showed up they
came with a vengance! but its okay cause mine are genetic… the truth is
nothing will prevent them completly.. i love palmers tummy butter (you can
buy it at wal-mart where they sell the make-up) happy holidays! im having
ym baby on wednesday so happy holidays to you!

GabeandJesss says:

Thank you! I sure hope so!

AussieMummySince07 says:

Scratching when your itchy doesnt lead to stretchmarks… If your gunna get
them, your gunna get them whether you scratch or not hun.

melibeautii says:

u not big waite until 9 monthsssss……

cheerleader1931 says:

you’re baby bumb is beautiful! you are so lucky! stretch marks are just the
constant reminder of how something painful (giving birth) leads to
something so beautiful (your child!) good luck at your prenatal appointment!

Kabloomybuzz says:

I know its over a month later now but I just found your vids <3 If you’re
still having problems with itching and stretch marks go to Lush and get
some dream cream and a massage bar, all products are safe in pregnancy and
well worth it

char mae says:

Congrads ! Hope Shes Healthy ! :) xxxx

xxxAshtonNicholexxx says:

OMG!!! your so cute!!! lol wishing everyone thier happy hollidays!!! you
have such a cute baby bump!! :)

GabeandJesss says:

Haha, thanks! I hope so!

lulu111184 says:

haha! i have the same shirt but in purple! ♥ it! =)

TheMarcellusFamily says:

A hot shower for my itchy stomach really helped actually, that and baby oil
just keeping something on it anything helped me. Also if you really need to
scratch it, just rub it instead . Have a good Christmas hunny!

MrTearsinthedark says:

i m pregnant aswell in 14 weeks but you cant tell actually..my belly hasn’t
grow at all…i m scared…do you think is gonna b ok?

GabeandJesss says:

@ayeekimmie Thanks! And actually these pants are the maternity pants that
come like that. I just bought them exactly how they are =) It’s called the
“secret fit” belly.

Naysha Valderrama says:

canu name it machelle i love that name ir my name naynay or nana or naysha

bawan44 says:

sounds like your really happy (you should be) 😀

BushwiixkLovE07 says:

@MrTearsinthedark yes ur baby fine, im 5 month n i look like im 3 month, im
carrying smalll. but ur baby be fine, jus take ur vitamins n go to check up
n then u will kno dhat u n ur baby is fine! =)

GabeandJesss says:

Really? Maybe I’ll chack that brand out =)

Charlymaumushi says:

Yeah don’t forget about your belly lol congrats

xxxtwinkletoezxxx says:

your belly is so cute. I am about the same size as you and it took forever
for my belly to appear. Im 25 weeks now, and I am huge :). haha… I love
it all though, my belly is extremely itchy now. I use stretch mark cream on
boobs, belly, butt and hips. No stretch marks yet, crossing my fingers. I
look forward to your next video, you are so cute, and I can tell your
little baby is going to be so lucky with a great mommy! :)

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