12 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Got a few pictures from our ultrasound =) The first trimester symptoms are slowing going away but the back pain is just beginning =/

Guess the babys’ gender, weight, length, and birthday!: http://expectnet.com/
The game name is DoubleTrouble2012

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Leighanne Russell says:

At 10 years old I think that I am PREGNANT…!!!!!!!!!

joxenos01 says:

That is not true, at exactly 13 weeks is 2nd trimester

denisse martinez says:

@iheartgeeksxox4 soo true

MamaLauraMUA says:

I wouldn’t trust the ultrasound that early, just based my own experience. I
had one at 14 weeks with my daughter and they said she was a boy… Almost
5 years later she’s still a girl :) Obviously everyone has different
experiences and I know you said you’re waiting until it’s confirmed, but I
thought I’d share my experience :)

Valerie Byrd says:

my moms ultrasound lady told her she was having a boy at 12 weeks turns out
it was a girl! lol and my little sisters name is Lillie! :)

Rachel King says:

I have weird dreams too.. I hear all kinds of things and see things too at
night.. I’m not pregnant either.. I don’t know what it is from.. You’re not
alone. Don’t feel bad. Hope all goes well. I’m happy for you!!!

Anastasha says:

U remind me if jessica from true blood lol

Abbey Jaay says:

I didn’t get sick a whole lot when I was little but the one day I did get
really sick (with chickenpox) was when I was four or five and it was on
Christmas day. I hope Lilia gets better soon Jess x Ohh and I saw the
ultrasound and Smiled so much when baby B was kicking and moving and all
that. So cute!

pineraful says:

omg wow jess you can definitely see a bellly now, is hugeeee :]

MegaE1020 says:

aww I hope Lilia gets better. I also think she has a stomach bug. Ethan had
it once and it lasted 3 days!! Let us know how she’s doing please!

GabeandJesss says:

@CosmeticsCompulsion Awww lol you just made my day =)

emilylikessmakeup says:

your hair looks lovely here! hope Lilia feels better soon xxxx

GabeandJesss says:

@10Starstar not really lol. I use my facebook fan page now.

jenandscott says:

Poor Lilia!!! I was just sick with a flu type thing, throwing up, and I got
dehydrated, went to the ER and they gave me IV fluids it made SUCH a
difference. I hope she feels better, it must be HORRIBLE to see your little
baby girl sick :( she’s lucky to have you taking such good care of her :).
Super awesome, cute ultrasound pictures as well Jess!

NovemberRainLove says:

Definitely looking bigger this week!

Anke Venter says:


Shelby Nicole says:

if ANYONE knows, what kind of camera did Jess have at this time?

HannahInJapana says:

It could have been an allergy to something Lilia ate at Gabe’s house.

HazardousAmusement says:

@KyraIsFunny14 yes it is, it happens to me every month

krissypurdytoes says:

Make yourself a microwavable heat pack for the back ache. Worked a charm
for me. Just put some rice in a sock and knot the sock at the top. I put it
in the microwave for 2 minutes.

sweetmuse83 says:

oh I so feel for you with having Lilia sick. Been through that kind of
thing with both my girls at some point. When I took them to the doctor I
got told no milk at all unless it’s breast milk, which sucked as I’d
stopped b/feeding :( Might be worth checking out if you need to do this? I
remember it being so hard not to give it to them as it’s what they wanted
so badly but it kept coming back until I refused it completely. Hope she’s
better soon.

emilylikessmakeup says:

your hair looks lovely here! hope Lilia feels better soon xxxx

Jenna Stevens says:

Congratulations! Two boys! however i think baby A will be a girl and baby B
a boy! Get will so Lilia<3

Veronica Boyer says:

Poor Lilia. :( Hope she feels better soon.

AL0tT0Handle says:

I was told you should never give a child (or anyone for that matter, I’d
assume) milk when they have a fever. Supposedly the milk curdles in their
belly causing them to throw up (more). Might be a wivestale, but it also
makes sense… So maybe if you can get her away from the milk it might help
slow the throw-up roll :- haha Hope she feels better quick!

MakeupBargainista says:

Your belly has grown a lot. So cute.

beccibr says:

@TheTrinimini you are a disgrace to society! You are so heartless and
shouldn’t even be allowed to comment

Leticia Lopez says:

Wow you look great i love your belly. The babies look great. And i hope
lilia gets better maybe was something she ate at gabes we never know about
kids i hope she already got better

TheWolfThatOnceLoved says:

I love you! xD Congratulations

trixy219107 says:

your hair looks great in a bun like that!

ChipmunkNSquirrely says:

Weddding Vlog update PLEASE!!!!!

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