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14 Week Update http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6ghUXPX3EI
On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZsZs5…

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daisymayeh says:

I’m 12 weeks pregnant and people on the street are already realizing that
I’m pregnant. I went to a get together last week and everybody knew that I
was pregnant. It is kind of bad because I don’t want to tell people that I
am pregnant until my next ultra sound on Tuesday but I can’t lie if it is

Kellys Vida says:

crazy how much Julianna has grown in just 5 months!

KatieExtras says:

Just watched your latest pregnancy update and I can’t believe how much time
has passed ! I love how you guys are documenting all these memories ! and
juliana is growing up so fast ! love that you guys can go back and watch
all of these videos :) God Bless you and your family.


does anyone know how tall judy is?

IEatBitches4Breakfas says:

I’m 22 weeks with my first baby and my baby bump is as big as yours lol

francylou says:

Rewatching your first pregnancy update! Just think! Tomorrow’s the day
they’re here!!!

lovejulieandrews says:

Jb looks so young here! 

Talishe Marrie says:

Ive watched all of ur videos on pregnancy and u are so helpful thanks :) 

Vagd says:

Juliana is so cute!:)

Tira blue says:

JB is so tiny here!

Cassie Lund says:

Ha I had the 6969th like

Jess says:

What prenatal vitamins does judy take? All I know is they are organic. If
someone could message me that info that would be awesome. 

enanaa says:

you look gorgeous judy didnt look like you had twins !!

shilpa Jose says:

I wish my belly looked like that now. LoL. The more I work out, the more
pregnant I look. Ugh stubborn belly fat.

Abobian27 says:

Judy!!! Please tell me where you get carne asada fries! I Live in tacoma
and that’s been one of my biggest cravings!!! :)

Ashley Ls says:

Judy twins run in my family! Do you have any worries? Do you feel the twins
will be closer with each other than one of the twins with Juliana? I notice
in my family the twins are always closer than with the rest of the family.
They have a unique connection. Any thoughts on that?

Eanne Quintos says:

Omg twinssss

Christine M says:

i love it every time she waves and says hi guys!!! lol instead of u opening
with it in every video, i think she should 😉

lalagirllala1 says:

I would love to see a review on the tarte foundation and the Marc Jacobs
ones well as an review on the cleanser for the beauty blender :)!

Juliansmommy72809 says:


babynecia1 says:

Marc Jacob eye liner, Marc Jacobs foundation

McKenzie Kimball says:

Are you going to find out the sex of the twins?

malou felin says:

were is the next vlog cmom judy . pretty mommma

Cindy Tran says:

Marc Jacobs eyeliner Tarte foundation Urban decay lipsticks

AleeSha Jennings says:

Twins usually come from the moms side

Aleksandra Rizovska says:

I don’t know where to comment for the giveaway :)) I hope is in this video
1. Sephora airbrush foundation, 2.Marc Jacobs gel liner, 3.UD lipsticks

Monalisa Menno says:

Haha I love Juliana’s ohh oohh at the end, she’s so cute!

iheartcakes1 says:

1)tarte amizon foundation.2)mark Jacobs gel eyeliner.3)sephora airbrush
foundation.4)urban decay lipstick.5)Kat Von D foundation.6)beauty blender
cleanser.7)mark Jacobs genius gel foundation. Thank you.

Miss Kaotic says:

1. sephora 2. marc Jacobs 3. tarte

JustLil0 says:

Fraternal twins can look extremely similar. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are
the most well-known example. They are not identical twins :)

RinoaHearlty says:

Oh Judy’s a mommy bear, yes she is a mommy bear, oh she’s a yummy, tummy,
funny, lucky mommy bear :3

persnickitty says:

The father’s history of twins does not have anything to do with the mom
having twins. History of twins is only important on the mother’s side. If
one of the females in the mom’s family tends to release two eggs in a month
(fraternal) or one egg tends to split (identical), then other females in
the family might have that predisposition. But Benji’s family has nothing
to do with Judy’s having twins.

oriana grey says:

You & benji have a great relationship. Can u make a video on how to make a
relationship work & last? Any tips?! Love ya

F LIM says:

Hi Judy! Congrats on the twins! I just wanted to mention as per my research
that fraternal twins are only genetic through your side of the family so
that wouldn’t have anything to do with Benji’s great grandma. You should
research it for more info, it’s quite interesting. As for identical twins
that happens at random and has nothing to do with genetics or “runs in the
family”. Congrats again! You guys are awesome.

Lisa Daly says:

entering the giveaway :) congrats on your identical twins Judy.

Laura Sanchez says:

Tarte foundation Srphora airbrush foundation

laurenwhit279 says:

I thought it was the dad’s side? I don’t really know though, that’s what
i’ve heard.

Wensheng Gao says:

1. urban decay lipstick 2. tarte foundation 3. sephora foundstion

Joana Costa says:

1. sephora airbrush foundation; 2. marc jacobs eyeliner and 3. urban decay
lipsticks. Julianna is so cute in this video, kiss ^^

gxlla says:

1.marc Jacobs foundation 2. Urban decay lipsticks 3. Sephora airbrush
foundation :)

Shelley yay says:

Happy for you!! And your baby is soooo adorable hahaha aww those little
teeth ^^

Emz Castro says:

Congratulations on your pregnancy with twins judy! Julianna bear will be a
great Ate for sure… You guys are blessed to have julianna and the
twins… :)

Jaymie Nachole says:


roxane manzano says:

Can u do a weekly pregnancy vlog..??

twinma0454 says:

It doesn’t matter if Benjy has twins in the family. It only is hereditary
from the moms side. Identical twins are a random act of science and family
history does not matter. You can’t know for certain what they are until you
do a blood test after birth. My twins are 12 and I’ve never had them tested
so we don’t know if they are identical or fraternal.

Jessica Guerrero says:

Benji has nothing to do with the twins! :O it’s only if it runs in your
family Judy. You’re the one with the ovals not benji, he only gives the

AngelLeo15 says:

1. Sephora Airbrush Foundation 2. Marc Jacobs Eyeliner 3. Tarte Foundation

Katie Stephanie says:

I just have a feeling it’s going to be girl again :) Soooo. We’ll see but I
just have a strong feeling for girl!!!

sunflowergirl144 says:

i thought it was very easy to tell if they are identical because they look
alike? #confusedface

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