11 weeks pregnant with twins+belly shot

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Hey ladies! Finally closer to the end of the first trimester.. I’m feeling much better this week here is my recap. Enjoy -xo
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haitianwife honore says:

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Sanam Asam says:

u looking so cute n dis time i also think like u tummy looka like 5months
but dnt knw yet either m also having twins but best of luck to u.

MsMissyPixie says:

Lol you’re so cute! And congratulations on you little blessings! I’m so
excited for you :)

imtehnewcancer says:

I’m 26 weeks with twins and I’m miserable! The morning sickness is gone,
and I’m eating like a pig!

83Lisee says:

Wow congrats ! Twins :-)

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Aw congrats! but don’t feel bad I’m actually looking forward to eating more

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Omg! We’re basically due date buddies! Congrats!

Lauren M. says:

i will be too! yeah i think we were both equally as shocked haha!!

DannieLouMommy2Be says:

just watched your video and congrates on the twins. im 11weeks friday and
im huge, there shud only be one in there but as my moms a twin and my bfs
both parents as twins in theres im high chance of having twins. when i post
my video up of my 11weeks friday u shud have a look at my belly. im
normally a size 6-8 and now i cant even do up my size 10 work bottoms :(
hope your pregnancy goes well, and next week is a good week for you. i
shall carry on watchin your videos :)

Ronda T says:

is this baby number 3 and 4? so cute lol

sharon garcia-rinza says:

Yay! Looking forward to the crib update review!:) u look gorgeous by the

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

I know! I’m huge already lol

Tawanna Brihm says:

Awww you look so cute

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Haha! Yea that was a first. I wasn’t at all offended by that though.
Ignorance comes from lack of knowledge.

1kysha says:

Awww you look gorgeous diva!!:)

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Hey! I totally just watched your video n you sound just like me when I
found out! I love connecting with yt twin mommies so I will be watching 😉

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Thanks hun!

MZKimmy22 says:

Wow look at that belly at only 11 weeks aww

Lauren M. says:

I just found your channel and already love you! hahaha. I just found out
I’m expecting twins aswell so I feel like I have someone else to relate to.
Cant wait to watch more of your videos!

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Actually 4&5! Lol

LadyKVlogs says:

Glad that you are feeling better! I can’t wait to find out if they are
identical. Cute belly :)

Virgo090183 says:


Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Thanks hun!

memee mariee says:

O my goodness I had that same dream about a week ago !!! Crazy !!!

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Yea I’m sure it’s just two.. Remember hun I just had a baby 7 months ago..

Dzwomack19 says:

Somebody asked me if I’m having twins and that made me mad. I never heard
anyone ask if your sure its “just twins” lmbo.

Megan McCluskey says:

Are you sure you’re just having twins, that belly is huge?? 😉 <3

Strongmommy Chrissy says:

Lol thanks!

Mason's Mommy says:

You look so cute!

Megan McCluskey says:

Oh no no, I didn’t mean it in any bad way! I really don’t want you to think
that, I was just joking. I am very very sorry if I offended you, that was
never the point :)

Strongmommy Chrissy says:


countrymama1231 says:

I am having twins as well! Will be 11 weeks tomorrow!! My due date is
August 24th.

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