13 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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MUSleger says:

You should google pelvic girdle pain. I have pregnancy-induced “sciatica”
that is a result of relaxin. It is helpful to use a sciatic support belt.

lilblondehooker says:

Chiropractor! They work wonders. You still look tiny, but the belly button
is officially out. =)

C Taylor says:

@maddie1998diva umm that cant be good for your spine or back with someone
walking on ur back lol!

katrinanurse says:

I’m a Pregnancy Massage Therapist, and Remedial Therapist. Pregnancy
Massage is not gimicky. Just make sure when you get a massage you confirm
that they are trained in prenatal massage. Make sure that your practitioner
is aware because you’d be considered high risk.

Alicia M says:


mlynn881 says:

finding out the gender is different then finding out the sex.. sex is
biological (male or female) gender is socially based, (what society
determines to be masculine or feminine personalities.) :o)

jamnitfoo says:

Go see a Chiropractor!!! Seriously. I did towards the end of my pregnancy
and I felt like it really helped my achy hips and lower back.

misaki covington says:

i hope u get feeling better with ur back!

Ashten Vogtritter says:

You should go see a chiropracter you may need an ajustment. Its always a
good idea especially after giving birth.

claire9591 says:

you should try a chiropractor

GabeandJesss says:

@sunietatum I said it FELT like arthritis, I never said I was diagnosed
with it and I don’t think I would be. I was just trying to explain how the
pain felt. And I was diagnosed with nerve damage at age 16 from being a
dancer for over 10 years.

brittany feather says:

I have scoliosis(spine curves either like a c or s and mines a s) and im
always in pain…like times I;ll feel sick from being in pain and I cant
sleep it hurts so much..cause the doctor wont give me or do anything to
help my pain, I use a heated pad..works and my sister in law would get
massages…in her first pregnancy she had such bad back pain her doc sent
her to ger massages…

katemanning3 says:

they go from 5 lbs to 45lbs rear and 45 lbs to 80 lbs in a full 5 point
harness and latch system forward facing. they have a metal frame and can
fold completely down to 6″ thick for trasporting purposes. the thing i love
was a story about a car that had been completely crushed by a parking
garage and the only place on the car still standing was where the sunshine
kids carseat was. its that strong that it weathered what a car frame
couldnt. it was an suv too.

GabeandJesss says:

@tink22988 Oh really?? I was debating this because I’ve seen pictures from
both places and I was kinda thinking womb with a view had better pics as
well but I had such a good experience with peek a baby last time, I decided
to go with them again. Maybe I should rethink that.

Madison Reeves says:

My friend has me just step on on her back, which she said helps ALOT, so I
guess u can’t right now, but after I have the twins so I hope that helps :)

GabeandJesss says:

@ryansmommy610 Lol! Aww that is crazyyy! Haha you’ll definitely have to let
me know if you end up having twins, haha!!

KaliJadee says:

i had a pregnancy massage… they’re really nice and they work wonders! at
first.. my back pretty much went back to how bad it was before i had the
amssage after like a month!

KnG1Dakota says:

does the kicking feel weird?

Onetwonoodles says:

What’s happing with your apartment???? Will you do another q and a???

mutziestone says:

lol i do the same things with my pants when i was in that awkward stage

IMakeEpicSAMmiches says:

Lilia I’d going to be such a beautiful girl when she grows up! Can’t wait
to see the wonderful person she becomes!

bubblesxxxo says:

Where do you get them fake featus’ from?? Can you buy them online?

knuffeldraakje says:

perhaps you can try a hot-water bottle for your back ache :-) it helps some
women. I also hearded some women around me they have taken physiotherapy
for backaches, or swimming can help as well. Have a good time!:)

Kay OhHey says:

hows the apartment situation? lying down on the floor with your back to the
floor helps for lower back pain. just kinda get it straight and make sure
your whole back is touching the floor.

PshYeahItzMe says:

i hope at least one of your babies are born with blue eyes :)

craftykristinascards says:

i would really try a hot water bottle or a heat pad, i have a chronic pain
disease and i find when i have back pain it helps, i know its not the same
but yeah, also maybe hot baths, anything nice and warm

southbronxgals says:

Almost to 300 vids (:

GabeandJesss says:

@laughdance4vr It was “that” and I believe it was around 11 months or so.

iris pinguin says:

heey @GabeandJesss you do know that it is dangerous when youre pregnant and
you have a cat??!! please be carful when it scratches you!!

LollipopTurtle says:

Lilia is SO CUTE!

SaraAndBaby says:

I’m 14 weeks & 4 days pregnant and 16 years old, and your channel has
helped me out so much emotionally! And I just started making videos because
of you! It’s nice sharing my pregnancy with other girls in my position,
instead of keeping it all inside! :)

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